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There is not much that is better in life than a bunch of babies laughing and here are quadruplets who think daddy is the funniest thing ever.

What I want to know is where daddy got that amazing quadruplets table.


Nikki Lindquist sent this sweet, little video of some kids' first tastes of grownup food.


The MIT Age Lab has a two-minute survey for old people:

“This is an exploratory survey to understand what concerns people may be thinking about today in anticipation of their life in older age. All responses are anonymous.

You can take the survey here.


Monsoor Khalid drives a New York City's only candy cab and his tech savvy has made him an internet celebrity. Take a look:

Here's Mr. Khalid's Facebook page and you can read more about him and his cab here.


Standup comedian Tig Notaro recently stopped by Conan O'Brien's TV show to explain the importance of being present in life. Hilarity ensues. (Hat tip to Larry Beck of Woodgate's View)


That headline is no typo. Last Tuesday, North Miami held an election for mayor. One candidate, Anna Pierre, used this campaign poster – note the endorsement I've circled in green:

Anna Pierre Poster

I'm not sure if it's funny or shocking. Either way, it didn't help Ms. Pierre who came in last in a field of seven with only 56 votes. You can see full results here.


Remember a couple of weeks ago when I included a video of International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield doing a show-and-tell about how astronauts brush their teeth?

Well, Hadfield's current tour of duty there came to an end last week but not before recording a new video of himself singing a revised version of David Bowie's 1969 hit, Space Oddity (“Ground control to Major Tom”).

This is no funky, home-style basement tape; it is a full-blown, beautifully produced music video. It's been seen already by more than 13 million people so it's probably not new to some of you. But that's okay – it's still worth it. (Hat tip to Nancy Hutto)


That the title of a new short film by Keith Hopkin that was an instant hit when it premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on 27 April. From the notes on the YouTube site:

”Dogs and cats seem to possess some inner secret to enjoying life. They're able to savour every single moment of the day; all the fun moments, and the goofy ones. The playful moments, the loving moments.

“If our pets could talk, they might tell us: 'When you're happy, don't forget to tell your face. Napping is beauty sleep for the soul. Eat like nobody's watching.'"

You'll find Keith Hopkin's Facebook page here.

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Love the Tig Notaro clip! Now I have to go scour YouTube to see more of her.

I loved the "Sour Every Moment" video. It reminded me of a dog we once had who would chase snowballs and leap through snow that was higher than his head. It was so funny to see him disappear then come flying out of the snow only to vanish again.

Space Oddity was beautiful.

What happened to the 'av' in the word 'savour' in my comment? Funny that my carelessness changed the meaning from sweet to sour.

That DVD must be British as we spell the word without the U.

The laughing quads were a great way to start the day. There's something insanely infectious about laughter from children that age.

Just great stuff. Thanks.

Loved Tig, sent the video to my sisters. And I posted the "Savour" Every Moment on my facebook page, thanks Ronni.

Have been and always will be a nut for space stuff, so especially loved Chris Hadfield's music video! Wow! I think he had a small Martin camping guitar, if I am not mistaken...

Good stuff!

Great post filled with spectacular "good stuff" - a wonderful and much-needed tiramisù! Thank you!

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