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ELDER MUSIC: Singing Drummers

INTERESTING STUFF – 14 September 2013


Politicians and influencers interested in creating a generational divide like to quote the statistic that the unemployment rate for 55-64 year olds is about 5.4 percent against the general unemployment rate of 7.4 or so. They conveniently omit the other statistics for the age group:

” But almost every other number from the bureau makes it clear that while the economy may be improving, a substantial number of older workers who lost jobs — even those lucky enough to be re-employed — are still suffering,” reports The New York Times.

“Two-thirds in that age group who found work again are making less than they did in their previous job; their median salary loss is 18 percent compared with a 6.7 percent drop for 20- to 24-year-olds.

“The re-employment rate for 55- to 64-year-olds is 47 percent and 24 percent for those over 65, compared with 62 percent for 20- to 54-year-olds. And finding another job takes far longer: 46 weeks for boomers, compared with 20 weeks for 16- to 24-year-olds.”

So large numbers of people in their mid-years and later, many of whom lost huge chunks of savings in the 2008 crash, are being deprived of years of savings and of higher salaries in the prime earning years that would boost their future Social Security benefits.

It was sad enough to read this story; the hundreds of comments had me weeping. It is heartbreaking but we all need to have these things in mind when future elections roll around. What has your representative done for jobs?


Another flashmob, another unexpected treat. From the YouTube page:

”Sacla' the Pesto Pioneers and Italian foodies favourite brand, served up a great surprise at John Lewis Foodhall from Waitrose and staged an impromptu Opera in the food aisles.

“They planted five secret opera singers who were disguised as casual shoppers and store staff amongst the groceries who broke into song bringing the foodhall to a standstill with a rousing rendition of the Italian classic Funiculì, Funiculà.

Hat to to Ali for sending in the video.


While we're doing music, here's a scientific explanation about “how a simple mixture of sound frequencies can affect your brain and body" and why it's not all that different from a drug like cocaine.


Reverse mortgages have a poor reputation and they should not. They are available to people age 62 and older and for some it makes the difference between a penurious old age and a bit more comfort.

Now, beginning on 30 September 2013, FHA is making the loans more difficult. The allowable amount of a reverse mortgage will be reduced by about 15 percent and except in a few case, there are restrictions on how much can be withdrawn in the first year:

”A homeowner eligible to withdraw a total of $200,000 in cash, for example, would be allowed to get only $120,000, or 60 percent of that sum, in the first year.”

There is more detailed information at The New York Times.


This gorgeous video was made by Anthony Cerniello who writes at the You Tube page:

”I attempted to create a person in order to emulate the aging process. The idea was that something is happening but you can't see it but you can feel it, like aging itself.”

Thank you to TGB reader Nana Royer for sending the video. You can read about how it was made at Huffington Post.


Whether losing or maintaining your weight, it's important to know how many calories you are eating and it's a horrible bore to weigh portions or measure amounts so most of us learn to do credible estimates.

Now comes a useful page from the website allthatisinteresting with a chart of what 200 calories looks for nearly 50 foods. Here's an example:

200 calories

You can see the rest of the 200-calorie portions here.


In 2005, a man was driving along a road in Texas while simultaneously leaving a voice mail for his boss. He witnessed a minor traffic accident which he described in minute, funny detail for his boss.

Some have said the voice message is a hoax and Snopes concluded that “without additional evidence” that it is a prank cannot be ruled out.

Here it is and you can make up your own mind.

Hat tip to Larry Hannah who had some reservations about how the old women were portrayed. I don't know how I feel about that but a big part of me says, "good for them." There are all kinds of incidents in my past that I wish I'd done what these women did.


It is just a week ago today that three baby lion cubs – triplets - were born to Neka at the Portland, Oregon zoo. Mother and children are in seclusion for now but here is a first black-and-white glimpse of them on day one. So cute.

Apparently, by day two the kids were already straying where mama did not want them to be:

You can read about them here and here.


Don't be put off that this is a Guinness commercial. Watch to the end and you will be inspired. (Hat tip to Erin Read of Creating Results)

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Lovely bits this week. Perhaps you wouldn't have smiled to hear me singing along with the Italians, but it was all fun.

I don't much care if the voice mail item was real, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

As for the unemployment stats I think its sad the way it is chosen to count those items, way off in my opinion. It's the same way they calculate poverty levels in the elderly and other populations. Unreal.

And my Canadian supermarket doesn't even have muzak! I definitely feel ripped off in a week where not only did no one sing to me but I paid $2.79 for an English cucumber and $2.39 for two tomatoes. And *everything* comes wrapped in plastic so you may want one but you have to buy four, eight, twelve or an hundredweight.

That wreck audio was a prank. No elderly Texas lady would use the Holy Scriptures as anything but a *spiritual* weapon, nor is she likely to carry anything but the King James Version, which is always between soft leather covers.

We have a saying in Texas, "If the King James version was good enough for Moses then it's good enough for me." And you can write that down in yer book! ;)

Good stuff. Thanks! In particular the GROWING OLD IN UNDER 5 MINUTES. Neat!!

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