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Autumn Slide Show

category_bug_journal2.gif Most of my weekend was lost to setting up a new computer and I consider that an excellent reason to slow down for a few days. Even with better tools for transferring data than last time I did this almost seven years ago, a lot of it is frustrating and it still takes forever to tame the new machine.

The old one has been wonky for several months so I'm no longer nervous about a shutdown or crash or fried hard disc now. Still, some time away from it is warranted.

I haven't decided when I'll make a full-fledged return, but it will be in time for a lead-up to election day and I've prepared a few little things to fill in for me while I step back this week.

Today it's a little slide show of some snaps I've taken over the past couple of weeks.

Every now and then, a perfect weather day comes along. This was one of them: blue sky, a feathery trail of white cloud, brilliant, bust-out yellow against the green.

Yellow Tree

When the pathway to the mailbox is this colorful, you wish they delivered twice a day like long ago:

Sometimes I've missed the more exuberant fall color there is in the east. Most of the trees in the northwest are evergreen, so there's not the riot of color as in New England. But in my third fall here now, I think each kind of autumn has its charms.


When it rains a lot and the temperature is not too low, mushrooms pop up all around here. I wish I knew if these were edible.


Maybe you recall that I've mentioned my new project, the history of old age. I've been collecting books and other materials I need which I finally pulled together in one place so they're not scattered in several rooms where I was losing track of what I wanted.

History of Aging

Now it's time to play Where's Waldo. Well, not quite. This is Where's Ollie the Cat? Can you find him?


Here's the old dear being almost cooperative for a photo.


There is a little note for you at The Elder Storytelling Place today.


Nice photos, Ronni. Hope you get to do a "refresh" on your mind in the next few days - now that you've done it on your computer. (It seems like only yesterday when you set up your old computer!)

Can't believe it's the third fall season in your new home. I remember the logistics and the move! To answer your riddle: Ollie is curled up in the rattan chair, right? Your writing and your voice are simply superb.

Love the photos...is that Ollie in the rattan chair? You should have his portrait painted in that last pose. It's great.

Good luck this week - hope all goes well.

Ollie might be cooperative but he looks as if he is getting ready to bolt. Beautiful fall pictures and I love to see the ones of your rooms. It's like visiting. Thank you.

I just love it when you grant us the pleasure of seeing your home both inside and out.

I found Ollie!

Ollie is where he is the most comfortable, of course. He is curled up on a soft cushion in the high backed rattan chair.

Your work space looks bright and cheerful I can not visualize you sitting at your new computer typing away.

Now that hurricane season and winter are upon us aren't you glad you moved?

Congratulations on the new computer! These days they are almost like family.

Ronni, We have not really heard how you like your new home--after three years you now have a perspective on the changes. Hopefully you are happily settled and your drastic move was the right one for you. It was a complete change and it took a lot of courage to do it.
I could not have done it--but I am much older than you--I am sure that has lots to do with it! Your pictures of the apartment look warm and inviting--especially with a cat curled up in a chair!
May you thrive and be happy.

Great Photos,Ronni. The Autumn colors are gorgeous.

Yes, I found that boy sitting in his favorite chair looking smug about how he lives like a Prince...

Take your time, get some rest,and get used to your new computer. We'll be here when you are ready to come back.

Love the slideshow. Thanks for sharing!

Boy am I losing it. I don't know how that word 'not' got in my sentence. I meant to say I can NOW visualize you. Some typos change the entire meaning of the sentence. Sigh!

Roni, what a beautiful space you have. It makes me happy to think of you there.

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