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New Elderblog List

Aside from personal R&R, my goals for last week's hiatus from daily blogging were to finish the updated elderblog list and make some back end changes to Time Goes By.

There is success and there is failure, the latter due to the length of time since I've done serious work with html and css resulting in a re-learning curve that mostly frustrated me last week. So I read a couple of books instead.

The only changes you'll notice right now are a new headline font and more effective subheads which will appear most often in Saturdays' Interesting Stuff posts. I'll have another go at the design changes I want when I feel less frustrated.

The success from last week is the newly updated Elderblog list. Before I get to that I want to reiterate my oft-repeated belief that blogging is a near perfect pastime for elders.

It is solitary in the need to sit quietly as we think and write – never a bad thing to take time for a closer look. It is also social in that blogging expands our circle of acquaintances and friends worldwide and, important, it cannot help but keep our minds active and exercised.

Plus, at a time in life when we no longer have the daily camaraderie of the workplace, may not drive any longer or, perhaps, are not as mobile generally as we once were, let's give a shout out to whoever the smart people are who invented this marvelous, new way to be in touch just in time for us to benefit.

On to the new elderblog list.

From the old list, I removed blogs that had not published in awhile. Some others had moved behind personal firewalls requiring passwords now, so those are gone too along with some that just disappeared, their URLs now for sale.

A lot more have been added than removed. In a few cases are blogs that had been listed at one time but then disappeared (couldn't tell you why) and have now been reinstated.

Undoubtedly, there are mistakes and I apologize but it is so tedious to change anything and keep the list looking neat and tidy that all I will do is make note of additions or subtractions for next time.

The new list is in its usual place and it is always linked from the box in the left sidebar on every page. And don't forget that every Monday, a new set of five featured elderblogs are linked from the left sidebar too.

Here are the new ones.

Age Myths
Aging Hippie's Guide to Aging
Aging in Chicago
Aging in Place Technology Watch
Alchemy of Clay
Amen With a T
Any Shiny Thing
Blueridge Boomer
Boots and Braids

Chatty Crone
Coward's Corner with Luckie
Desert Canyon Living
Engage Blog
For a Dancer
From the House of Mars
Gert, Tom & Rusty Too
Grey House Journal
Ground Level in Kansas

Gum Leaves
The Healthy Nut
Later Living
Live Life in Crescendo
Live, Love, Give!
Marc Leavitt's Blog
Martin Bayne
Me, senescent
Muffy's Marks

Nifty Fifty and the City (in French)
Old Lady Lincoln
On Being Seventy
Oops 50!
Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy
Ramona's Voices
Remarkable Wrinklies
Rhea Becker's Short Attention Span
Rocky Mountain Woman

Seeking Center in an Old House
Semantically Driven
Southern Rumors
Sunshine on My Shoulder
Sweetwater Lane
Windgrove: Life on the Edge
The Writer's Clinic

Tom's Wine Line
Walking to Retirement
The Way I See It
When I Was Sixty Nine
White Feather Farm
Yo Is This Ageist?

And one more thing. Recently there has been a noticeable uptick in the number of commenters whose names I've never seen before. That's terrific. It's good to have new perspectives and welcome to you all to TGB.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Ross Middleton: In Thrall to Technology


Ah, look at all those wonderful new people to meet. Thanks for all the work you've done this last week. I applaud.

Thank you, Ronni, for TGB spring cleaning, updating, and everything else required to keep the system (world?) going, and with an uber-friendly HAPPY interFACE!

Can't wait to visit all these new blogs. The first name I was attracted to was Mountain Woman. Er, need a line break up there between Span and Rocky, not Rocky and Mountain. Currently:

Rhea Becker's Short Attention Span Rocky
Mountain Woman

Otherwise, tons of sympathy for the coding, etc. Were it not for today's templates, I wouldn't be blogging at all. I couldn't manage all the formatting and behind-the-scenes coding on my own.

Thanks for including my blogs, Ronnie. I love reading everything you post, and will start reading all these other blogs too. A whole world of people in blog-land!

Wow! Thanks so much for including The Writer's Clinic, Ronnie. Can't wait to explore all the others. I agree completely with your reasons for blogging being ideal for seniors. I love doing it.

Thanks for the new lists of places to visit. Whew, that's quite a bit of work you've done.

I admire you for being so savvy on formatting, etc. I become intimidated when I have to do new things on the Internet now. Somehow my comprehension is becoming very inefficient.

You are an inspiration to me and I am sure to many others. Thanks for the new list and for updating the old one.

Thanks so much - - I must take time to check out each and every of those blogs.

Thanks Ronni! Love this blog. Dee

Thank you for your site, which I linked to through Changing Aging. I only found you today and am looking forward to exploring all the rivers and rivulets of Time Goes By. I hope when I get my ReImagineAging.org site up, you'll come take a look. I'll let you know!

Ronni, My blog was dropped for some reason; I have consistently posted for over 2 years. Can you add it back in?
Thank you.

It is called Between Two Rivers:

Just want to thank you for including my blog, SilverFoxyBlog.org on your list....You were my first inspiration in the blogging "biz" and remain the best there is in both form and content

The deeper I get into BLOGWORLD the more respect I have for your talent and expertise. You are the gold standard.

On Sundays, I read Peter's music notes and then, listen to the tunes.
While listening, I always go to the "featured" list and visit a few new (to me) bloggers.
I'm glad you listed the new ones here today.
Thanks, Ronni!

Heroic work, Ronni. Thought A Little Red Hen had been run over while crossing the road. But no, only re-alphabetized under "L." Discovered A Little Old Lady Stays Put and a NY Times article I'd missed on Mitch Leigh and his "nice people" town development. You never know...thanks!

Thank you for including my blog on your list! I'm so very happy to be included. I know that this update had to be a LOT of work for you, so please know it is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I love reading TGB and sometimes I can't resist going on to peruse one or more other blogs. However, knowing how much time it takes just to be a faithful blog READER, I can only imagine how much time and effort (plus more than a dollop of tech expertise!) it must take to be a blog WRITER or blog organizer. Maybe when I'm fully retired I'll have more time to experience the blogging world.

Thanks for your time, expertise and hard work, Ronni. I appreciate the other Elderbloggers out there, too.

Ronni, thanks so much for including my blog, Ramona's Voices. Can I ask you to include my new blog, too?

Constant Commoner is my non-political "room of my own" where I write about writing, the arts, and other observations while living long.

Now I'm off to check out other blogs on the list. This should be fun!

Now don't be greedy, Ramona - one blog to a customer.

And even if that were not so, as noted in the story above, I've spent all the time on this list that I'm going to until next time there's a complete update.

Thanks for all you do on behalf of elders and thanks for the list of new blogs to check out.

WOW! Thanks for the shout out, TGB! So sweet of you to include me in this awesome list of bloggers. Now, I know how I'm going to spend my day! Scroll, click, scroll, click, scroll, click... :D Thanks again!

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