Thanksgiving Day 2013
INTERESTING STUFF – 30 November 2013

The Day After Thanksgiving 2013

Is everyone appropriately stuffed from their feast yesterday? I've always thought Thanksgiving leftovers were more fun the meal itself.

As we discussed a couple of days ago, neither I nor any of the 30-plus people who commented are the sort to venture into overcrowded stores on black Friday no matter what sales incentives they have.

Even so, I'm taking a day off from blogging to lie around and not do much – back tomorrow with Interesting Stuff – and there is a new story today at The Elder Storytelling Place.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mickey Rogers: Dear Gabby


Have a relaxing day-after-Thanksgiving. I'm off for my morning walk, which kickstarts my day.

Good day for being laid back.

We went out with friends....whose pictures are on my blog, and I didn't eat all my meal. No pigging out here....I was amazed. At least that made sure there were leftovers for dinner. Now today the American Cancer Society Discovery shop is having 25% off everything in the store, and I am the sorter for the day. I need to fill the shelves too. No laying about for very large me today.

Have a great lazy day. :)

This is the last day my family will be here and they are off to brave the crowds only because they need to pick up some things here they can't get at home.

As for me, I am a couch potato today and will stay that way. No one needs to cook as the microwave will handle all those leftovers quite nicely.

We got haircuts and had chili for lunch - I went to Costco for meds and nothing else. I am happy to be home now and in my chair!

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