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Results of Your Calls and Letters to Congress

category_bug_politics.gif As I mentioned recently, I sometimes feel like you must see me as Chicken Little when I repeatedly ask you to write or telephone Congress and the White House. I've done that two or three times just during all the recent fiscal cliff hoo-haw.

House Speaker John Boehner just gave up on those talks before leaving Washington and nothing much has happened since. I'm actually pleased about that and enjoying the rest.

I thought you might want to know some of the results of your calling and writing and this below is from an email sent out from the National Committee to Preserver Social Security and Medicare (NCPSSM):

”On December 5, 2012, the National Committee joined advocates from dozens of other national senior groups across the nation in a Congressional Call-In Day, when seniors flooded Congress with calls reminding them that Americans of all ages and political parties do not support cutting middle-class benefits to pay for deficit reduction.

“If you were one of the tens of thousands of callers to flood the Congressional Switchboard urging lawmakers to protect earned benefits, thank you for your participation. Some of our members even reported receiving a busy signal and had to keep calling!

“Participants also sent emails and posted comments about National Call-In Day on Facebook and Twitter to drive home the message:

“This National Call-In Day is just one of many deficit debate mobilizations being led by the National Committee. Thanks to your support, we’ve delivered more than 100,000 letters to the House urging no cuts to earned benefits.

“And 65,000 petitions were delivered to the Senate at a Capitol Hill event.

“National Committee grassroots volunteers are visiting Congressional district offices in targeted states.

“And in Washington, the National Committee continues to meet with key leaders in the deficit debate urging no cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.”

Undoubtedly, I will be asking you to help in this manner again during 2013. Please remember that even if you know your representative or senator will not budge from whatever position he/she holds, the number of calls received in every Congressional office is tallied. So your call, email or letter is always important.

Now let's get back to taking a rest until next year. I suspect we need to store up energy for the continued fight.


It's a shame the FDA doesn't pay attention to all the letters, calls and petitions it receives. Despite wide opposition, it has decided to approve genetically modified salmon during vacation week, thinking no one will notice. Ha!

Move On is organizing a 'stop by your Representatives office today' to remind them to protect Social Security. We are fired up and ready to go.

I got an e-mail that is floating around with the math of just one person proving that if Congress had kept their dirty hands off of the S. S. funds there would be enough in the system to more than pay for an elder's care even if he/she lived to be 98. I am going to check it out on Snopes for accuracy and then send it to every elder and soon-to-be elder that I know.

Many of my constituents, including me, will be delivering messages to Representative Issa similar to the following:
"Don't hold us hostage! Pass the tax cuts for the middle class!"

This is his home District, and many of us inundate his office with messages and demonstrations frequently.

Good news is that he won by the narrowest margin in his political history in 2012 ... and we are all working very hard to defeat this disgrace to our nation handily in 2014!!

Yes, mam.

I'm scratching my head! Why don't they get it........Dee

You guys are terrific! - if only Aussies were as ready to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in to their politicians ...

Darlene: I hadn't seen the latest email about the math proving that S/S would be O.K. if Congress hadn't robbed the bank. And these are the same folks who want to protect tax breaks for the superrich paid for by the rest of us. It figures!

If the math checks out on Snopes (that's something else I haven't heard of but will take a look), please share with TGB readers.

Miki: In my view Rep. Issa is absolutely hopeless, but I admire your tenacity and sincerely hope that the next time he runs, it will be out of town (Washington, D.C.) on a rail.

I checked with Snopes and the letter is true. As it's an e-mail I would have to copy and paste it here. It is too long to do that, but I have sent it to Ronni and all of my contacts. If anyone wants a copy please e-mail me at darcostner@yahoo.com and I will forward it to you.

I called!! and will do so again!!

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