Wow, what riches! I am going to take my time and comb slowly through the list to find new friends, voices, and topics. Thank you also for retaining my blog, Ronni.

I am honored to be a new entry on your Elderblogger list. Thank you for adding me. My blog will be two years old in November. Some of my posts address issues of aging and retirement, but the blog is an eclectic mix of personal opinions and reflections. One feature that makes the blog unusual, if not unique, is that it is biligual--or tries to be. I am Spanish language learner, and the translations of my posts into Spanish are my own modest efforts to open my blog to Spanish speakers. I have been reading your blog for at least as long as I have been blogging, and I tip my hat to your work and devotion and your ability to post thoughtful pieces on a regular and frequent basis. Your blog has been a hard role model to follow!

Thank you for continuing to list my blog (Retirement Rocks) on this site. I regularly get visitors from here but there is plenty of room for many more so......come on by and stop a while, y'hear.
I know, I've watched too many Westerns over my life !
I've changed the format of the blog this year and made it a sort of online diary so, health and senility willing, I'll be able to look back on it in years to come and learn what the heck I did. Hopefully there will be interesting, amusing and informative memories to post every day.

I would love my blog to be considered for your list. I am in my 60's and moved with my husband to Colorado from New York City in order to give childcare to a grandchild while our daughter and son-in-law work. When we are able we travel around our new state to see as much of it as possible and to explore the national parks, arts and culture, etc. I do have BlogHer ads, but I noticed quite a few of the blogs on your list have ads as well now. The ads don't generate much revenue nut help me pay for my photo storage as I have a photo rich blog.
I enjoyed going through your list and seeing many bloggers who are blog friends and finding many new ones to enjoy!

Life is good, no matter what age we are!

Thanks for a great list. Many I know about, many I do not. The silver lining to self-isolating -- I have plenty of time to go exploring some new blogs!

Thanks for this great service you provide! I've just been complaining about how I don't have enough things to do these days now that we're mostly shut in due to Covid, so now I've got a new project: scroll down the list, check out these blogs, find a some new voices, make some new friends. Thanks again!

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