Happy Thanksgiving 2014, Everyone
INTERESTING STUFF – 29 November 2014

The Day After Thanksgiving 2014

I hope you are all appropriately stuffed from your holiday meal yesterday and, like me, looking forward to leftovers.

Given the amount of television, print and online advertising, I assume a large portion of the American population will be bargain hunting for Christmas gifts today on what's called Black Friday.

Not me and if I recall a post from a year or two ago correctly, many TGB readers (or, anyway, commenters) will be staying home today.

Me too. I intend to bake some Christmas cookies and work on a non-blog project. I'll be back tomorrow with Interesting Stuff.

There is, however, a new story today at The Elder Storytelling Place.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mickey Rogers: Rewiring the Brain


A long walk, Christmas decorating and left over eating will make up my day. Happy Home day to all!

For as long as I can remember, I finish all my Christmas shopping (which isn't too much nowadays) before Thanksgiving, and I won't go anywhere near a major store until after New Year's.

I don't decorate until a week before Christmas, so until then I'll enjoy my life with friends and good books.

My shopping list gets smaller and smaller each year and I just write checks to my family. No Black Friday shopping for me.

I gave my tree ornaments to my daughter and my Christmas decorating consists of wrapping garland and lights around the light pole in front of my house and placing a few green garlands and some Christmas figurines around.

It is supposed to reach 82 today so this is a good day to tackle the light pole.

I wish I could sens some of this warm weather to you poor people shoveling snow.

Oh rats; these old fingers hit the wrong keys all the time now. Of course I meant the word SEND and not sens. Where was spell check hiding?

I'm going to start on my yearly Christmas letter today. I still do this because it is my way of keeping in touch with friends from my years in West Virginia, Nebraska, Germany, California, and then grad school at Indiana University.

I used to do my Christmas cards on the day after Thanksgiving -- there were years when I sent over 100 cards to friends, relatives and a few select business acquaintances!

Now, however, my relatives have all died, I have few friends (and those I still have do not send cards), and I am retired so I have no business associates.

I'll send checks to my kids in a Christmas card, a card to the one cousin still living, and a card to an ex-sister-in-law -- and that's it. No shopping necessary except for a box of Christmas cards!

I miss the old days, but life goes on. I have difficulty walking and standing for long periods of time, so shopping is more of a chore now. I've never enjoyed shopping anyway.

As for shopping online, I've been disappointed by the lack of quality of goods I have ordered for myself over the years and am reluctant to order things for others except books. My kids are just as happy, or even happier, with a check.

I think the demographics are very particular on Black Friday shopping and we would be surprised how many people do not go near Malls for holiday sales. I did see in the news that it was very regional this year with some malls pretty empty.

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