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National Senior Citizens Day?

Minus the question mark, that's what a press release Crabby Old Lady received on Monday tells her about today. Ever heard of it? Neither has Crabby and the more she looked into it, the more she wished she hadn't. What a stupid idea.

First the history. The commemorative day was invented by President Ronald Reagan. In August 1988, he issued a proclamation that is, predictably, filled with empty platitudes Crabby won't quote. You can read the short statement here.

It is so completely vapid that Crabby could be convinced the proclamation is in response to another August commemorative day: presidential joke day on the 11th.

It's certainly a bad joke to have a day “honoring” elders sandwiched among two or three dozen other commemoratives for such days as those for bad poetry, sewing machines, garage sales, mosquitos and the Slinky – all in August.

There is also Just Because Day in August paired on the same date, the 26th, as Women's Equality Day. Oh, yes, let's remind ourselves of women's equality because - well, just because.

Crabby Old Lady discovered that there are separate days in August for cats and for dogs but most of all, there are food days:

Trail Mix
Toasted Marshmallow
Raspberry Cream Pie
Ice Cream Sandwich
Rice Pudding

You have probably figured out by now that the majority of silly days are promotional. It doesn't take a president to name a day; anyone can do it for anything they want and it is mostly commercial enterprises that name them to create reasons to clutter our lives with more advertising and marketing.

Although the U.S. celebrates fewer official national holidays than many other nations – 11 annual and one quadrennial public holiday, Inauguration Day - there is a good reason to have few: it gives each one more meaning when they come around infrequently. Too many and they all are cheapened.

Crabby Old Lady is way ahead of you in thinking she is making way too much of this stupid Senior Citizens Day that means nothing and everyone ignores. But it just ticked her off to see elders mashed up together in the same breath with trail mix and mustard.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Ross Middleton: Someone Has to Say It



I'm not averse to celebrating longevity by designating a day to delineate it,let's just tell the mumbling morons of motivation that since we were never called "junior citizens," we can jollyb well dop without the "senior" sobriquet.

How about calling it "Survivors Day?"

Dear Crabby....think of it this way, the author of this commemorative day had Alzheimers.

Great post today, Crabby! I never knew all these foods had a commemorative day in August. I might need to read up on this so I can better justify indulging in creamsicles and raspberry cream pies. : )

I can't top Madge B's comment. Consider the source.


Every day is ice cream day for me!!!

"National Senior Citizens Day?" Blah! Give everyone on Social Security a meaningful raise and stow the blather.

I'm all for a National Crabby Day.

Marc nailed it. I've often felt the same thing. What does age have to do with citizenship? And if there is a relationship, how can anyone go from being middle-aged to being a senior citizen?

I also liked Marc's round-about reference to a certain moronic former Vice-President.

Wouldn't be surprised if Hallmark has a card for it.

maybe reagan intended 'national senior moment day', because that pretty much defines his tenure at the helm. /senior snark

Love the post and laughing out loud at these comments. Junior citizens. Great! I too was reminded of the "nattering nabobs."

Perhaps "junior citizen" was not applied to us; but, we were designated as "junior" in many other ways - and there are more "junior" designations now than there were back in my day. Jr football, Jr tennis, Jr fill-in-your-favorite-sport, Jr Red Cross, etc.

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