Tuesday 7 April 2015
Some Changes at Time Goes By

The Day after 7 April

Did you enjoy Peter Tibbles's musical silliness yesterday for my birthday? I did and thank you again, Peter. I spent my 74th birthday on a day trip to the Oregon coast with a friend, Ken Pyburn, and I know even as I write this a couple of days ahead of time that we had a wonderful time.

[Insert on Wednesday morning: As I predicted, the day trip to the coast was wonderful - I'll tell you about it sometime soon. Thank you so much for all your wonderful birthday wishes yesterday while I was gone. I read them all when got home in the evening. You are the best readers any blogger could have and I appreciate you so much.}

If you're reading these three or four paragraphs, it means I didn't feel like writing a blog post when I arrived home yesterday evening. But here is a quotation I like from writer, editor and literary critic Edmund Wilson when he was 73 in 1968:

”Old age has its compensations. I feel that I can loaf in the mornings, be less anxious about what I am going to write and not suffer afterwards so much about gaffes and errors I have made.

“My regrets mostly nowadays are about the things that I can't any longer do; but I dwell on old love affairs, and this does not impose upon me any further responsibility for them.”

That gives a thoughtful chuckle.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Clifford Rothband: Welcome Home


I'm going to write that on a little card, laminate it, and keep it in my purse.

Wise words.

Oh how true the Wilson comment! And belated BD wishes with thanks for helping keep my mind alert, interested & often curious. :) Dee

What is it about old age that makes us dwell on the ones that got away, the ones we caught and released, and the ones we kept and enjoyed until the last little morsel was gone?

1941BABY are you????? Happy Happy late but I did e-mail yesterday..We went to the Oregon coast on easter sunday to the Tillamook cheese factory it was packed with yummy food and goodness, but packed, one would think it was not any holiday and many let their wee ones run wild we got our food to go and ate in our car in the big parking lot and went back for our ice cream cones, we drove and drove it was cool and every other place was closed we got to Astoria and that was it for the trip, it was a busy town, with lots of traffic, we headed home to our little home in Washington state and got out of the car and were happy we went to the coast, it was nicer here than at the Oregon Coast...Happy Year ahead of time, you are wonderful your blog and all.ciao!

Such a small world - maybe... A while ago a post you wrote made me think you are an Aries, don't remember which and now you have admitted it so Happy Birthday from one Aries to another.

The small world comment is about Ken Pyburn - i don't know how many Ken Pyburns there are in the world but if he's a friend of my good friend Pater Kemble then I met Ken briefly a few years ago - a lovely man!

And thanks so much for the quote!

Oops - Peter Kemble...

A day at the beach with a friend sounds like the perfect birthday to me. And here's to loafing in the morning.

I'm so glad that your birthday was so pleasant. A trip to the beach sounds wonderful.

Edmund Wilson's quote about not having any further responsibility for old love affairs could also apply to children. Hooray for that!

Edmund Wilson started his reveries about old, lost loves at 68. Mine suddenly began at age 72. Why is that something we hold on to well past the use by date?

Could be a necessary review of relationships.

Anyway, I agonized over one long-ago and unresolved relationship for about a year until I found a way to reconnect without re-involvement, and was able say and be heard how much I regretted my part in it.

Bingo, my agonizing was over, only fond memories remain. Though there are many unanswered, puzzling questions still popping up once in awhile, I have felt no further responsibility.

So glad you have a great day. No dwelling on old love affairs tho. :)

Ronni, much-belated birthday wishes to you! Haven't been keeping current for the past day or two. I found out on Monday that the really excellent nonprofit (well, it used to be anyway!) where I spent almost 40 years of my working life, until being "involuntarily retired" 4 months ago, intends to close its doors immediately. Almost 100 people will become abruptly unemployed.

It is devastating to see so many years of effort and hard work--on the part of many others besides myself--essentially wiped out. The closure results from a number of factors; although some might have been avoidable, most were beyond our control. The agency was hit by a fiscal and legal version of "The Perfect Storm". Only the bank and the lawyers will emerge unscathed!

In any event I feel that a big part of my life's work is gone with the wind at a time (I'm 78 Y/O) when I can no longer hope to start over, as I could and did many times in my younger years.

I missed a few days' reading TGB posts, and so am late to the party. On your new year, I'm wishing you continued success as the whole human being you are — authentic, generous, brilliant, funny, wise, courageous. Sending much gratitude and love, Tamar

I'm late to the party, too, it seems! Happy Birthday, Ronni! I'm glad it was spent with a good friend and at the beach too! Splendid! Here's to the best year yet ahead!

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