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The Day after 7 April

Tuesday 7 April 2015

This is Peter (the TGB music columnist). There's been a coup here at TGB and I've taken over. I achieved that by waving ice cream at Ronni and distracting her that way.

I will be a benevolent leader, if you follow my orders that is. And my first order is that you help Ronni celebrate her birthday or no cake and ice cream for you.

So, happy birthday Ronni.

I've also gone to a great deal of expense and trouble and had all my minions prepare this humongous birthday cake for her. Make a wish. Ronni.


Before you blow out the candle, we'll sing some birthday songs for you.

I'll start with one of the best known in popular music by the best known group, THE BEATLES. Their song is simply called Birthday.

The Beatles

♫ The Beatles - Birthday

Well, today isn't Fats Domino's birthday but we'll allow a little artistic licence as it's such a good song. So, Happy Birthday Fats Domino sings BOBBY CHARLES, who was a good friend of the great man.

Bobby Charles

♫ Bobby Charles - Happy Birthday Fats Domino

The DUTCH SWING COLLEGE BAND play Birthday Blues. We'll have to take their word for it as there are no words to the tune.

Dutch Swing College

♫ Dutch Swing College - Birthday Blues

I have no idea who the PIXIES THREE are; they turned up on a compilation album singing Birthday Party.

Pixies Three

♫ Pixies Three - Birthday Party

Another tune you'll have to take on trust, as it also lacks words, is by the best bebop pianist ever, THELONIOUS MONK and it's Boo Boo's Birthday. I don't know who Boo Boo is (well, apart from Yogi's friend).

Thelonious Monk

♫ Thelonious Monk - Boo Boo's Birthday

Here's some advice on what to wear today. JOHN HARTFORD suggests that I Shoulda Wore My Birthday Suit. I hope everyone will follow suit (sorry).

John Hartford

♫ John Hartford - I Shoulda Wore My Birthday Suit

Last but not least, THE TUNE WEAVERS sing Happy Happy Birthday Baby.

The Tune Weavers

♫ The Tune Weavers - Happy Happy Birthday Baby

Okay, time to blow out the candle. Ready? Now puff.


At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Henry Lowenstern: Sing-Along


Happy Birthday Ronni!

Happy Happy Day!

Thanks, Peter--great job!
Happy Birthday, Ronni.

Happy Birthday, Ronni!
Best wishes for a fantastic day today, and for many healthy and happy birthdays ahead!

Happy Birthday, Ronni!

I hope there will be some form of chocolate!

What a great party! Happy Birthday, Ronni!

Happy Birthday. Hope you have a day full of joy.

Happy birthday indeed. Enjoy. Great tunes and post Peter.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Ronni. You certainly deserve a special day.
And thank you, Peter, for your great gift to her and to us!

Some freaky thing happened to my comment.

Tried to post, but some other post morphed onto mine.

I tried preview and edit, but that didn't work either.

Ronni, I will try posting again. meanwhile, happy birthday from your Montreal fan.

Hope you have a great birthday, Ronni!

And Peter, I don't know where you dug up that old photo of the Beatles but I sure enjoyed seeing that.

Happy Birthday Ronni!

Peter, what a wonderful birthday day you are giving Ronni!

Ronni, have a very happy special day and lots of good times in the days to come.

Happy Birthday!

May the next year be bountiful in all ways for your...and may you enjoy this day, a very special one for a very special person!

May your year be as fun and creative as Peter's column. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Ronni!

Best wishes for many more happy years.

From me too, Ronni - Happy Birthday!

Have a joyous birthday! May it be filled with special moments.

A very happy splendid birthday, Ronni. Time to forget the calories and enjoy Peter's cake. Oh wait -
It looks like he took the calories out.

Enjoy the day.

I'll have to echo all the good wishes before this. Have a grand day and decades more.

Hope you enjoy your Birthday as much as I enjoy reading your blog and listening to Peter's music. Cake looks delicious...going to share?
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Ronni and many more in your future.

Happy Birthday, my fellow Aries friend. May you find gratification in the year to come.

Happy happy Birthday, Ronni - enjoy all the cake and music! Thank you for your presence here, and thanks Peter for the party!

Happy Birthday, Ronni, and many happy returns! Enjoy your day!

