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Sinking of the Titanic - Mom’s Conception

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ronni here. I'm taking a day off and since it is the day after Mother's Day, here's a poem from Tom Delmore – from a point of view you might not have considered about your mom. See you tomorrow.

By Tom Delmore

(Ronni - Here is a poem I wrote about the conception of my mother. I figured backwards that it was in the same month as the Titanic sinking.)

I wondered if they counted back
Maybe ice shattering
Shook some part of the marital bed
In rural Minnesota
Did they wake the next morning
As usual
Read the paper or hear
A Greek chorus of tragedy
Was mom conceived as snow blew
Or in a warm front passing
Did mom’s mom have a glow
Or was she pondering another
Mouth to feed
Conceived in the month
That the greatest ship sunk
An exclamation No
An aberration in timing
I want to imagine a slower
Paced world two years previous
Before the war to end all
Did mom’s mom get a chill
At the titanic news
One that co-laced into amniotic
Fluid like a blood drop in water
Or did a bit of meconium
Settle in the recesses of the fetus

I don’t have a clue of this conception
The tell
By this descending ladder of questions
But the anniversary of the Titanic
Over a century ago still fills paper
With black ink and voices the air waves
And I cannot recall for the life of me
Mom’s vibrato.

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I have many thoughts, but thinking about my Mom's conception is certainly not one of them. Weird.

Hmm. I didn't have Darlene's reaction, I was quite taken by Tom's poem. Haven't thought about my mother's conception, but I am doing so now. Just the whole idea of the enormity of the Titanic's sinking - versus the intimacy of a conception - I find immensely intriguing. I did write a conference paper once about a German poet born in the same year as my mother, 1901, and wondered about the two of them, how differently they lived in the midst of two world wars..

Thank you, Tom. And happy day off, Ronni.

I bet there are not many men in the world who have thought about their grandmother having sex.

But we've all thought about the Titanic sinking. I have an aunt who was born in 1912. No wait, I would need to count back 9 months from that. Oh, never mind, lol.

What a cool poem. There is a photo of my parents heading for a party beside the Christmas tree, that is surely the night I was conceived or very close. It DOES bear thinking about, it's why we are all here.

And ... it reminded me of this tune I'd heard from Peter Paul and Mary, which I had not thought of in a very long time: http://www.cherylwheeler.com/songs/75s.html

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