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DSTposterIn most of the United States, tonight is the night - time to change the clocks again – spring forward as they say. There is now so much daylight saving time that we're on “regular” time for only four months. We will not be changing the clock again until 3 November.

The poster image is from 1918 when Congress passed the Daylight Saving Time Act “to preserve daylight and provide standard time for the United State.”


This stuff just knocks me out. When the National Gallery in Washington, DC held a giant exhibit of trompe l'oeil paintings and objects about ten years ago, I made a special, overnight trip from New York to see it and had a great time.

Today, the artist is John Pugh who we've featured before and he gets a lot of internet attention for his fool-the-eye sidewalk paintings. This week, Darlene Costner emailed some stills of Pugh's work on sides of buildings and I tracked down a video of some of them.


Republican lawmakers ideas about social issues get crazier and crazier.

Last Monday, an Iowa House subcommittee approved a bill that would make no-fault divorce illegal. State Representative Tedd Gassman supported the bill as a method to keep familities together. As Huffington Post reported:

”Speaking about his granddaughter, whose parents recently divorced, Gassman said, 'There's a 16-year-old girl in this whole mix now. Guess what? What are the possibilities of her being more promiscuous?'”

Is this dumber than Todd Akin's belief that victims of “legitimate” rape can't get pregnant?


Nominated this year for an Academy Award in the Documentary Short category, King's Point has been 10 years in the making. Director Sari Gilman got the idea for it when her grandmother moved to this Florida retirement community and over those years she followed five long-time residents.

They talk about love and loss and loneliness, and their longing for human connection is obvious. But “Nobody gets too close,” says one. “You're alone but not alone,” says another. Most of the others agree.

Mostly, it's a sad film but it leaves you with a lot to think about what growing old can and cannot be. Take a look:

You can find out more about King's Point here. It debuts next Monday, 11 March, on HBO at 9PM.


Writing at The Elder Storytelling Place recently, Susan Gulliford asked Where's the Paperboy? Well, I found one of them this week delivering The Winters Express in Winters, California (population 6,000).

”Mr. [Newt] Wallace, one of eight carriers for the paper...On foot, he briskly delivers to downtown Winters’s businesses the papers, which are filled with local stories like the creation of a new bridge over Putah Creek and the rising value of Yolo County crops.

“'I don’t hunt or play golf; I deliver papers,' Mr. Wallace said recently as he walked his route. 'I like delivering papers. I get to see the people I know.'”

Oh, one more thing: Mr. Wallace is 93 years old. Read more about him here.


John Starbuck of For a Dancer alerted me to this fascinating video that shows what wealth equality really looks like. Obvious and shocking all at once.


All in one. It is still only in prototype and no one knows if Fujitsu will actually produce this walking stick or even if it's really useful or not. Nevertheless, I liked hearing about it:

You can see more photos and read more here.


Most of the time, the Buzzfeed website is just too silly for this old woman. But they got me with this one – a series of photos with instructions for making cat stew.

First, you need to find a cat or two or more. According to Buzzfeed, you can harvest one like this:

Harvest a cat

After several more steps you finish with this lovely cat stew:

Cat stew

I'm pretty sure you need to see the whole series of photos to really appreciate it. I was laughing out loud (but I didn't let Ollie the cat see it.)


This video grabbed me by the heart. Before it, I didn't even know what a wombat looks like. Here's part of what the text at YouTube tells us:

”Douglas is an orphaned Wombat who was taken care of at a school camp...near Tallangatta in Victoria, Australia. This video is 3 years old so he was just a little baby...He was the best experience I've ever had with an animal!”

Here it is:

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

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Mr. Gassman is well-named; he's full of hot air, and it stinks from termuinal stupidity.

What amazes me is the high income individuals who think they are "entitled" to enmass all that wealth. How did they achieve all that?

The Wombat is adorable. I am curious about them after seeing the video and am off to Wikipedia to see what I can learn about them.

Thanks for the links. I posted the wealth distribution video on my facebook page.

Great posts today Ronni. I loved the cat stew, but it always leaves me puzzled as to why cats love to get into things smaller than themselves. I've seen the inequality video recently and have posted it myself, but I shared it again today on my FB. I'm going to share it every time I come across it anywhere. I believe it's that important.


The wealth inequality video was very discouraging. It frightens me how little we know about the economics of our country. I really fear for the poor, especially the vulnerable poor.

To each his own, but I don't know why retired folks would want to move into a closed colony of old people and then wonder why their lives are so sterile and self-centered. I'd rather deliver newspapers like the old guy in the next story, and get to meet all kinds of people.

There's a slight chance I met or came close to Mr. Wallace. My family used to go camping at Cody's on Putah Creek when I was 10 He'd have been 26 or so. That's where I learned to swim and to manage a kayak. It's all gone now since they dammed the creek to make Lake Berryessa. Camping was really basic. Mom and Dad slept in our Nash (some may remember that they had seats that flattened to make a bed) and my brother and I had the pup tent. We'd go to Winters for shopping and a show. The movie theater was the only place air conditioned. The Sacramento Valley gets HOT in the summer. Great times. I was a very lucky kid.

As always, great posts with a nice mix of topics, Ronni. Thanx

I was going to say the same thing as Marc Leavitt. Gassman is an apt appellation.

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