Mental Health Day 5
Dementia Fear

Blog Blackout

Since Thursday 17 April, Time Goes By and The Elder Storytelling Place have been offline. For the first day or two, the outages were intermittent and the two blogs were sometimes available. By Saturday or Sunday, nothing appeared when anyone visited the blogs except a notice of “unknown domain.”

This is due to a criminal and malicious DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on Typepad, the blog host I use. All Typepad blogs have been affected.

It is odd for a blog hosting business to be targeted for such a vicious take-down. Usually they are aimed at banks, credit card companies, other kinds of large businesses and they are common in online gaming.

Beyond that, if you are interested in technical details, you're on your own. I'm not going to do the work necessary to explain it.

When this happened, I was already on a personal hiatus from blogging, posting only small items to have a page each day on which to link to new stories at The Elder Storytelling Place. So before we get back to business as usual here, let's play catchup.

This page and the links below are being posted at both Time Goes By and The Elder Storytelling Place so you can easily choose what you want to read from the blackout period. If some seem familiar, that's because the first two or three days of the attack resulted in only intermittent outages so some of you may have been able to read some of these.

Thank you for all your messages of concern via email while the two sites were down. I was able to respond to some of you but when the volume moved into dozens and then hundreds, I had to give up.

Mental Health Day No. 5

Mental Health Day No. 4 – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Elder Music - Triskaidekaphilia

Interesting Stuff – 19 April 2014

Mental Health Day No. 3 - Hand Wave

Vladberry Pie by Steve Kemp

Water Witching Science and Voodoo in Bib Overalls by Dan Gogerty

Oh, No! Not Grandmom by Nancy Leitz

How to Make Your Own Luck by Clifford Rothband

If Typepad has been able to lock down everything in normal mode, regularly scheduled blog posts will resume tomorrow. If there are additional outages, please be patient. This was a horrendous attack.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Marcy Belson: Riding the Rails to Mexico


Glad you are okay. I wondered if it was me, my equipment, my cable system...or what.

I wish these people would use their God given talent for good instead of taking their slights or imagined slights out on innocent bystanders.

Glad to see you back. Wonder who is practicing their destructive talents on Typepad? We are STILL just early adopters of an incomplete technology, strange as that seems after 25 years and deep dependence.

Great that you're back.

You needed a break, but I know you could have done without an enforced holiday.

Thank the dudes in white hats that got you back to us. No matter what, it's the 1% who ruin it for the rest of us.

I was shocked when the "unknown domain" error popped up. Under the category of other weird internet stuff, try typing in your URL. When I do, I get a clock/time software locator site entitled, Have you ever tried that? I couldn't believe there could be identical URLs, but there it was.

I hate Facebook, but I was glad to find your post of explanation there.

I'm so sorry that your Mental Health Moment was attacked like this ... even though you were sort of "away", I kept checking in for my daily dose and it was very upsetting to see nothing at all.
I hope you can go try for another MHM, without interruptions. As I said before, there is always so much to peruse that we'll be okay (as long as there are no further DDoS attacks).

Well, I wondered about what had happened to you, fearing that you had disappeared into the electronic mist. I am glad to hear that it was "merely" a hack attack. It is good to have you back.

Glad you're back on Ronni. Here's an explanation of DDoS on Wikipedia for anyone who is interested. It's long but the opener at the top is good enough.
I'm surprised Wordpress got themselves on again so fast.

I have been having such slow connections with Comcast that I did not notice!!

Funny, it was only on one of my web carriers, Firefox, that I couldn't get through, last night at least I finally got to your web page on Explorer. It was very sad, and I missed you.

I hadn't noticed you were down. But one of your readers was so worried about you that she emailed me, knowing I was a frequent commenter here, to ask if I knew how to reach you.

Oddly enough, when I replied, my reply was bounced back to me. I wondered at the time if the writer might have been a spammer, or perhaps even someone connected to the DDoS attack.

Whew.... what a relief...
Glad to have you back!

Unfortunately, many of these despoilers of the internet are from foreign countries who know that the chances of them getting caught or even reprimanded is zero. What worries me is that these attacks on relatively low-level servers like yours is just a prelude to something more serious. In any event it's nice to have you (all of you commentators) back. I can't wait to get back from breakfast so I can see what's new.

Glad TGB is back from malicious mischief.

I've often wondered how I would find out the circumstances...if someone I've known (in a distant city) for years...permanently disappeared.

That's sort of what it felt like.

So very sorry about the hacker attack. I caught a few of your posts, but I was busily unpacking myself here after a long trip. I truly hate that sort of things.

PS: the type size here is -1.0. Name and address info small too, everything else looks 12 point.

Oh, what a relief. I was really worried.

Curious. A Typepad user too, my problems were the week before. Maybe the bad guys were just practising.

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