A Couple of Thoughts on Growing Old
1952 Again



As a result of a new voter ID law in Texas, 92-year-old Ruby Barber who was born in Tennessee and has voted all her life was refused an ID because she has no birth certificate:

“'I’m sure (my birth) was never reported because I was born in a farmhouse with a coal oil lamp,' Barber [told the Waco Tribune]. 'Didn’t have a doctor, just a neighbor woman come in and deliver me.'”

Many states have recently enacted extremely restrictive voter ID laws reminiscent of Jim Crow. It will mainly affect elders, people of color, people who don't drive and the poor. Hmmmm – I wonder which political party thought up these new laws.

Ms. Barber now has a temporary voter ID card but most people denied the right to vote won't be getting the publicity to nudge authorities to do something.


Feher Isten is a new movie from Hungary about a pack of 200 wild dogs terrorizing a city. It has made a big stir at the Cannes Film Festival but not for the subject matter. Instead, all the talk is that the 200 dog actors are all strays, not a single animation among them.

"You know it's unheard of to think of doing 200, 250 dogs running together through the city of Budapest," [the trainer who prepared the dogs for the movie] told Reuters.”

A professional dog actor plays the leader of the pack, explained the director, but the rest are rescues from a pound.

”Filming them was like working with four- or five-year-old child actors, but he got what he wanted, the director said.

"'There are really harsh and heavy scenes which were simulated by playing, he said, speaking of how the dogs were prepared for filming.”

Here is the trailer:

All the rescue dogs were found homes after the film was finished shooting.


From old friend and TGB reader, John Brandt.



I love this. It amazes me that those tiny, little ducks are playing exactly as two-year humans would and know to walk back up the ramp for another go. And look how they each wait their turn.


I cannot recall the last time I saw a “You know you're old when” joke that didn't offend me. This adaptation sent by Sunday's TGB Elder Music columnist, Peter Tibbles, is really funny and in an unexpected way.

Know You are Middle Aged


About a year ago, I told you about the gorgeous high resolution images of Dutch masterpieces available online for free use from Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum. A handful of other museums have made their collections similarly available and now the U.S. granddaddy of such museums, The Metropolitan has joined them.


As the Met's press release notes, the initiative is called Open Access for Scholarly Content (OASC) and it

”...provides images of art in its collection that the Museum believes to be in the public domain and free of other known restrictions; these images are now available for scholarly use in any media.”

You'll find the collections at this page of the Met's website. Images that are included for free use can be recognized by this OASC bug below the images: MetOASCbug


It's my favorite nut (which, I just learned, is technically a seed) and I sure didn't know. Here's a little video about cashews:

Just as I was getting ready to prepare this Saturday post yesterday, a serendipitous message popped into my inbox from the Clinton Foundation:

”See how our new project with PepsiCo is taking the cashew fruit, which typically goes to waste, and sourcing it as a new, vitamin-rich ingredient for PepsiCo's local juice business in India - simultaneously improving the livelihood of thousands of cashew growers in the process.”

Here's the Clinton/Pepsi promotional video about their initiative:


Remember Tara the cat I told you about last Saturday who saved the little boy she lives with by bodychecking an attack dog? Last Tuesday, Tara tripled the usual attendance at the Bakersfield Blaze baseball game when she “threw out” the first ball. Take a look:


From the 19 May 2014 issue of The New Yorker magazine:

New Yorker Elder Cartoon


You have probably heard that the Republican Party has lately recognized that they have more than a few difficulties communicating with women and have dedicated themselves this midterm election year to improving.

Here is how that effort went down on Tuesday at a debate with candidates for governor of Colorado that was meant to reassure women. The name of the debate was “Women and Colorado's Future.” (Hat tip to Daily Kos)


At the end of every episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart includes a “moment of Zen” and this video from Darlene Costner seemed a good candidate for our own Zen moment.

The Iguazu in Argentina is the largest collection of cataracts in the world. There are 275 individual water falls that run together in this panorama.

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

You are all encouraged to submit items for inclusion. Just click “Contact” in the upper left corner of any Time Goes By page to send them. I'm sorry that I probably won't have time to acknowledge receipt and there is no guarantee of publication. But when I do include them, you will be credited and I will link to your blog if you have one.


Jaw-dropping the ick-factor blindness of the speaker at the Colorado GOP debate. Give that man the hook!

OTOH: I just had to send the Snoopy cartoon to a friend who has always had a problem with the concept of (her own) aging!

The New Yorker cartoon really hit home. There are people here at the asylum who, when something new or foreign sounding like Quiche or Lo Mein are on the menu they won't even try it, opting for a tuna sandwich instead.

