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2014 Elderblog Update

A long, long time ago when I went along with the American cultural meme to indulge in New Years resolutions, I failed at them. Always. Every time. It took awhile but I eventually stopped doing it so that there were fewer things to feel guilty about.

Nevertheless, more than other singular days that pop up through our 12 months, this time of year does feel like a time for new beginnings of some kind.

There is a variety of stuff about this blog I would like to change, fix or improve. I have an actual written to-do list for which I never seem to find time.

One of the perennial items is upkeep of the Elderbloggers List – my substitute for what other bloggers call their blogroll - other people's blogs they like and link to. My blogroll is much longer that most, hundreds of them, and the catch is that the writers must be at least 50 years old.

So to assuage some of my guilt at not doing enough blog housekeeping, I made time over the holidays to update the Elderbloggers List. It had been 10 months since I last cleaned out abandoned blogs and added news one I know about.

Even though months go by between updates, I am surprised every time at how many blogs are abandoned without notice. They either disappear from the internet entirely or lack updates for a long time without any explanation.

Are these people dead, I wonder? Or do they have something else to do with their time? No way to know.

The other side of that coin is that over time, I collect “new” elderblogs – those I discover on my own or readers tell me about. In no way is this list complete. There are thousands - maybe tens of thousands - of blogs written by old people. These are just the ones I know about.

The full Elderbloggers List is here and is always available from the left sidebar of every page.

Here is a list of elderblogs that are new to this update. Undoubtedly, I've missed some – either in the list below or having overlooked adding them at all. Sorry – it happens.

Adele Horin Coming of Age
Alf Grumble
Apart From My Art
Betsy, A Baby Boomer
DkZody's Weblog
Frieda B.
Geezer Music Club
High Fashion Average Woman
I am not a wizard
The Misadventures of Widowhood
Old Age and Villainy
Old Ain't Dead
Pats Posts
Soooo Many Years
Welcome Words

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Arlene Corwin: The Very Same Problems


Thank-you Ronni for the updated elderbloggers list. I think you have a point about not making the traditional resolutions. I don't do that anymore for the reasons you mention. But I also look around at things this time of year that could be better and figure out what I can do at a reasonable clip to improve things for myself and others. I tend not to be so harsh on myself and I demand more reasonable action from me than I used to.

Again, thank you for updating. I hesitate to mention this but the second paragraph on "The Complete List..." should be deleted. Then, again, I'm probably the only person who knows! Thanks, again. Betty

As someone who has written a few blogs and abandoned them,(BTW, I always say "goodbye")the major reason for people to quit blogging is because they feel that nobody is reading it, they get no feedback and feel they are just talking to themselves. The truth is they may be getting more readers than they think. Adding a stat counter to their site may surprise them. I have re-invented myself many time s until I found a "niche" audience.

I am one of the elder blog "abandoners". I can't concisely or exactly say why I have not been writing lately - blocked would be the short version. Looking back to 2012, I was on disability for a lingering and painful foot problem. Plenty of free time, but little inspiration. Also busy last year working a low paying PT job, as well as some freelancing to try and preserve my assets for "retirement". I just turned 64, still scrambling for medical insurance, my nemesis. Last spring/summer I sold my home to take advantage of the spiking prices in my area. The resulting move/downsize was a huge and exhausting upheaval. Lastly, another failed romance rounded out the last quarter of my 2013. I always think of things to blog about, but as Bruce Cooper says above, it feels like my innermost private thoughts are just going into the black hole, and like blogs of yesteryear, it is just an online journal and more wasted time. I would like to explore options for writing for pay, but after many classes and workshops on same, I realize that I don't really have a marketable genre, nor a paper background that would lead me in the direction of making writing my PT job. thanks for the opportunity Ronni to vent about my own frustrations and OBE (Overtaken by Events) situation with regard to my personal writer's/blogger's block. Not dead anyway. Signed, Jane - Aging Hippie's Guide to Aging (2005-2012)

Thanks for the lists. I enjoy visiting the blogs on the new list. On my own blog I don't post everyday, sometimes not for quite awhile. Not sure why, just lost the muse I guess.

When I first started blogging, I posted almost daily, but I couldn't keep it up. Since nobody was setting the schedule but me, I decided to post three times a week. I still work sometimes to find a subject, but it doesn't bother me too awfully much if I use an old standby. I love the world I've discovered through blogging and wouldn't give it up willingly. I read yours daily and am so impressed with your dedication.

I too get upset when I go to a blog and the last post is from years before. I always wonder what happened and why they couldn't have left a good-bye post. Then I think that the writer may have become too ill to write or suddenly died. I have left directions with my husband as to what to do with my social media should I suddenly die.

Happy New Year! and thanks for the add to your blogroll, Ronni! I plan to do a whole lot of blogging on fashion and beauty with the emphasis on those of us over 50--because we have the most trouble finding what looks good and what beauty products are suitable to our skin (and won't break the bank.) Oh, and give more news about the fashion industry and where our clothes are made. So much of what we wear isn't made here and is made under terrible factory conditions, using toxic dyeing processes and non-sustainable harvesting methods (for raw fibers like cotton and some of the ingredients in our cosmetics.) There's so much that most of us don't know about the fashion and beauty industries--information that you'd get only if you read the insider publications. Most people don't have time for that. So, I feel like it's my job to put that information out there. There are enough fashion blogs that are full of pictures of cutie pie girlies, but wow, they do nothing to help us understand the industry. I guess I'm a throwback to the 70's and all that consumer-consciousness and feel like we have a duty to know what's what and where our billions of fashion and beauty dollars go every year.

I stumbled onto this blog and read all of the post, enjoying them very much. But, there was one thing, perhaps two, that really stands out. One is that all posters commands an excellent use of English grammar and spelling. The other is that everyone wants more people to post. And most, I am sure, that don't post, feel inferior and choose to just read.

With all this talent available, could you not set up an edit page, where we, with cognitive decline could forward our post for editing.

I will be 80 later this year. I feel, I have been many places, done many things, survived most including two wars, cancer, diabetes,heart attack radiation, by pass surgery and the common cold.

If this is not appropriate "delete it, please".

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