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Why Crabby Old Lady Has No Blog Post Today

Crabby Old Lady is acutely aware that this is a post so self-indulgent and so light and airy you may not be able to see it on your screen. She has several meatier stories in various stages of production but couldn't make one of them ready because her time yesterday got eaten up by ephemera – stupid, ordinary errands and chores that repeatedly went wrong. All day.

One example is enough to give you the idea.

Crabby needed three items that required stops at two stores, neither of them far away. At first she thought she could remember the three but quickly recalled that not infrequently she gets to the store with her brain empty of one of the items.

So she stopped to write down her three items: salmon for a new recipe she wanted to try for dinner, fresh berries for breakfast and kitty litter.

In preparation, Crabby changed from slippers into outdoor shoes. She checked her wallet to be sure there was enough cash, grabbed the keys and headed for the door.

As she stepped across the threshold, she noticed that although the sun was out, it was colder – a lot colder - than she had anticipated so back in the house to get a jacket.

Then, just as she was locking the door, she realized she didn't have a reusable grocery bag with her, so back inside again to get one.

Arriving at her car, Crabby checked her handbag, didn't see the shopping list so she walked back home, unlocked the door and went over to the desk to pick up the list. No list.

As she stepped into the kitchen to see if it was there, only a lucky grab of the counter kept Crabby vertical as she slipped on something wet. Wha-a-a-a-t?

Ollie the cat's water bowl was tipped over and water had spread over most of the floor.

When did that happen? Crabby asked herself. Ollie appeared to be snoozing in his chair so it must have been before Crabby had left the house – maybe while she was in the back of the apartment and couldn't hear the CATastrophe happen.

It was a 15-minute, entire-paper-towel-roll cleanup project.

Now where was I, Crabby asked herself. Right. Shopping list.

Not in the kitchen so Crabby just wrote it all down again and made certain to put it in her handbag before she once again headed for the car. She was about to put her key in the ignition when another glance in her handbag revealed that her cell phone was not there.

As usual in that situation (which happens more often than you would think), Crabby asked herself if she really needed it. After all, she had spent half a century driving all over the United States and several foreign countries without a telephone or terrible consequences.

But there was the incident Crabby told you about two or three months ago when the car would not start and only the kindness of a young man lending his phone in pouring rain made it possible to easily call the tow service.

(Annoyingly, everything up to this point in Crabby's story is the result of commonplace, old age, short-term memory problems.)

So once again, Crabby trudged back to her apartment to get the mobile phone and at last made her way to the stores where everything worked out fine – if you don't count the heart-attack-inducing price of wild salmon.

It was one of those days. Later in the morning it included another kitchen floor spill – much worse, olive oil – that was entirely the fault of Crabby's inattention - can't blame the cat for it. And running out of printer ink before finishing a copy job that needed to be sent yesterday, entailing a trip to another store.

After getting the papers mailed, Crabby took a nap. So much for blogging.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Marcy Belson: Camping at El Golfo


Crabby old lady has my deepest sympathy.

Welcome to my world, Crabby.

I don't leave the house without a reminder sheet. Wind was so pushy yesterday, the sheet shot out of my hand, ran under my car and across the lawn.

Was waiting for a crow to take off with it.

Sorry, Crabby, but my first reaction was "Oh,'s not just me!"

It seems to Crabby that these mini-disasters seem to clump together in single days.

Most of the time, something might go wrong - like forgetting a list or whacking your thumb with a hammer - once in awhile and not more than one a day.

Then, suddenly, you have a day like Crabby had on Wednesday when it seems she's out of harmony with the universe and everything goes to hell for awhile.

Out of harmony with the universe is exactly what it feels like and although there is an opposite situation when everything flows beautifully, the 'out of harmony' days seem disproportionate in frequency.

I got lucky and had a terrific, productive day yesterday and it left me grinning like a fool!

Oh my, you've perfectly described how so many days go by. I hoped that in retirement, I would be able to take my time doing things thus avoiding inevitable disasters such as spilled olive oil or cat water dishes that mysteriously up-end themselves. No so! It sounds as though you did the best thing by taking a nap. How did the salmon dish work out? Hopefully it was a bright light in your day.
Be well,

I got tired of having days like this so I put a post-it note right above the door knob with all the things I need to take with me wherever I go.

