Elders and Loneliness

Crabby Old Lady Takes a Breather

Here's how it works: if you put yourself out here on the internet and if you don't hide your identity and if you take strong positions on political and cultural issues, some people are bound to give you a hard time.

Crabby Old Lady (aka Ronni Bennett in ticked off mode) knows this, expects it and ignores most of it. But too much online and offline communication recently has been just offensive. Or ignorant or mean or rude or presumptuous.

The same can be said for requests and “suggestions” about how this blog should operate, look or behave. (If you think it's so easy, run your own damned blog and if you don't understand basic internet functionality, keep your complaints to yourself.)

Generally, among TGB readers, such stuff is rare but the amount that has been pouring over the transom this week feels like an avalanche. It has sucked all the energy from Crabby leaving her tired, resentful and angry.

And although there is a serious purpose to Time Goes By, Crabby Old Lady enjoys it but this week, it stopped being fun and Crabby needs a breather.

So except for links to new stories at The Elder Storytelling Place, next week Time Goes By will go dark while Crabby ignores any- and everything related to this blog.

IMPORTANT: In the past when Crabby and Ronni have been fed up enough with the trolls to back away for awhile, some of you have left lovely messages of commiseration and appreciation for TGB.

Of course, those are nice but this post is not an appeal for compliments, flattery, praise or felicitations of any kind. It is just an explanation of Crabby's absence.

So please restrain yourselves, and we'll meet back here on March 25 after Crabby's breather.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Johna Ferguson: Pleasures


We will miss you, Crabby!

Have a good break, Ronni. xo

Illegitimae non carborundum

Have a pleasant breather. Your readers will miss you!


Anyone who does not walk/talk lockstep with the likes of Paul Ryan is attacked by a paid cadre of trolls posing as commenters. And as Tarzana said, "Illegitimi non carborundum."

Warm cyber hugs.

Enjoy your break.

See you later.

You will be missed but I understand -- burn out happens to the best of us and you are definitely the best of us! Enjoy your hiatus.

See you on your return! Be well.

Those (such as you Ronni/Crabby) who have substance to share and a willing heart, contribute.

Those who have neither substance nor heart spend their time and effort poking the aforementioned with sharpened sticks.

Enjoy your absence from the naysayers with sticks. The remainder of us will miss the education provided here, your insights, assisting links, humor and you yourself.


Don't let them get you down - - enjoy enjoy enjoy your time off!

I think you're wonderful.

I don't know; I think it's just fine to scream and wallow for a while when we're pissed off. Very therapeutic. You go, Girl.

Enjoy the break...we'll be here of course.

"Get your own damn blog" is my favorite line today. They have no idea.......

I will miss both of you (Crabby & Ronnie) but know sometimes nothing helps but to back off. People can be mean and I can't imagine being on the receiving end of their venom. It's stressful enough just reading comments to another person. So good luck and I await your return.

See you soon. A pox on the bad guys! Dee

Take your time and relax. We'll all be here when you get back.

On this side of TGB, all is good! Sounds like a lot of chutzpah, telling you how to operate your blog that has been working just fine. Take a good breather and come back knowing you are held in high esteem by many.

Enjoy your break, we'll miss you.

Can't imagine what any intelligent, thinking, rational adult would find "offensive" about your blog, but I guess it takes all kinds. . .There are some real jerks out there, many of whom--unlike you--are hiding behind a pseudonym. They don't have the talent, determination or commitment to run their own blogs so they trash yours. Whatta bunch!

Have a GREAT spring break! See 'ya on the 25th.

Good for you. Have a ball!

Seriously? This is a shame. Haven't those folks ever heard of civility? Have a nice break, and we'll be looking forward to your return, Ronnie.

"If you think it's so easy, run your own damned blog ...."

Much like Annie, I'm sure, my fancy got tickled by the above line. Hunky Husband wanted to know what I was laughing about!

Ronnie: Don't ever forget that living well is the best revenge!

If you're bringing out the haters you must be doing something right! (Although I do think that some of the trolls are put up to it and possibly paid by the far right to invade sites that are talking common sense.) Have a good rest, but please return soon. We need you, and we have your back.

I know the feeling having been, well, blindsided by some heavy hitters recently. Licked my wounds, resurfaced. We all need to do this now and again, we are so out there as target practice for themz that would trash us.
Rest, recuperate, recharge.

"The longer I live on this earth the more I hope that there is no credence to reincarnation!" I'd like to share this comment from my blog about my post on trolls.
Rest up, enjoy the daffodils. -naomi

...and just when you'd said that you were going to talk about sex. Seriously, I admire you and value the thoughts that you share here. I'm am so sorry that you have been besieged by the narrow minded and mean! Hope you get well renewed...maybe take a few days at the wonderful Oregon coast?...and look forward to having you back!

We will all be waiting. Take as long as you wish. Take dear care.

Breathe deeply. I will eagerly await March 25th. Oh, and in the words of my long missed Grandmother-don't let the bastards get you down!

Ronni, don't let the idiots get you down. But, they are not half as bad as mean people. How they got this way, Lord only knows. You are now a public figure, of sorts, and it goes with the territory. Maybe you should change your email address, keep it private, and simply monitor these posts, editing out the offensive ones.

...and I, too, was expecting the "sex" discussion today:)
You will be missed. Jane

Relax and enjoy yourself. Life's too short to do anything that you don't want to do in this moment. Read you later!

Just hope you are not off to a Carnival cruise!

I enjoy the blog, Ronni :)

Non illigitamus carborundum

I share your annoyance with the trolls and spam but expect you're subjected to much more than my blog is. I enjoy what you write. I have several different theories about what some of it may be about. Hang in there! Get a fresh breathe!

Stopped in today (3/21) to catch up and say howdy. I see you're taking a break. Hope you have a nice breather, a good getaway, a refreshing break!

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