Crabby Old Lady's Air Travel Travails

TimeGoesBy Takes a Break

Beginning today, Time Goes By is taking its first-ever-in-ten-years hiatus as is the companion blog, The Elder Storytelling Place.

The reason is that I am in Providence, Rhode Island today for a conference about “connected aging” at the Business Innovation Factory. Three thousand miles is a long way to travel for a one-day meeting, but this invitation was particularly intriguing to me.

”At the Business Innovation Factory (BIF),” wrote one of the organizers, “we believe that we need to look at aging differently, that by framing the aging through the lens of care and increasing weakness, we’re missing whole opportunities to facilitate healthy aging – ones that support optimal personal choice in how we age...”

No kidding. Anyone who has been hanging around this blog for even a short length of time knows that I could have written that myself. The invitation continues:

”We believe that the future of aging can be characterized by how we contribute to our communities, families and professional environments.

“Additionally, we believe that by focusing here, we also can improve general health as we age. By framing the 'connected aging experience,' we believe we can influence everything – from a sense of well being to meaningful contributions to independence, social connection can open up opportunities for living a fulfilling life at all ages.”

That's as close to the guiding principles of this blog as anything I have seen.

In the main, conferences are about sitting in a large room or auditorium while “experts” deliver presentations to the attendees. There's nothing wrong with that format; over the years, I've learned a lot in such settings.

But the people at BIF have a different idea – not to mention that I'm as susceptible to kind words as anyone else. They also wrote:

”It will be a day-long session with an intimate group (around 12 participants) including a mix of elders, people working with elders and folks in other areas that could impact the aging experience. We would love to harness your deep expertise on aging as we try to transform this space.”

So that's where I am today, flying home tomorrow and, undoubtedly, prostrate with fatigue on Wednesday although I have every expectation of being equally energized from a productive day of stimulating work with a group of like-minded people interested and concerned about the future of aging.

The Elder Storytelling Place is on hiatus for this entire week, returning with new stories next Monday 11 November. Time Goes By will return on Thursday or – maybe on Friday.

See you then.


What a great opportunity! Look forward to hearing more when you return to blog. Enjoy.

Drink plenty of water and take a nap when you can.

I figured you were going somewhere terrific! I think of you as going for us all. Thanks.

They couldn't have invited anyone better.

Sounds like fun mixed with sensibility; have a good, productive time. It's time for seniors/elders to join & speak up, to effect change toward what is wanted and needed, including the near-comical & erroneous public perceptions. They too will benefit.

Get some rest when you get back -- rest your brain as well as your body. That's a very tiring flight and the trek to the airline's gate is by the far the worst part!

I look forward to an up-date on this subject -- sometime in the next week or so after you've recovered.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about this. It sounds ripe for good conversation and sharing, especially being such a small group. So glad you're participating!

We will all benefit from your participation at both ends of your trip. Remember the travelers motto "Don't stand when you can sit; don't sit when you can lie down and never miss an opportunity to go to the bathroom."

All I can say is ditto to previous comments. You will make significant contributions, and I can't wait to hear all about it next week.

You are so generous to do this - so my wish is that you may feel that your day proves to be worth all the hassles and burdens and weariness of traveling. And be sure to give yourself plenty of time to recuperate from re-entry.
We'll be here to greet you when you get back.
(The fact that BIF invited you earns them lots of points in my book.)

Hi and what a wonderful thing to do. I will miss your blog but look forward to them when you return.

Can't wait to read about your BIF experience and how they were able to host a conference focused on such an extraordinary topic...in only one day. Whew!

Have a great time & I will miss you!

How very exciting! What an amazing opportunity to sit together with interesting and like-minded people. We'll all be waiting here on bated breath. Have a great time.

I think it is great you were invited to this conference but why did they have to have it the day before election day?? Will you make it back in time to vote? And what about the others there? sigh

This is so exciting. Can't wait till you get back and start to share with us.

Just back from the all-day session and getting ready to meet the others for dinner.

Re voting: did that a couple of weeks ago; all voting in Oregon is by snailmail.

It's been a terrific day. I'll fill you in sometime after I get home.

This is fantastic. Can't wait to hear all about it, and don't leave anything out.


Sounds like a great trip that will give you some great material -- which (I hope) you will share with us. We await your return!

That bit about seeing "aging through the lens of care and increasing weakness" really spoke to me. How do we realistically re-frame that perspective while taking into account the limitations that have been piling up over the last few decades? I'm looking forward to your report!

Gloria Steinem once said something like: she kept thinking of her aging as a matter of loss, loss, loss; then one day she realized that that was the wrong metaphor: instead, it is just another country.

You've made your growing old rather meaningful and nearly fun.

Enjoy and tell me all about the conference.
In the meantime, I met a 72 year old man at the car service department today, a smart but simple man. He told me that he just wants to live and die "happy". I'll be contemplating this until the next blog, where I expect to get some profound insights.

Do you need help with expenses?

Oh my no. BIF has covered travel and hotel and fed us well while in Providence.

But thank you for the thought.

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