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This has been all over Reddit and Huffpo so you may have seen it already. But even if you have, it's too wonderful to watch this adorable group of puppies settle down and nod off the moment they hear The Spaniels song, Good Night, Sweetheart, Good Night.

You can read more here.


Gallup this week posted a new survey showing that 87 percent of U.S. population supports immigration reform but that isn't stopping Congress from refusing to do the right or sensible thing.

John Oliver continues to do a masterful job of filling in for his boss, Jon Stewart, on The Daily Show. Here is his take on Congressional immigration idiocy.


I have been known, on occasion, to lament the good old days and I know you have too. (Oh, come on. Of course you have.)

We can take solace in the fact that it is nothing new. Our great, great grandparents had similar complaints. Two examples from back in their day:

Good old days 1871

Good old days 1906

Sound familiar? I think these make it apparent, too, that our children and grandchildren will be saying the same kinds of things in their old age. There are more quotations like these at the xkcd website.


As long as we're going back in time, here is a terrific, little documentary video from the archives of the Brooklyn Public Library on the making of proper bagels.

Let it be known that if you are eating those fluffy, cake-y things they call bagels these days, you're not eating bagels. These, in the video, are the real thing. (Hat tip to my friend, Jim Stone)

You can read more here.


Undoubtedly you know that the United States is the world's leader in number of prison inmates, and our treatment of those convicts leaves a lot to be desired.

Take a look at this little documentary about a prison in Norway. You'll be amazed at the difference. (Another hat tip to Jim Stone)


There is nothing much I can tell you about this street artist but he's sure fun to watch.


Remember the grief Jack Lew took about his signature when he was confirmed as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury in February? Take a look:

Jack Lew Signature Old

As you know, the secretary's signature appears on all U.S. paper money and apparently, Lew has been practicing to improve his loopy scrawl. Here's how it will look on U.S. greenbacks:

Jack Lew New Signature


Domino chains are one of the mainstays of YouTube (you can see one here).

Now, Peter Tibbles, who writes Sunday's Elder Music column here, has found another one for us – same idea, different items. Here's the blurb about it:

”The Seattle Public Library launched the 2013 Summer Reading Program by setting a new world record for the longest book domino chain!

“The books used to make this domino chain were either donated or are out of date and no longer in the library's collection. They are now being sold by the Friends of Seattle Public Library to help raise money for library programs and services.”

Take a look – you're gonna love it.


Jan Adams of Can It Happen Here sent me a link to a terrific interactive webpage about research into the wanderings of the local house cats in a neighborhood of Surrey, England.

Here is a partial screenshot that shows some of the cats who were tracked via gps and small collar cameras. The red squiggles are the travels of one of them named Hermie over a 24-hour period.

Cat Travels

You can fool around with the page and see the movement of ten of the cats at the BBC website.

All this research was turned into an hour-long documentary recently broadcast on the BBC. Here is the two-minute introduction to the program:

I don't know how long it will be available online but for now, you can watch the entire documentary here.

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

You are all encouraged to submit items for inclusion. Just click “Contact” in the upper left corner of any Time Goes By page to send them. I'm sorry that I probably won't have time to acknowledge receipt and there is no guarantee of publication. But when I do include them, you will be credited and I will link to your blog if you have one.


Your opening doggie lullaby video had me with a helplessly foolish grin on my face by the end. what a sweet way to start my day. Thank you.

"helplessly foolish grin" ... what a blessed state. Thank you, sflichen, and thank you, Ronni.

Adored the puppy video! And am working my way through all the fascinating kitty cam videos. I have both a dog and a cat and can't get enough of this stuff.

John Oliver is doing a great job, isn't he? I really expected to stop watching the show until Stewart got back. Now I'm thinking when he does, Oliver might well get his own show.

You really found some interesting and unusual stuff today. Imagine the hours that it took to line up those books. Wow!

Simply a wonderful start to my weekend. I'm sitting here grinning. Thanks.

The Halden prison piece was fascinating. It's not atypical of Norwegian prisons either. Their recidivism rates are around 20% for all crimes whereas our is over 70% and higher for some types of crimes. Something to ponder.

Watching the Norway prison piece, I couldn't help thinking what is wrong with America. We can be so moronic about how to best serve others.

Great choices! I especially liked the domino book chain. I grew up in Seattle enrolled in the summer reading program each year. This video brought back a vivid memory of sitting on the steps of the (original) Wilmot library, which was a converted house. I was speed-reading one of the thickest of the Mary Poppins books, desperate to make the deadline. Ah, youth!

Thank you!! for the piece on bagels. I am so disgusted with the current version of one of my old favorites. Can't find a decent one anywhere now.

Used to be a great bagel place (New York Bagel) near my house in Fairfax, VA. Used to stand and watch them actually make the bagels. There and Wolfie's in Miami, both a continent away, are sorely missed!

Milton's Deli in Del Mar is the only place anywhere near me, and that's 15 miles away from my home in Vista. Any other suggestions anyone? My mouth is watering at the very thought of one real toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese, lox and red onion!!

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