Mental Health Day No. 2


High five, Ronni.

Hope you are enjoying your break.

Back to the topic below about different kinds of retirement living.

My senior friend has her house up for sale. She is moving to a beautiful one storey home on a 170 acre piece of land.

She is in her 80's.

Two of her grown children are going with her.

They have been planning this for a long time.

The whole family will eventually live on that land.

My friend's husband died a year ago.

Most of her friends around here have died or they are in long term care.

So this is a new beginning for them.

Maybe to clear your head or get a change of scenery?

A trip out to McMinnville to see the Spruce Goose or a drive over to Mount Hood.

It's always good to see something different.

Hi five back at you and Happy Bunny Day!

Pure elegance!

I had to laugh. Perhaps a bitter laugh as it took me back to the "good old days" of being so horrifically overworked and understaffed at our hospital. So administration put up little posters around the arena they seldom visited and the posters showed a person's back with his/her own hand patting his/her own back! and the caption was "Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it."
Yours is far better. Kind of "UFO'ish" and futuristic, but I think helpful.
"Greetings from afar". "Contact".
"You are not alone."

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