Loved today's celebration! Peter, you are a great friend to Ronnie! Happy day, Ronnie--and many more!

happy birthday, Ronni. You share an April 7 birthday with one of my favorite singers [who didn't make Peter's great birthday "card" for you, but then again, I am not sure she sang about birthdays]: namely, Billie Holiday. Our classical music station interrupted its usual programming to play her gorgeous "I'll be seein' you..."
Anyway, I wish you much joy and fine health and all kinds of delights in the coming year.

Happy Birthday, Ronnie. Have a wonderful day and year celebrating your life.

Happy birthday Ronni! (And thanks for cluing us in, Peter!)

Happy Birthday to a dear person!

With extra thanks to Peter for telling us of this special day, I'll add my wishes for a most happy birthday, Ronni.

I hope you and Ollie have a splendid day.

Dear Ronni
Happy Birthday.
Here's to another stimulating, thought provking year full of good health and good cheer and why not - some fun!

Happy Birthday, Ronni...And many more to come.

Great music choices,Peter, and the cake was delicious. Thanks!

Happy Birthday. I'm your neighbor to the north who turned 74 yesterday. Haven't we traveled through interesting times!!!

You have many good friends, Ronni! I am thankful for your prolific blogs of thoughtfulness. Gezzzz that sorta reads like a dessert๐ŸŽ‚

Happy birthday from another Aries!

A very Happy Birthday to you Ronni.

Enjoy your day, and, of course, the cake.

Oh joy! I thought you were giving yourself an extra year in the last post. Happy Birthday friend and mentor!

Happy Birthday! Cute column -

Wonderful post! Best birthday wishes!

Have a wonderful day. Indulge! Enjoy! Celebrate!

Awesome, Peter!

Here's to the day you were born, Ronni - indulge and enjoy yourself!

Happy Birthday Ronni! May your day be memorable and may you always feel the mountains of appreciation your readers have for your efforts to enlighten and entertain us. Enjoy all your favorite treats today. They can't all stick, right?

Thanks to Peter, too!

Happy Birthday Ronnie!๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ

Happy Birthday Ronni!

Cheers! to many more!

Sorry for mis-spelling...Ronni!

Happy Birthday! Your blog is truly a must-read every day.

Happy Birthday, Ronni.

Happy day, and healthy year ahead. Thank you for spending my mornings with me -- may we have many years together, ahead!

Happy Birthday Ronni, love your blog and wishing you a day and year that is as wonderful as you are, hip hip hooray for the birthday gal!

Ronni, Happy Birthday! I hope it is all you could wish for...and more. Thank you, Peter , for helping us celebrate our great mutual friend.

I am one of many, I suspect, who are mostly silent but appreciative readers. This seems the perfect time to speak up and say "thank you" for what you do and Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Ronni. May it be everything you want it to be.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag und Gesundheit und Glรผck.

Happy birthday Ronni, have a great day - and I'd take this opportunity to thank you for TGB and Peter for his music column each week. BTW Boo Boo was Monk's wife/partner.

Joining in with your other many fans to wish you a Happy Day!
May you be well.
May you continue to be interested and care to share what you find.

What a nice birthday surprise Peter put together. And we all got to share in the fun!

Best wishes, Ronni, for a year full of good things -- peace, joy, good health, contentment and well-functioning technology!

Thanks for inviting us to the party, Peter! Happy Birthday, Ronni. May you continue to inspire for many years to come <3

Happiest of birthdays, Ronni, and thanks, so many thanks for your blog. I trust you can put aside the computer troll, the agism troll, all the other trolls that aggravate Crabby Old Lady, and all the other Crabby Old Ladies who read you avidly and appreciate you!

Oops--and crabby old men.

"A birthday is not a measure of how old we've become, but a celebration of where we are in the magical circle of life." Best wishes, Ronni, for a Happy Birthday, a wonderful new year, and many more returns!

A very happy birthday, Ronni!

An Aries! Of COURSE!!

Happy Birthday, Ronni (and Crabby) you've made many friends with TGB, we all wish you the very best birthday today with a wonderful year ahead. And thanks to Peter for such an original and fun contribution to your day.

Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for always sticking to your guns.

Happy Birthday! Read the blog everyday. Thank you for making me laugh, sometimes tear-up and continually expand my mind! Alice in Texas

Happy, happy birthday! And many more!

