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The Elderblog List Needs Your Help

It felt good last week to get the Best Books on Aging page updated so I decided to catch up on some other blog housekeeping I've let slide for too long. This time, I need some help from you.

If you've never noticed the link in the left sidebar (“Click here for Complete Elderblog List”), you have missed a terrific resource for blogs, hundreds of elderblogs – all written by people who are at least 50 years old.

These bloggers cover every conceivable topic, are scattered in countries throughout the world and no matter what your interests, you are bound to find someone who shares them.

Over time, however, some bloggers decide to abandon blogging and remove their site or they put their blogs behind passworded firewalls. Sometimes they stop blogging with no explanation, or they change their blogs in ways that break the link to them or, sometimes, a blogger dies.

Once upon a time I updated the list twice and even three times a year. I'm older and more tired now but I can tell when it gets to be about year since the last update: I start to feel guilty for the list being so out of date and indeed, it's been about a year since the last cleanup and additions.

Before I get started this time, I'm asking for your help. If your blog is on the list but the name or URL has changed, let me know.

If you have a new(ish) blog you would like listed, let me know that. If you know of someone else's blog you think should be listed, tell me that too.

To do so, please use the “contact” link in the upper left corner of every page rather than the comment section below. Be sure to include the name of the blog and it's complete URL.

I vet all elderblog suggestions and have some standard requirements for being listed:

  • The blogger must be 50 or older
  • The blog must publish at least once a week
  • The blog must be designed well enough to be easily navigable
  • The blog must be reasonably well-written and follow the generally accepted rules of spelling and grammar
  • No light-colored text on a dark background
  • It must be a personal, not commercial, business, retail or promotional blog
  • The blog must have been regularly published for at least three months
  • The blog should be a compelling read

In general, group-written blogs are not included nor are blogs that promote a specific religion. And it goes without saying, I hope, that no blogs are included that express prejudice or bigotry of any sort. Even once. In the past, I have removed two blogs for such offenses.

And, I reserve the right to not list a blog for any reason and without explanation. The idea is to give everyone a list of the best elderblogs in existence.

So send your suggestions and I'll get started on fixing the list in a couple of days. I check every blog and code it all by hand so it takes awhile.

UPDATE:I've already received half a dozen suggestions and requests this morning for listing blogs that are already there and have been, in some cases, for many years. You might want to check the list for the name of your blog before emailing.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Sharon Ostrow: Got Cult?


Sorry,this doesn't have to do with today's posting from Ronni. Last night my brother phoned with the news that he's being laid off. He's 58. At any age this is devastating but the people here know just how tragic the event is at this time in a person's life.

Tried to leave feedback via the contact page but got this error: (if you got it, it's from miker)

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A couple years ago, when I was still working, I started to blog but didn't keep it up. Your post reminded me, and now that I've retired, I'm going to start again. Maybe next time you update, I'll be qualified!

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