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The Beauty of Aging

In the United States, beauty and aging are believed not to be related. But that is only because our idea of beauty is so crabbed and stunted – applied only to physical beauty and then to only one kind: youthful.

(There is nothing wrong with gorgeous young people but we do need to expand our definition of human beauty.)

Unless you live as a hermit far from a hookup to television and internet, not a day passes without seeing several advertisements touting anti-wrinkle creams and potions and other “anti-aging” remedies.

Does anyone get away with talking about “anti-black” or “anti-gay” or “anti-Christian” remedies? Except for a few fringe-dwellers, of course not. So why are we allowed to talk about aging as a condition of life to be remedied?

Let's save that for another day because I recently ran across a short film titled The Beauty of Aging that simply ignores America's limited vision and shows how easy to find a much broader idea of beauty.

Social worker and film maker, Laurie Shur, began this project a few years ago intending, from what I can find online, a feature-length documentary about women age 80 and older who may have some health issues but are doing fine, fully engaged in living.

The full-length film seems not to have happened but there is a 35-minute version titled Greedy For Life about two of the women Shur interviewed for the longer project that appears to be available only through purchase of the DVD.

It is too bad the entire documentary has not been finished because this nine-minute trailer with six of the women left me wanting to hear more from them all. See if you agree.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Arlene Corwin: What We Think and What We Do


Lovely! What a great find. I shared a link to your post on twitter and FB.


Love this piece.

Adore! What a find. What a trailer! I'm sharing on FB w hat tip to TGB!

PS A welcome pleasure to meet in a trailer people of different races, countries of birth/origin, appearances, accents, marital status, and varieties of just who we, the people, are!

What television does to our spirits by its portrayal of older women is a crime.

What a wonderful film. Perhaps being 88 years old makes me appreciate this lovely film even more.

I wish I could meet these charming women and have a chat about being over 80.

Thank you, Ronni!

The trailer left me GREEDY for
MORE! I ordered the DVD.

Wonderful! Will be ordering the DVD, like you I want to hear more from such interesting and vibrant women.

What a great trailer. Thanks for sharing this Ronni. Too bad about the documentary not being completed; it looked so well done. I wonder what happened? I will look into getting the DVD, but I don't like the title "Greedy for Life" nearly as well as "Beauty of Aging." Ah well, a rose by any other name. ..

Fantastic post and thanks for the gift of the trailer. It was a real boost and motivation! I posted on FB and will now include on my Twitter feed. So glad I found your blog! Perhaps we can arrange a blog post exchange??

Yes, I too wonder what happened to the film. Perhaps funding ended. I too wish there were more. You need to be in it. Reinvention is the trick along with positivity.

Great trailer! Sure do wish there was more! Would love to share it.

Thank you, thank you, this trailer brought tears and a smile. Sometimes we need be reminded of the endless possibilities for joy in life.

A wonderful video.

All the skin conditioners and other cosmetics in the world won't diminish "feeling" old. It's all about attitude. I've known much younger people than me that were old before their time.

WOW! What a *great* film! Can't wait to see the whole thing!! I have to report, I completely identify with the woman who said that right now is the best time of her life. I'm 76, and see no reason not to go on feeling that way for maybe another 20 years.

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this trailer!!

Sorry I think it's just another of what Susan Jacoby calls "The Myth and Marketing of the New Old Age". A good example is the 86 year old saying "you know without a car I just want to die". If you just have a positive attitude, the Emperor's New Clothies thingie, then old age ain't about loss and illness and finally death.

It's not fair to women to lie to them and tell them their sex life will be great - no it won't. You need to plan to live without a car, you just do. Dementia happens to 80 percent of people who live to 90. None of that in the trailer, just put on a happy face.

Thank you!

Thanks Ronni - Wonderful piece, and while it does not give voice to some of the realities that many face in old age, it does give voice to some of the possibilities if we are lucky enough to be well!
Cheers Ralph

I love this! Thanks for sharing!

This is great, Ronni. Thank you!!

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