1980s Technology Troubles (Or, Technology Troubles – Day 2)
Technology Adventure with Barnes & Noble (Or, Technology Troubles – Final Day)

John Oliver's April Fool's Day (Or, Technology Troubles – Day 3)

John Oliver and his Last Week Tonight crew took off last Sunday but they prepared this timely short video that well expresses my feeling about this so-called holiday.

Heh. He's such a teenage boy, sometimes. A brilliantly funny teenage boy.

I decided to work through these technology problems slowly and carefully. I don't know when I'll be back to our regularly-scheduled TGB blog but until then I will supply a variety of little interludes.

Saturday's Interesting Stuff and Sunday's Elder Music will appear as usual.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Clifford Rothband: My Skunk Skin



I have just learned that Ronnie has been tossed off of the internet. This is her last post. The people who run the internet have decided that anything that makes as much sense as Ronnies blog is not worthy of any bandwidth. Instead, in its place, you will find an entire space dedicated to funny photos of your friend's cat.

Just a suggestion: I have a neighbor (very young man) who taught at the Vo Tech school near here. He's brilliant with the computer/cyber world & was an instructor until his grant $$ ran out. Anyway, his students & he often assisted folks with major computer problems at NO cost. Are you so fortunate to have such a school like that near you? Who knows: there may be another Bill Gates lurking in their classrooms. :) Good luck. Dee

Nice try, Bruce!
Carpe diem..Oh, you already did!

We're with you all the way, Ronni...take heart.

John Oliver, Jon Stewart, and Colbert all showed that the best comedy has a moral center.

About the new Daily Show guy, I'm not so sure.

Ronni, this is a big test of your patience.

Is there a tech wizard anywhere in your vicinity?

Hope everything gets solved.

I'm jonesing!

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