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INTERESTING STUFF: 13 October 2012

TGB's First Friday Cat Video

Hundreds – well, probably thousands of websites and blogs post only cat photos and videos on one day of the week. I do enough of that intermixed with a lot of other kinds of items on Saturday's Interesting Stuff post.

But this has a been and continues to be a busy and fraught week not the least of which was the migration of email subscriptions for both blogs from one service to another.

I am sure I had customer service at Feedblitz (the new service) rolling their eyes in frustration with all my questions but they had it well planned and the transfer seems to have happened easily and correctly - there have been no complaints yet.

Most of all, however, I need several days to put together the Medicare annual enrollment post I promised for Monday which may slop over to Tuesday to be as complete as possible.

So I want something fast and easy to post today so that I have as much extra time as possible. And thanks to TGB reader Bev Carney, I've got just the thing.

See, there's this movie that opens today with a bunch of big stars like Colin Ferrell, Zeljko Ivanek (a personal favorite), Sam Rockwell, Tom Waits, Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walken and some others. It's about a dog-napping and it's called Seven Psychopaths. Here is the trailer:

There was a small bit of colorful language in that trailer and there is a whole lot more in the “restricted” version. The video is pretty much the same but with liberal use of the f-word. There is also a website for the movie which is here.

Okay, that's background. Now to the reason I made you watch it. (It is a pre-requisite to the next video so if you skipped it, go back and look at it.)

Someone whose name(s) I cannot find (although I'm 99.9 percent certain it is the film production company itself) is a wonderful person because he, she or they made a parody of the The Seven Psychopaths trailer titled, The Seven PsychoCats and I love it.

There is even, like the real movie trailer, a restricted version. This is the safe one:

There now, wasn't that fun? And no, my purpose is not to publicize the film. I have no idea if it's any good, but the parody cat trailer sure is.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Marcy Belson: The Hipster


Dandy indeed. lol

I had not heard anything about this movie and all I can say is, it's not at all what I thought it was about!!!! LOVE the kitty version, too!

My oldest cat became VERY interested in the parody cat trailer....

Ronni dear - I need to ask you a question - my desktop computer is sick and may need to be replaced....what brand should I buy? Any advice - you are a pro in my humble opinion....

There is no brand I can recommend; there are so many that are just fine. And I'm no expert but if you google something as simple as "how to buy a new computer" you will find a lot of places with good information on how to approach it.

Too funny!

Noticed my theater was showing this movie and have debated whether to bother going. I do like the cast -- including the dog which reminds me of my "granddog" who is so cute, smart, and loving.

Can well imagine my "great niececat" or "grandcats' in my other family household as participants in the humorous requisite dognapping preview.

Now maybe we need a movie sequel with catnapping and a preview parody with dogs. I can think of some other creatures for kidnapping that could be pretty funny, too. Has Babe retired?

Ronni -- maybe everything hasn't gone as smoothly with your transition as it might seem, or I'm an isolated case.

I just noticed my "Joared" was turned into "quel" -- whoever or whatever that is -- on the automatic info popup for comments. Will change it to Joared and hope this comment will publish correctly.

OMG, the things people think up. What a world, what a world.

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