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INTERESTING STUFF – 23 February 2013

The video doesn't mention the word “internet” but that's what it is predicting.

Note how the wife's role is consigned to childcare and shopping still in 1969, and the assumption that the husband pays the bills. But aside from those cultural tropes of the era and the gigantic array of machines – you'd need a whole room – it is amazingly accurate.

One of the films up for a bucket full of awards tomorrow night at the Oscars is Life of Pi. I haven't seen it but I sure did enjoy this video showing a little about how the special effects were done.


Gun Control Congress

The Daily Beast has compiled a multimedia presentation of all 535 Congress members' positions on gun control. Click here, scroll down just a little and enter your street address. There will be results for all three of your representatives including their National Rifle Association grade.

Scroll down a little more for expanded information about each rep's stand.

Okay, maybe it's a little late, but I think you'll like this video about how some cats without a sweetheart spent Valentine's Day. (Hat tip to John Starbuck of For a Dancer)

By the grace of the gods, Elizabeth Warren, in her first term as U.S. Senator, was assigned to the Senate Banking Committee. In her first committee hearing, she questioned top bank regulators showing the rest of the Senate how it's supposed to be done.

It's not as though American citizens are not already surveilled through a variety of means just about 24/7. Now there is talk of police departments using drones to fly around and watch us even more.

Seattle illustrator Drew Christie created this animated satire in which a former K.G.B. agent welcomes such a future.

The other day, a friend of mine who began a 90-minute, three-day-a-week gym exercise routine several years ago when he was past age 70, said, “I don't believe there is anything regular exercise does not make better.

He's not an expert in this kind of science but such experts as University of Illinois psychology professor Art Kramer, a nationally recognized expert on the role of physical fitness on cognition, agree:

"Increased physical activity also has direct, and relatively rapid effects on cognition and brain health," he said. "Such results have now been reported, over the course of several decades, in animal studies of physical activity.

“Studies in humans, many conducted in Kramer's lab, also show that regular exercise, such as walking three times per week, also increases brain power.”

This is just a small report about a talk Kramer gave recently, but I thought I would use the opportunity to give you a reminder to get up and away from the computer now and then.

From past postings of George Carlin on this weekly compendium of stuff, I know many of us here are still big fans of comedian George Carlin. He died in 2008, but his routines feel as fresh as if he had written them yesterday.

Still, I often wish I could hear what he would be saying about Barack Obama's presidency, the deadlocked Congress, the tea party and a whole lot of other events. The closest anyone has come, in my mind, to replacing Carlin's particular kind of genius is comedian Louis CK and now I know why.

In 2010, a tribute for Carlin was held at the New York City Public Library. In this clip, Louis CK explains what he learned from Carlin and how it changed his life.

You can see the entire tribute here - an hour and 40 minutes of many other comedians speaking about Carlin hosted by Whoopi Goldberg.

Norma, the Assistant Musicologist who contributes to Peter Tibbles' Sunday Elder Music column here, sent this video. If you aren't smiling through the whole thing you need a heart tune-up.

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Thanks for these, Ronni, loved the elephant, put me in mind of my childhood when I would roll in the ocean like that and couldn't stop. Isn't it a shame that we lose touch with that part of ourselves!

Sen Warren did a bang-up job in her first hearing. Thanks for the video, Ronni.

I might be wrong but the man in the 1969 video with early computers looks a lot like former radio and game show host Wink Martindale

Ronni, I love your Saturday potpourris, and you really outdid yourself this week!

It's a funny thing about George Carlin. The first time I heard him, I thought, "Man, this guy just wants to talk dirty. I can hear this stuff on the street."
But then I LISTBNED to him. The man wss a philosopher. I'm glad he was here.

Watching that elephant in the water took me back to my childhood when I was in the water, just couldn't get enough of it, just like that elephant, she didn't want to leave it either!

Ronni, this was a week of superlative posts. I wasn't able to comment but I was paying attention. I need to reread and bookmark them for further reflection.

Yeah!! Elizabeth Warren, I was hoping she would ask the tough questions and hold her own now as a senator, and it seems she can.

Just ran across this post on "Some Assembly Required":
The White House blog clearly and rather proudly says that Obama wants to cut Social Security by switching to chained-CPI for future adjustments. This would lead to a cumulative lowering of benefits, in perpetuity. And this is his position before negotiating with the Republicans. He calls it “balanced”, he calls the cuts “savings”. He's reading from a set of Republican talking points.

What can we do? We need Elizabeth Warren in the White House!

Thank you Ronni for the Louis CK clip - so good, (and for your wonderful blog). I look forward to watching the others, but first I 'm heading outside for a walk :->!

Hooray for Senator Warren. She's the kind of straight-shooter we need more of in Congress.

Ronni, thanks. The internet was fascinating. I can remember that far back. The cats were great and Alannah and I loved Norma's elephant.
Apropos Elizabeth Warren. I listened and was impressed. However it seemed to me nothing was more obvious than that she will need allies. It's difficult to be a lone voice.

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