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The Day After Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014, Everyone

Last year on Thanksgiving I vowed that, due to my delight at rediscovering Arlo Guthrie's epic Thanksgiving fable, Alice's Restaurant, after the decade or two it lay somewhere in memory limbo, I would make the song the annual holiday anthem of TimeGoesBy.

As I noted last year, I was equally delighted to discover that with a couple of minor lapses, I still knew the entire monologue by heart. I can't say why but it gives me a great deal of pleasure to sing along – well, I guess I mean “speak along” - for the entire 18 minutes, which I took the time to do (with gusto) before readying this post.

Maybe you want to try that too.

It's a fine ol' song, don't you think.


At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Dani Ferguson Phillips: What Time is It in Zimbabwe?


It is indeed a fine ol' song and tradition. Happy Thanksgiving Ronni, Ollie and Crabby!

I agree and imagine many of us are reciting this around the same time, together in a communal sort of way.

Happy holiday and thanks to the three of you and everyone else here at TGB, this terrific blog!

Happy Thanksgiving to Ronnie, Ollie, Crabby Old Lady and all my cyber friends who write and comment on Ronni's blog.

I love being a member of this cool group.

I don't remember if I told you this last year, but here it is again:

My son was about 2 1/2 years old when I started playing this record. At the appropriate place he always started jumping up and down, yelling, "Kill! Kill!"

Then he'd fall down laughing.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

Every time I hear Alice's Restaurant I think of the day, back in the 1960's, when I was sitting, in my underwear, on a bench at the Selective Service Center on Stone Street in NYC waiting to take my pre-induction physical and possible shipment to Viet Nam. Happy Thanks giving to all of our servicemen everywhere.

They don't make music like that anymore. What a shame.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Ronni et al.

Thanks for sharing that, Ronni. I remember singing that chorus with gusto when I was young but for the life of me I don't remember ever hearing the entire 'song/story' but I sure did enjoy hearing it today.

Lying under blankets on the porch with kids and husband and Arlo telling us about The Group W bench as we looked at the stars and felt grateful.

Now, with a son-in-law who's never heard it (SHOCK!!!) we'll get to introduce a newbie and take delight in it once again.

Thanks for the link and for being you. I'm thankful for Time Goes By <3

Alice's Restaurant is an iconic part of my coming of age experience, and I've always loved it. Sometimes, when my husband and I are out conducting some sort of bureaucratic business and told to take a number and a seat, knowing we're in for an interminable wait, I'll refer to having to go sit on the 'group W bench'; it almost always lightens the moment.

I would also like to join others here in wishing Ronni, Crabby. Ollie and all the readers/commenters here a Happy Thanksgiving! This blog is a pleasure to read each day, even when Crabby takes control and its content is less than lighthearted, and I'm thankful that I stumbled across it three years ago.

Happy Thanksgiving Ronni and to all of her friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.
Today to feast, tomorrow we fast!


George hadn't introduced us to Alice's Restaurant when I was inspected and injected in 1958. I admitted to having a heart murmur. The inspector in the white coat listened and said, "Ah yes, sounds good. You're ok."

Ronni, I'm thankful for YOU!

We heard Arlo sing his song live a few years ago: same tune, but the lyrics changed to explain why he doesn't sing the song anymore. It was hilarious.

Up in the mountains behind our house is a great biker/hamburger place called Alice's Restaurant. On the patio, you can sit on the Group W bench. http://www.alicesrestaurant.com

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