Thank you for the Zen Moment, Darlene. Awesome!
The Republicans especially those in CO, are a lost cause. They just don't get it which seems to be a common factor in many cases with most men (in politics). Have a great w/end. Dee

I will have to watch the videos later (I have no earphones now). Love the ducks waiting their turns - we could take a lesson!
Also love the cartoon; I live with someone who has closed his mind to new experiences...lol

"A professional dog actor plays the leader of the pack, explained the director, but the rest are rescues from a pound."

I just loved the concept of the lead dog in the Hungarian film being a professional actor.

Did they check his SAG card before they gave him the part?

So they want some 'gals' to decorate the panel do they? Everything today is wonderful! For one reason or another....

I got an earful yesterday during my shift at the thrift shop where I volunteer. Apparently, Obama is evil akin to nothing we've seen before, and Obamacare has some surprises that will horrify us and ruin the country. And of course the only place you can hear the truth is Fox News. I asked him if he'd verified any of what he'd 'heard', and of course that just led to the next revelation. Oh my.

PS I live in a small community, but I rarely hear that kind of blatant ignorance.

Seriously? It would be "more ornamental" to have the women participants on stage with the men? Republican men are hopeless, I tell you. Hopeless.

What a great variety of Interesting Stuff. I loved the ducklings, "How do you know when you're middle-aged," and the Iguazu cataracts.

As for the Republicans, how condescending can they get? "Ornamental"--give me a break. Apparently, it never occurred to any of those guys to get some feedback from an actual woman before making total fools of themselves. Again.

Humor is just an exaggeration of the truth and I am not offended by "You know you're old when -- " jokes. I think that it's better to laugh at ourselves than cry because a joke makes fun of, and exaggerates, our infirmities (such as incontinence). I do see how they contribute to stereotyping, however. That said, I do think that Peter Tibble's contribution is much funnier.

The Met site is wonderful. One could spend hours there just as one could spend days in the physical Metropolitan Museum. I just spent some time looking at Manet's paintings and the of "the Lady In the Blue Mantle". The texture and the way the paint is layered on the portrait is fascinating.

Ohmygod! The table would be more ornamental with the ladies sitting there? It's just amazing that they can't get it right what they're doing wrong.

Thanks for the link to the museum. Love that tidbit and the Moment of Zen as well as the video about cashews.

I am horrified yet still amazed at how the GOP can continue to stick its foot firmly in its mouth as regards Women and Colorado's Future. Why can't they just learn to shut the men up and let a few women talk for a change? I know there are intelligent and thoughtful women in Republican politics (though I have to wonder why) yet they sit back and allow themselves to be 'ornamental'.
The final blow to reality was The Dating Game theme.
File this under

Great "interesting stuff" column today. But i am troubled about the rescue cat video--and maybe this has been addressed. How come the father is standing there making a video instead of racing to the rescue? I can imagine a momentary freeze--but filming?!

The father is not standing there in the original cat/dog video. The video was retrieved from surveillance cameras. That's also why there is more than one angle on the video.

Other than the narrator and the music, the cataract falls were definitely a zen moment. Beautiful and majestic!
Loved the middle age input on Peter Tibble's part.
Poor kitty cat, hero that she was, being placed on display in an environment foreign to her every senses. We humans are very strange with what we think is normal behavior!
The whole clinton/pepsico ad actually put me off, those subtle shifts from unhappy looking people to happy looking people to emphasize what a good thing Pepsi is doing for THAT community. the logo Pepsico sticking out at the end. And I have no doubt that this wonderful new juice full of vitamins needed by the workers who are doing this tedious task day in and day out is probably loaded with sugar. Sorry. I am more and more concluding that the Clintons are, what we used to say in the day, sell outs.

Thanks Ronni. I really wanted to know!

The Iguazu is one of the most mystical, inspirational places I've ever visited. Orchids grow wild on the banks of these falls along with many other tropical flowers. Also, you are invited to go the the near by "dam" show which is almost as memorable. It serves as a power source for that part of the world; you are presented with a light show to accompany the slides. Needless to say, they are proud of this dam.

I wanted to respond to May 21 article on "finding your passion". I did just that by getting my MA in Clinical Art Therapy at the age of 50 (my youngest child was 21 and ready to move out). This was after 4 years of teaching high school art. I also got my license in Marriage,and Family therapy after several years of accumulating intern hours.
I was only interested in art all my life and got my BA in Fine Art (painting) when I had 3 children ages 9, 6, and 4 years old. I say go for what you love and there will be a way to make a living. It worked for me as I retired with an adequate income at the age of 68 - am now 74 years old. (sorry I was unable to find a "comment" spot for the May 21 article).

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