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INTERESTING STUFF: 8 December 2012

Hannukah 5773

Yes, I'm a day early for this but there is Interesting Stuff scheduled for tomorrow plus Elder Music for Sunday and I don't believe anyone will mind.

My good friend, Yaakov Kirschen, has been writing and drawing his Dry Bones cartoon for 40 years. (You can follow him at The Dry Bones Blog.) This is his entry for Hannukah 2011. I like the gentleness of the reminder.

Yaakov Hannukah

Happy Hannukah, Everyone.

There is no story at The Elder Storytelling Place today.


Thank you, Ronni.

This is going ro be the first time in many years that my family and I will be celebrating Hannukah on the correct date.

Previous winters I'd be in Florida at this time so we would "do" Hannukah before I went South.

I always told the kids that you can't move the date to observe Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur but you can light the menorh and eat Latkus anytime! ;-)

Enjoy the holiday!

Happy Hanukah, Ronni. Enjoy!

Happy Diwali, Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Mid-Winter Festivals of Lights no matter what your religion or belief system.

Good choice, Ronni. Seems particularly relevant now but then when has it not been? Enjoy.

Happy Hannukah Ronni, may the dark always be lit for you.

Happy Hannukah!

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