I think your horoscope says it all...

"Being an Aries born on April 7th, your personality is characterized by creativity, ambition and vigor. Your mind is one of your greatest assets, as you use it to display creativity and charm at any given moment. This quality has earned you many friends through life, but it is your ambition and vigor that most admire. If there is a goal you wish to achieve, you are more than willing to put in the work necessary to accomplish it. When paired with your creativity, your ambition makes success a real possibility in your future."

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Ronni and may you have many more Happy Days!

I!m late to the party..Hope there's champaign and cake left. It's always good to celebrate another passing year of a good life. Party on! Happy Birthday!

Heaps of blessings upon you, today and onward - You deserve it - You do good work!

How marvelous! Wishing you the happiest of happy birthdays ... with technology and shelves all on their best behavior.

Happy birthday!

Enjoy your day -- Happy Birthday!

Ronni puts on her magic wings and flies to Montreal, where she is greeted by Salvatore, the limo driver.

Sal takes Ronni to meet doctafill and D's husband, Mr. GPS. We hug, get Into the limo, and Sal takes us to Old Montreal, the Port, the mountain.

We stop on St. Lawrence Boulevard for an Italian Poutine, then we take off for doctafill's house, where unbeknownst to Ronni, all her blog friends await.

Sal lets us out of the limo, we walk into the house and BOOM, the party is on.

Doctafil's husband commences BBQ ing on the deck. Snow is gone, music is pumping.

Ding! We open the door. It's Bruce. He says he arrived a week ago and has sampled all the best food in Montreal, and he's come to the conclusion he's moving to Montreal.

Bing! doorbell.

It's NYC Mayor de Blasio. he wants to see Ronni, only Ronni.

Ronni, still dancing. She comes to the door. Mayor de Blasio hands her a key.

"This is for any apartment in NYC. You choose. You have it for life."

Ronni accepts the key, thanks the mayor, turns and promises us all a spare room in her new digs whenever we feel like visiting her.

The five foot tall cake is rolled out into the room. It has many layers and colours, representing all the visitors to Ronni's blog.

The party lasts three days.

We start to say good bye. Phone numbers are exchanged. We had a blast.

Sal arrives, picks up Ronni and takes her home.

Ollie is staring out the window, watching. His sixth sense tells him something big is going to happen.

Sal helps Ronni out of the limo. They shake hands. Ronni walks into her now home and says..

"Ollie, pack your food bowl, we're going home."


Wrap yourself in cellophane. Tie a big red ribbon around yourself. Crawl into a cardboard box. Seal it. Address it to each one of us. Put on lots of postage stamps Have your mail carrier pick you up. And what each of your readers will receive, is 'Ronni'. Your present to all of us. The same as we receive every day. YOU are the present. To us. Happy Birthday, Ronni! Tim

Happy Birthday, Ronni! Hope it was a lovely day. And thanks, Peter, for a great birthday mix-tape and for not playing that horrible "Happy Birthday to Yooouuu" song. That one makes my skin crawl. - Meg

Nice one Peter. Happy birthday Ronni. Hope it's a lovely one.

Happy Birthday Ronni, and thanks to Peter for the Birthday songs.

I hope you have a great day with friends and family.


Wow Peter, you did better than good. I'll be singing that last song until bed time. Happy, happy birthday Ronni indeed.

Happy Birthday Ronni
Wonderful fantasy party in Montreal Doctafill
And thank you Peter and consider Tom Chapin's Happy Birthday song...our family has been singing it for over 30 years at every celebration!

Fabulous birthday salute! Warm wishes for a wonderful year and thank you for your insightful, informative blog.

Happy Birthday and Thank you for helping us age positively and with courage.

Happy, happy birthday Ronni! I hope it's been a wonderful day as you so deserve.

Peter, thanks for the party and music. You throw a great bash.

Happy Birthday. Hope you have had a great one!

Peter, great job! Thanks for putting this together.
Ronni, Best Wishes on your Birthday! Today is your "un-Birthday" so I hope you continue to celebrate.
Mary S

Celebrate YOU! We do! Wishing you many more healthy, satisfying years!

Happy Birthday Ronnie from an avid reader in Fort Worth,Texas. Rock on!


Happy Belated Birthday, Ronni...I hope you had a Great Day

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