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INTERESTING STUFF -29 December 2012

The Kindness and Caring of a Dog

There are distractions this week and not a lot of time to write so here is a beautiful, little story for today that will warm your heart:

Cats are mysterious, mercurial and manipulative beings, ever unpredictable and fascinating. Certainly they are loyal to the humans they happen to like and are sometimes known to behave altruistically toward people, especially children.

That last attribute, however, is more commonly in the repertoire of dogs and this video is a beautiful example. A Labrador with a Down syndrome toddler who isn't sure he wants the dog's attention at all. But the dog gently and patiently perseveres.

Apparently, no one knows who uploaded this video so there are no facts to tell you but it appears that this may the first meeting between the child and a dog. Thank you to Darlene Costner for sending this.


When I think of all the things that have given me pleasure in my life, my relationships with dogs are right up at the top.

I have watched various documentaries on PBS about how dogs were domesticated from wolves, and about dogs more generally, and the whole thing is fascinating.

Because I had a Lab visiting me that is a mirror image of the dog in the video this had a special meaning for me. My son's female Lab, Sugar, is just as sweet as this dog.

That thing in dogs dogs that draws humans to them is what becomes incomprehensible to me when I read how some humans can be so cruel to their pets, especially dogs.

From my earliest childhood days, I've always had a dog in my life. 'Nuf said.

Dogs: The very definition of goodness and love.

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