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Snow Weekend in Oregon

Let me say right here at the top that compared to weather in a whole lot of the rest of United States recently and ongoing, what happened here in northwest Oregon over the weekend is hardly worth mentioning.

Except, if you live in this part of Oregon it is a once-in-a-decade, or thereabouts, occurrence and therefore remarkable. Three mornings in a row I was shoveling the walkways as the snow just kept coming down.

Although many of you are undoubtedly sick to death of snow, it's a unique event here so I took a couple of photos.

This is my favorite, shot at dawn on Saturday:

Snow February Dawn

Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention to what the weather people were saying but I was surprised when the accumulation got this heavy out my window.

Heavy Snow

The reason this next photo seems a bit washed out is that although you can't see the tiny, individual snowflakes, they are coming down heavily creating a kind of white screen in front of my camera lens.


Mostly, streets don't get plowed here. Even moderate snow storms are so infrequent that cities and towns have little if any removal equipment. So you drive carefully and hope everyone else does too.

On Friday, it was snowing heavily as I made my slow way home from an appointment when a behemoth of a pickup truck appeared in my rear-view mirror riding my bumper. It was so close I didn't dare tap the brakes to warn off the driver.

Hate that. It scares the crap out of me and I was deeply grateful to four winters of experience driving in Maine.

By Sunday afternoon, the temperature warmed up to more than 35 or 40 Farenheit so, as I said above, this was hardly anything to compare to what the midwest and east have been enduring.

It's been a long time since I've mentioned Ollie the cat. In August, he will be 10 years old and he's slowed down a lot, gotten fat too.

We're like an old married couple nowadays, comfortable with one another's quirks.

Generally, that means Ollie lets me know what he wants – usually food, but occasionally it's playtime together or, now and then, a request I can't readily translate from the feline.

When that happens or if I don't respond quickly enough to other demands, he bites my ankle. It's an effective tool and I think the noise I make pleases his sense of superiority.

Ollie was unimpressed with the snow. He peeked out the open front door for about two seconds, looked up at me like I'm nuts and retreated to his favorite chair expressing his additional and lifelong disdain for cameras.

Ollie 2014_02_08

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My daughter, who lives up there where you do, was astounded by the snow too. Lovely pictures, thank you.

The snow goddess heard you were homesick for the East Coast and obliged.
Nice pictures of that surprisingly deep snow.
Stay safe.

Beautiful photos of the snow and, as always, an equally beautiful description.I love the pictures and stories about Ollie. I am so glad you brought him on board this morning. There is something calming about his stories and photos. I needed a dose of calm this morning. Thank-you Ronni

I love Ollie's expression. You are just his annoying paparazzo.

Lovely photographs. Snow is beautiful if you don't have to drive in it. Here in MI we've had 90 inches so far this season, 3 feet more than our yearly average. Enjoy your rare snow!

Love the snow covered rhododendrons in the for ground with foot prints in the snow and the illumination in the back ground. It's like a Kinkade. Living in Jersey I send my empathy to you about the weather but I send my prayers to Watertown New York. Riddle me this, each day you shoveled snow did you sleep well that night? I know I do.

Ollie has the right attitude about snow.

Our daughter attended college in McMinnville, and in the four years there, had one snow "event." Because I am on Twitter with Linfield College, I got to see photos of the campus, covered in snow, and sent them on to Jen and her college roommate. The snow they had in the late '90s was nothing like this storm. Classes were cancelled this time.

Magical snow! Love it--sometimes. We are house training a 9 weeks old German Shepherd puppy and this challenge is not helpful! She however is game for anything--sleet, ice, snow and frigid temperatures, she acts like it's the merry month of May.
My Standard Poodle (8 years old) finds the fuss beneath him--the three cats as well.
Spring will be very welcome!

We have had more snow in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains this year than in any I can remember since childhood. I love it! Like Ollie, however, my cat Moonbeam has no use for winter, in any of its manifestations.

While snow is beautiful if you are inside looking out, I can live without it. The only snow I want to see is in photos like your lovely offering of today.

Ollie does look irritated by your camera. Cats are so opinionated.

Unlike dogs, which get excited over almost anything, cats seem unimpressed by almost everything that does not put them at the center of the universe. As a former owner of three cats, each one of whom had its own agenda, Ollie is doing exactly what cats do best.

Your pictures are lovely.

Normally, I find beauty when it snows. However, not so much now since we have had more than our share here in Pennsylvania and probably more to come.

This past week’s snow and ice storm left us without power in the dark and freezing for four days. Many hours were spent at the mall where there at least was food, heat and a place to charge my phone.

When the power finally came on, my older cat ran for the nearest heat vent and stayed put for quite some time.

It looks like such a winter wonderland. Here in Austin we yo yo from 75 degrees one day to 35 the next and mostly gray skies this winter. I need sunshine in my life and will be happy when spring warmly arrives.

We are expecting anywhere from 3 to 8 inches starting tomorrow night. I hate it. Coming in the week before Valentine's Day, it will be hell for florists and their delivery men. Mother Nature should have given us a break this week.

I'm surprised you even had a shovel, as rarely as it snows there. Just don't overdo it.

Your storm becomes ours, and we are grateful. All that moisture lands up in the mountains west of Denver, 2-5 feet of white stuff. Wonderful for our water supply!

Still waiting for the January thaw here in St Paul. But at least we've had lots of blue skies and sunshine to take the curse off the cold.

Gray days really get me down.

Beautiful shots!

btw, Ronni, wasn't the snow so much whiter, the sky so much bluer seeing everything with your new eye? When do you have the second one done?

Love the photos of snow - a slight lightening of the Pacific Rim's drought. And Ollie - well, he is just reminding you of your place in the universe. As respectful and attentive staff.

You and Ollie keep warm! I am so glad I don't have to shovel snow anymore. It should be gone soon.

Lovely pictures.Glad to see Ollie looking so well and beautiful.

Nothing beats the seasons in Oregon. Winter wonderland....but under control. lol.

Very nice photos, Ronni! I'm a few hours north of you in Western Washington, and we got only a couple of inches this time--thank goodness. A little snow once in a while is O.K., but as a California transplant (40 years ago) I can do nicely with none. We went 9 days without power in the ice storm of 2008--that was more than enough for me.

Love Ollie the Handsome Cat! We have two 12 Y/O kitties, neither of whom likes cold weather much. They usually sleep at the foot of our bed except when it gets really cold--then they creep up and cuddle right next to us or head for the heated cat bed we leave on during the winter.

Good to see Ollie's comfortable!

Loved seeing pictures of your world. The snow looks beautiful. So different from what we are experiencing here in Melbourne! Today the air has been hazy from bush fires around the state and predicted top max temp. tomorrow in my area 32C/89.6F
Thank you for all of your posts. I do enjoy reading them.

Your snow is wonderful! And what a lovely area. Here in the Stockholm region we have almost NO snow. It's a lot prettier where YOU are. :)

Former Oregonians ... been feeling a little guilty looking at our kids pictures (from the Eugene area)as we sit here in the Florida sunshine. Expect you too are back to cold rain by now.

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