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Rest in Peace Roy Leitz

Many of you who read TGB's companion blog, The Elder Storytelling Place, will certainly know Nancy Leitz, one of the best storytellers we have at that blog. She has been missing from the mix for the past several months after her husband, Roy, became seriously ill last fall.

I am so sorry to report that Roy died quietly at home on Wednesday. As Nancy explained in an email to friends:

”Roy passed away this morning a little after 10:00 A.M. He was not responding to either the Hospice nurse or the aide and both came to tell me that.

“I had just been talking to him a few minutes before so I thought they must be mistaken. I said, 'Oh, he will respond to me.' I went to his bedside and gently put my hand on his shoulder and called his name. He sighed one big sigh and passed away.

“The hospice nurse told me that she thought that he was just waiting for me to be at his side before he went away forever.”

As anyone who has read Nancy's stories through the years knows, Nancy and Roy have spent a lifetime – a wonderful, happy, laugh-filled lifetime - in one another's daily company. Nancy's email continues:

“We were together for 67 years. We met in High School when I was 16 and he was 17. That was in 1946. We married 4 years later in 1950. I will always be grateful to have had such a wonderful husband who was also the best Dad in the World to our children.”

There is no doubt about that. Nancy's stories are almost entirely about her family, extended family and their many domestic adventures through the decades. And what any reader quickly learns in reading them is that there would always be a perfect surprise laugh in the last sentence.

I feel - and I'm sure Nancy's other readers do too - that through those stories, I came to know Roy as well as Nancy.

I don't think I'm giving away anything about Nancy's stories to tell you that I once asked via email if the quoted punchlines – from herself or one of the kids or Roy – was maybe, um – embelleshed a little in hindsight? You know, just for effect?

And in response she allowed as how – in that way she has always has of putting a smile into the written word – that yes, that might be true now and then.

I've never met Nancy in person. We've never even spoken on the telephone. But as happens with blogs and comments and online stuff, she is my friend. And my heart breaks for her this week.

If it is that you happen not to have read Nancy's stories, there are, beginning here, links to the more than 50 she has contributed. Take a look. They will delight and entertain you and help you understand what a special life these two terrific people have shared. And you'll laugh a lot too.

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Oh Ronnie what a lovely tribute to both Nancy and Roy. It was sad to learn of Roy's death. Nancy is loved by many of us as if she lives just across the street.

Thanks for posting this new Ronnie. I had wanted to email Nancy for a long time but she didn't have a blog. Her writing always left me happy, and she is a delight to read. Dear Nancy, I'm so sorry. Hugs from here.

How touching.

Nancy is one of the close friends I have met on the Internet. I love her like a sister even though, like you Ronni, I have never met her in person.

Nancy once told me how she and Roy loved to dance when they were young. They had a wonderful life together. Roy's death has left a hole in Nancy's life that can never be filled.

I am sure that Nancy is as cheerful in life as she is in her stories. But today there will be no laughter. My heart breaks for Nancy. She is such a special lady.

Rest in peace, Roy.

I am one of the fortunate bloggers to have known of Nancy for about forty five years. We actually met on a couple of occasions here in Ireland. I can assure you that she is the same wonderful personality in the flesh, as in her writing. A woman of great generosity, quiet kindness and care for others with a wonderful sense of fun and laughter.

My heart aches for her in the loss of her anam cara/soul mate of 67 years.

May Nancy find comfort in knowing that Roy's suffering is over. we her friends will be here for her in the weeks, months and years to come.

I'm very sorry for Nancy's loss and I'm very sorry I only discovered her today. I've read a couple of her posts and will certainly return to read the others; they are, as you said, delightful and I love her conclusions!

My sincerest sympathy to Nancy. I, too, have missed her posts during this most difficult time for her. I hope being a part of this caring community of writer-friends will be of some comfort to her.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment.

It is nice of you to want to comfort me in my grief.

I hope to be back shortly in the company of all my Time Goes By and Elder Storytelling Place friends.

Thanks again....

What sad news. I always enjoy Nancy’s stories as well as reading her well thought out comments.

My deepest sympathy goes out to Nancy.

Thank you Ronni for posting this today.

She is my long time blog friend, and I am so sorry that she has lost her mate of so many years.

A beautifully written tribute. Love to Nancy and family at this sad time xxx

I share the condolences of this writing community Nancy. My virtual arms join in the embrace offered you.

God bless ... and thank you Ronni for being such a friend.

I have had the incredible honor of knowing Nancy for over three decades. It is because of Nancy that I have come to enjoy the many stories posted on your Blog. I can attest that she is a warm, witty, and wonderful as her writing! Roy will be greatly missed ~ he has touched so many!

Thank you Ronni for writing such a wonderful tribute about my Poppy. It is touching to read such nice comments about Nanny and her blogs. I have never met two such wonderful people as Nanny and Poppy and we are going to greatly miss him.

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