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The 2013 Time Goes By Elderblogger Survey

2013 TGB Survey Banner

Five years ago – nearly to the day – the TGB Elderblogger Survey was posted. It was an unscientific but interesting look at who we are, we who spend time at this blog.

(If you are interested, you can see graphs of the results from 2008 beginning on this page.)

Now that five years have passed, it would be good to have an update. As then, the goal is to find out what elderbloggers are like, how we may be similar and how we are different, how we relate to technology, how we came to be bloggers and blog readers, how we feel about it and what our demographics are.

[NOTA BENE: This survey is for elderbloggers and elder blog readers who do not keep blogs themselves. Readers and commenters are as important as bloggers to the community and help equally to make it as lively and compelling as it is.]

Many of the questions in this survey are the same as in 2008, but I have removed others that seem redundant or not useful and added some new ones. I learned a lot about conducting surveys when I did this five years ago and vowed then that I would not make the same mistakes next time.

Well, I didn't make notes and I have no memory of what those mistakes were so I'm probably making them all over again. That's just how it rolls sometimes.

This is a long survey – 75 questions. However, all but one are multiple choice and I think you can get through it in about 10 or 15 minutes.

I wish I could give you the option to stop partway through and return to finish later but that feature costs dramatically more money than I can spend on the service - which is Questionpro and works quite nicely.

The survey, which is open to people 50 and older, will remain available for a week, until midnight Pacific time on Wednesday 17 April. Then it will take me awhile to sort through the answers and make them attractive for presentation before I post the results.

That badge at the top of this page will appear there each day as a reminder until the survey is closed. If you want to post it on your blog, you are welcome to copy it and link directly to the survey. The more the merrier. To do that, you will need this link:

You can click on that now (or the banner above) to begin the survey.

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Survey completed in 13 minutes.

I am posting this in the event there are others who may write you regarding this survey. Hopefully it will eliminate a few hundred redundant memos you will have to sort through.

Some questions have no "n/a","not applicable", "prefer not to answer" responses. Perhaps it should be said in the Forward, "you do not have to respond to any question in order to complete the survey".

Examples are questions: 20, 27, 29, 32, 33, 35, 62, 63, 64. There are others.

There are appropriate responses in questions: 53, 60, and 61; as an example.

I suggest you place an open window at the end of your survey to add comments and suggestions; such as this.

Well, I told you there would be errors and although I see your point, I don't think it causes too many problems or makes the survey invalid (to the extent it is).

I'm going to leave everything the way it is but thanks for the note.

Didn't take more than 5 minutes for me and answered all that applied.

Me too.

Me three :)

Ten minutes. Would have appreciated couple of questions about current important issues that engage elders in addition to SS, Medicare. Gun control, climate change, XL pipeline.

Completed in about ten minutes. Good survey.

I like Naomi's suggestion about current issue questions. Perhaps a separate questionnaire someday.

I wish I could have said I learned about computers both on my own and at work, because it was very much a 50/50 simultaneous thing.

I enjoyed looking over the results from the last survey. (Nice to see so much education.) If you have a good way to present it, it would be interesting to see a comparison of the results from this survey vs. the last one. Have more people given up their landlines? Are more electronics being used, and if so, which devices? Are average incomes going up, down? Etc.

It was quick and easy to complete; less than 10 minutes. One small nit on question 11, having to do with marital status. I am legally single, but have been with my partner nearly 22 years. I checked 'married', though we don't have that legal status. Maybe by this time next year we will!

Thanks for being such a consistent blogger, Ronni. I'm glad I found your site.

On the question regarding Obama I would have liked an option to express my disappointment with his putting SS on the chopping block but he beats the alternative candidate hands down.

I agree with Denise, for Obama but very disappointed. Really liked reading through your previous survey. Interesting demographic. It will be fun to see if it's still similar.

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