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Let me explain that I had some other things to do on Wednesday and needed to knock off a quick and dirty blog post – something that takes no time and doesn't stretch brain cells.

In this circumstance, I've discovered I can always rely on Buzzfeed – that internet purveyor of listicles on every possible, stupid, pop culture meme that amuse young folks and leave old folks scratching their heads.

Continuing in this direction requires that I admit to actually reading those listicles on every possible, stupid, pop culture meme that show up in the daily Buzzfeed email I subscribed to a while back without any coercion whatsoever. Eeek. Now you know.

Over the decade I've been doing this blog, I've read dozens of posts by 20-somethings freaking out at the imminent arrival of their 30th birthday. “I'll be old,” they cry, which tells you something about how our culture brainwashes young people about aging but also, from where I sit at age 72, seems silly to be bothered with.

Yesterday, Buzzfeed ran with the 30th birthday panic idea in a listicle titled, 30 Signs You're Almost 30. A few examples:

• You get carded, and your first instinct is, “AWESOME.”

• Instead of drunken party photos, your Facebook friends are all about the baby pics.

• You have been to a party where at least two of your friends brought their babies.

• You realize your parents were your age (or younger!) when they had you, and you start cutting them some major slack.

Which all seem to be normal rites of passage at about age 30. What surprised me, however, is how almost all the rest work as much for 69- and 79-year-olds as for 29-year-olds. Here are some of them:

• You get super excited when you go to a concert and there are SEATS.

• You’ve gone to a bar and left because it was too loud.

• Everything cool is being marketed to people younger than you now.

• You’ve definitely lost the enzyme that lets you digest Taco Bell.

• There’s an increasing number of musical artists you haven’t even heard of.

• Running hurts your knees. The elliptical hurts your knees. Everything hurts.

• Teen slang makes you viscerally angry.

• You voluntarily buy the “fiber” cereal.

• You start buying shoes based on “comfort.”

• An 11-year-old has to show you how to do something on your smartphone.

See what I mean? Young adults and elders have a whole lot in common we didn't even realize. Buzzfeed has the entire listicle with the photos and moving gifs.

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I love Buzzfeed.

Now that's funny. Thanks for my morning laugh.

I loved this too! I pity them if everything hurts at 30 though. I don't remember the aches and pains starting until my mid-fifties. Darlene and I will be chuckling all day over this, I'm sure.

Oh, all that's delightful. Thanks for the grin.

I remember distinctly that hitting 30 seemed like the end of everything good and fun. The end of my time to fulfill dreams and ambitions. The end of my youth. The beginning of the dreary middle age plodding to nowhere. Funny how much has happened on this side of 30!

Ronni, it's like you can see inside my soul. I read the Buzzfeed article yesterday and found myself hollering "YES!" to everything in it. I hate noise, I hate crowds, I hate clubs, I thought Justin Bieber was a small female child until a few months ago, and I don't even have Instagram. And I'm 28!! But alas, I do love and read Buzzfeed too. It's like reality TV, so stupid but makes you feel so much better compared to everyone you're reading or watching.

Had a good laugh at the listicle (lovely name) and could relate to all of them in my 72nd year. At 30 though I was just beginning to live by going to Uni as a late starter and adopting all the young slang language..."out of sight", "far out" and "let's split" etc. Knees and feet were very good at that time.

Oh dear, my body parts didn't start hurting until I was well into my 50's. Maybe these young ones sit too much in front of a monitor? Enjoyable "listicle" anyway and I like Buzzfeed too.

Oh my gosh, I just stumbled into your place and LOVE IT. I have added to my daily must reads. Thank you for being here.

May have to get Buzzfeed--this post was so, so true!

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