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Call Congress Today: No Social Security Cuts

Yesterday, a group of progressive organizations along with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and representatives from various states delivered petitions to the White House holding more than two million signatures.

That was in opposition to President Barack Obama proposing in his 2014 budget that goes to Congress today that the method of calculating cost-of-living increases for Social Security beneficiaries, certain veterans, certain disabled people and some others be changed to chained CPI.

This method of inflation calculation, if adopted, would reduce the cost-of living adjustment (COLA). The amount doesn't seem like much at first but it is cumulative and here is a chart from Strengthen Social Security showing the results over time:

Chained CPI Graph

AARP recently conducted a national poll of people age 50 and older about switching inflation measurement to chained CPI. Here are some of the results [emphasis is mine]:

“Seven in ten voters 50+ (70%) oppose changing the way the Social Security cost of living adjustment is calculated (75% Democrat, 63% Republican, 69% Independent)”.

”Almost eight in ten voters age 50+ (78%) oppose changing the way the cost of living adjustment is calculated for retired and disabled veterans’ benefits (80% Democrat, 72% Republican, 79% Independent).”

Well, you know all this stuff. I have been carrying on here about chained CPI since President Obama first announced he supports it last summer. While I believe we must try every possible way to influence Washington to do the right thing, right now I don't think Obama will be much impressed with yesterday's White House demonstration.

There is a better chance with Congress. That's why I am participating in today's National Congressional Call-In Day organized by National Committee to Preserve Social and Medicare (NCPSSM) and other progressive organizations.

The idea is to flood Congress with calls today so please join us - it will take only a few minutes. Call your representatives and tell them this:

“Social Security doesn’t contribute to the deficit and Americans of all parties oppose cutting benefits earned by middle-class families. The chained CPI isn’t a 'tweak,' it’s a benefit cut America’s retirees, veterans and the disabled simply cannot afford.”

You can also tell them that come the 2014 election, you will not forget if they vote for chained CPI.

Progressive organizations are already preparing for primary challenges against senators and representatives who vote to support cuts to Social Security.

The NCPSSM has a toll-free number that will connect you to the offices of your Congressional representatives:


Alternately, you can call Capitol switchboard directly and ask for your representative's or senators' offices:


And Firedoglake has posted a handy pulldown menu with the direct telephone number of every member of Congress - senators and representatives - listed alphabetically by state. There is even a script to read if you want to use it.

We defeated President George Bush's attempt to privatize Social Security in 2005, and we can defeat this president's push to cut Social Security payments. If you have the time, stop back here after you've called and let us know how it went.

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I'm calling and hope that they listen.

The last call-in day I participated in resulted in one busy signal after another. I kept trying and eventually got through. Busy signals aren't maddening if you realize that it means that the call-in is successful.

You might preface your statement by telling them you are a constituent of theirs.

On call-in days like this, I hate being a constituent of Nancy Pelosi. On the big issues, her stance is about holding her caucus together, not what her constituents think -- or even what she might think. But I bombard her.

This afternoon locally, folks wanted and needing a big, fair immigration reform are afflicting the office of Senator Diane Feinstein -- another difficult legislator.

AS always thanks for the added info. I am passing it along to my friends and family.

I'm posting a link to your post today Ronni, I hope others reading and writing will also, thanks again.

I also encourage everyone that when you call your Senators on the social security issue that you also mention the gun control legislation and ask them to support the Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013. Tell them to support it without adding any amendments to water it down

I also heard today that this could push many seniors into a higher tax bracket but I do not understand how.

Oh the calls, the petitions about Social Security, about gun control. What do I know now that did not before: how to leave clear, brief, message on answer machines. Whatever it takes!

The only way you are going to guarantee that there will be no cuts to social security or medicare is to vote republican in 2014. I know you don't want to hear that, but it's true. The democrats have betrayed you. It is THEM who will throw grandma off the cliff. Must be hard for you to accept. You can call all the congresspeople you want to. Obama always gets his way.
If you want to stop this betrayal, vote republican.

Can you post info on other methods of contacting these bozo's? I don't call people.

Don't know if anyone saw this explanation of CPI. Thought it might help other readers:


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