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Happy Thanksgiving 2014, Everyone

Unlock the Car Door With Your Mind

It's amazing what you can find on the internet. Sometimes I need to closely monitor myself so not to fall down a rabbit hole only to awaken as from a dream two hours later, my mind full of way too much useless information.

Here's one I found on Monday that fits with this week's holiday theme of publishing short amusements in place of any substance.

If University of Nottingham physicist Roger Bowley is not pulling our collective leg (I don't believe he is), car doors can be unlocked with our minds. Certain ones, anyway. Here he is with a show and tell:

If my car were not too old to have this kind of lock, I would have made a video to show you of myself doing it.

I have no idea whether this phenomenon is just amusing or if it has potential real-life uses. You can read about it here but actually, all you need to know is in the video.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Arlene Corwin: The Snake


I would be happy to find a car with plain old metal car keys that go into the locks. And the locks should be on all four doors and the trunk.

Vulcan Mind Meld.

I'm still having trouble figuring out how radio waves and TV signals work. My mind does not comprehend the concept. It's truly amazing!!!!

Just an early start on the holiday messages since tomorrow will be crazy -- Ronni, we are grateful for your TGB blog, that you care so much about your fellow humans (and cats!), that you work so effectively and teach us so much, that we have made new friends through you, that you give us a voice. Wishing you and Ollie the Cat and all your readers a meaningful and beautiful Thanksgiving.

BTW Ronnie. What time would you like all of us over for T-giving dinner tomorrow?

Bruce has it all in a nutshell. LOL

Can't figure out the lock, but I can figure out Thanksgiving. Have a good one.

It works! Tried it a few minutes ago and was amazed at it.
Thank you for finding this! It's a real party trick.

Oh, wow, Ann. I'm so glad you tried it. That's fantastic.

I have a 2000 Honda. I do have remote opening locks, but it's not quite new enough to have a key like that.
Thank you so much for these interesting ideas. I enjoy this blog so much.

I learned of this several years ago, but I was told to just hold the key under my chin. That works too. Still amazing to me.

if only people could unlock their minds with their car.

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