Included on the list are the mundane things like money, ID, bus pass, credit card, but also Kindle and knitting (to prevent boredom in case I get stuck somewhere), ankle brace in case I trip, a watch which I always forget...oh, there's so much more.

Problem is, I forget to look at the list as I go out the door or just don't notice it anymore. This is actually a good thing since I am not weighted down with all the unnecessary things I have on that list.

So, I've discovered that all I really need is my wallet, my Kindle and my bus pass (which I forget to put back in my wallet after putting it in a jacket or pants pocket or somewhere in my purse).

And that list of stuff which is the reason I am leaving the house? It's here somewhere, in one of these pockets...

Oh dear!!! Pardon me for laughing, but your bad day sounded like so many of mine now that it has become a subject for mirth.

As they say, there are days like this and they always come in bunches like bananas.

Glad you shared your poopy day. Sometimes we are just sucked into a whirlpool of a day. I spent yesterday morning trying to get an answer by phone out of Medicare. Blah!

We all have those days. A nap is the best remedy!

You really know how to fill a day. Farmed salmon does not taste quite as good, but it is just as healthy. Do not believe the naysayers.

My purse is my "go bag" and I tend to assume everything I could possibly need is already in there, ready to go. (Unfortunately, the phone is sometimes elsewhere.) The bundle of recyclable plastic bags sitting conspicuously on top of the purse, waiting to be returned to the store, will still somehow be left behind. And although I'd remember the list, I'd get home with only two of the three items.

I'm laughing, Ronni, not at you but with you.

Oh, Crabby! So glad you didn't fall!
My Wednesday was much the same as yours. The universe must have been tilted, for all of us.

Ha, so encouraging to hear other people have crappy little strings of problems like that.

I'm pretty good at taking everything with me in my handbag, but my husband is dreadful as he's just got pockets. I'm trying to teach him to say 'keys, wallet, cell phone' as he leaves the house.

Sometimes I notice I just have a day when I don't feel too good. No real explanation, I just don't have much energy and I need a nap.

On the other hand, I have always needed lists to remember my to-do items, even when I was a young woman. I've never had a great memory; or maybe it was because I was always busy and stressed.

What - you call this "no blog post?" It's utterly delightful and a very humorous look at what getting through some days is like. I really enjoyed it and you have my sympathy.

Did you manage to get the salmon? Or have you put that off for another day?

Got the salmon - a gorgeous piece I cooked after my nap and it was delicious.

Maybe the 'gremlins' can't be everywhere at once, so you (and others) had a bad day. While you kept them busy, I (and others) had a marvelous day. Lots accomplished smoothly...even got unexpected discounts on two things amounting to a total of $70. Hopefully it will be your turn for a good day again soon.

I'm glad a nap was included in your day. Sometimes nothing else will help.

My most recent bout with memory glitches was within the bounds of a road trip of several days . The first night, I left our road food in the motel fridge. The maid in the next motel found my jar of special mix coffee creamer by the coffee maker. But the worst followed my effusive promise not to leave anything behind ( again) at my hubby's kids where we spent Easter. Two days after we arrived home, I noticed that my pill boxes needed a refill. Yep. No pills. I had to swallow the crow meat and call the kids with the bad news. Thanks to my stepson and UPS overnight, I got them in time. But this forgetfulness is nothing new. I can still hear my mother's complaint from my childhood. "Patty, you'd forget your head if it wasn't screwed on!"

OMG, I've had too many days like that!

One of the best things about TGB is knowing we're not alone. Can't thank you enough for that, Ronni.

I don't like lugging a purse around so I stick my wallet in my pocket and off I go. Except sometimes I forget my wallet and don't discover it until I've gone 3 miles to the store. One time I a got all the way to the checkout stand with a basket full of groceries only to realize my problem.

Routines, guys, routines ... help us maintain what's left of our sanity. Put keys, phones, etc., in the SAME place every day, and like that.

Of course, I say that NOW but will shortly realize that I have forgotten to (fill in the blank, but it usually involves grocery purchases, since I hate to cook).

"I shoulda stood in bed," is an expression coined specifically for this kind of day. I'll add one of my own: "Bad for me, good for the blog!"

Before I leave the house I always think, "keys, wallet, phone."

Made me smile.

So... all those 'joke' emails I've gotten over the years... similar stories where one thing leads to another to another to another... those were based on FACT?!?!? Ha!!!

...and losing things IN the house...having to phone your mobile phone FROM the house phone in order to find it, usually tucked away on a shelf...

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