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However would I keep up without you guys who read this blog? Today's post is entirely the result of two readers.

There seems in recent years to have been a slight uptick in new movies – good movies, at that - about old people. Too many are about sickness - especially Altzheimer's disease – than about living but it's still a good thing that more are being produced.

Deb, who blogs at Simple Not Easy emailed a while back to tell me about Still Here Mine starring James Cromwell as an 89-year-old who goes up against local regulatory authorities as he tries to build a house for his wife, played by Genevieve Bujold.

As Deb described it in her email:

”This is a lovely film about a couple in their 80s, married 61 years, still in love, and still making love. Really the first time I've ever seen such a loving and beautiful portrayal of physical love between old people.”

Here is another review and this is the official trailer:

Alas, however long Still Mine played in my area this summer, I missed it and it's gone now.

Few movies about elders are distributed as widely as the 2011 feel-good film, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, so we are often stuck waiting for them to show up on television (hard to know where and when) or on Netflix (hardly ever). So I'll probably indulge in purchasing the DVD soon.

Another TGB reader, Ali, emailed about Last Tango in Halifax. It's not a theatrical movie; it's a six-episode TV series produced by the BBC that aired in England last fall and is currently being broadcast on some PBS stations in the United States.

The romantic comedy stars Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid as former sweethearts, each now widowed and in their 70s, who are reunited after 60 years.

I watched the first episode online. Yes, hooked me. Somehow I missed the second episode (I'll watch it online too) and have now set my DVR to record the remaining four so I won't miss any more on what I laughingly call my big screen.

Here is The New York Times review and here's a trailer for the first episode:

If your PBS station is not broadcasting the series or you want to catch up before episode three, you can view them online here.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Florence Hart Millo: New Clothes


I want to see that film with Genevieve Bujold. She is still a beautiful woman, and so natural looking!

I so agree....Kenju....finally saw Amour and just cried away...that seems to be my plight with these movies. Listening on cassette to A Virtious Woman by K. Gibbons...another cry fest. Last Tango In Halifz - very good...always enjoy Derek Jacobi.

LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX is just wonderful. It was so nice to see these two people reunited after so many years due to a misunderstanding, and still in love with each other.

"Still Mine" not "Still Here!" I figured this out after Googling the name of the film and coming up empty!

I want to see it!

You're so right, Kathleen. Well, at least I got the name correct in one reference. I've fixed the other.

I think people would really like "Robot and Frank" also. It's a very sweet story.

I'm so glad to see you mention "Last Tango in Halifax." I've been writing about it on my new pop culture blog and intend to do a recap of every episode. (You can catch up with episode 2 in my recap.)

"Still Mine" was my favorite movie out of the nine I saw at the Seattle International Film Festival. It had a short run in Seattle after the festival.

There was another film at the festival about old people--"Unfinished Song." It stars Vanessa Redgrave as a dying woman who sings in a chorus, with Terence Stamp as her curmudgeonly husband. This one is not as good as "Still Mine," but the sight of the great Vanessa Redgrave singing "True Colors" to Terence Stamp is worth the price of the ticket.

I'm enjoying "Last Tango" immensely. I missed the first episode but have caught two and three. Two of my favorite actors there. Some time ago Anne Reid and another actress whose name escapes me, did a wonderfully poignant and hilarious series called "Ladies of Letters" about two long-time pen pals. I'd love to have the DVD of that one, and I wish PBS would run it again.

Yes, Nancy, I loved Unfinished Song- not many have seen it I think.

Another GREAT one is "How About You" a British film about two young women running a nursing home - fabulous!

Last Tango in Halifax is such a pleasure. The acting is superb, absolutely superb.

I'm delighted with "Last Tango in Halifax" too. Love Anne Reid, she's been in so many things, and is delightful match with Derek Jacobi; I'm hooked.

Just watched the two episodes of "Last Tango in Halifax"-loved it! And, won't miss the next ones. Thanks for keeping me updated on what's going on out there.

Has anyone watched Foley's is also wonderful and so is Vera...both have "older" stars!

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