Mental Health Day No. 4 - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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Mental Health Day 5

Tom Delmore of crowsperch sent this little image.

I think that for almost everyone it takes a lifetime to not only understand that what others think of us doesn't matter but to learn the greater truth, how you see yourself is everything.

Or, it is entirely possible that I am speaking only for myself and the rest of you are way ahead on this issue.


At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Steve Kemp: Vladberry Pie


Thank-you for the thought and illustration of it. I love it. I am a late bloomer and only just now as an elder am I learning this. I only wish I had learned it earlier.

I do believe that the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. I am finally learning to give myself both compassion and love.

I am with you all the way ... and it's a hard, hard way. Would that we all understood ourselves and others better.
SO SO SO good to be able to see TGB again.

PTL, you're back. Couldn't get to your place for a couple of days & I suffered terrible separation anxiety! Dee :)

I like this image :)
I have wondered if I am facing reality ?
Health issues surfacing and so fortunate it took over 70 years.
I keep thinking of myself like I was 20 years ago and cannot keep that kind of schedule anymore and having
difficulty accepting and keep trying.
So maybe that is better then
accepting reality.

Love the cartoon. Certainly the joy and freedom of my elder years is to change the need to please others and instead do what makes me feel good about me.

As the hackneyed phrase goes, "I wish I knew then what I know now." I wish I had recognized my abilities when I could have done something about them, but I am glad that I have confidence in them now.

Welcome back. You were missed.

Love it. I wish I gotten where I am now much sooner as well, but mostly I am glad I'm here. I believe our work if we live long enough is to see ourselves, forgive our past, and keep the best and most useful so we can move along whatever our condition.

I have been worried. Glad you are back. I agree with Celia, 100%.

Hi Ronni:

Well that wasn't funny. I was thinking of phoning you to see if all was well, but then I knew you were on hiatus, but then I said no way would Ronni sign off like this even on hiatus, then I said one more day and I will book a flight and knock on your door.

I missed you.

All is calm now.

Forgot to respond to your post.

I didn't catch fire until age 30. Before that I was typing and serving coffee in offices.

Just like the movie "Nine to Five."

But thirteen years into working, I picked up the phone and called my former high school counsellor.

He remembered me, and told me to go back to university as a mature student.

Best advice ever.

My secretarial skills came in plenty handy in the classroom.

All experiences create the unique person you become.

I missed you, too. I almost emailed Millie Garfield to see if she or Steve had heard anything--I know you are friends. It WAS a worry! Jane

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