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It's a 90th Birthday Celebration


Yep. That's right. Darlene Costner is 90 years old today and we're celebrating the beginning of her tenth decade.

Can you imagine?! And she's not the only one we will celebrate here this year (the next is a couple of months away) because it is a remarkable thing to get to 90 years on Earth and it cannot go by unsung.

Darlene Costner 87 years oldDarlene is one of my oldest (heh – in at least two ways) internet friends – years and years now. She lives in Tucson and I live in Oregon and neither of us gets out and about much but that doesn't mean I don't love her dearly.

We keep in touch via email about this and that and Darlene keeps us all well supplied with funny, cute, odd, wonderful and interesting items for Saturday's Interesting Stuff. In fact, that would be a much poorer feature of this blog without Darlene's input.

If you follow her comments here, you know she is a fierce political progressive and anyone who thinks we mellow in old age hasn't met Darlene.

But wait, this is a celebration, so first we need a cake. I think this will do.


Did you know, Darlene, that The New Yorker magazine was born the same year as you, 1925? In celebration earlier this year, the magazine's cover tried out nine different fashion styles on their mascot, Eustace Tilly, taking him from his earliest elegant incarnation into a new 21st century hipster look on a February cover.


Every party needs some humor - birthdays most especially. American playwright Tennessee Williams, who was a 14 year old in 1925, published this little ditty, titled Kitchen Door Blues in 1946, about a 90-year-old.

Fred Carelli (I have no idea who he is) read the poem on Youtube. (Be patient with the music, the reading begins at :40 seconds in.) Here are the words for you to follow along:

My old lady died of a common cold.
She smoked cigars and was ninety years old.
She was thin as paper with the ribs of a kite,
And she flew out the kitchen door one night.

Now I'm no younger'n the old lady was,
When she lost gravitation, and I smoke cigars.
I feel sort of peaked, an' I look kinda pore,
So for God's sake, lock that kitchen door!


It's also a good idea, at a party, to have some singing. Eddie Cantor had a big hit in your birth year, Darlene, with If You Knew Susie. Now come on, everyone, I think we all know the words...

So big, happy birthday greetings, Darlene. I expect us all to be back here 10 years to the day for your 100th.


Happy Birthday Darlene!
Thank-you for all you contribute to life!

Darlene, I always enjoy your sage comments on TGB.

Here comes a huge, two cheek kiss from Doctafil in Montreal.

Enjoy every second of your birthday!


Happy, happy birthday Darlene! Love your contributions and comments. Keep 'em coming!

Happy Birthday and Thank You, Darlene. Your contributions are appreciated.

I guess in this instance, though, you actually can't have your (this) cake and eat it, too.

I hope you do have a cake and some ice cream.

Happy Birthday, Darlene!

Happy Birthday to ya, dear Darlene!

Wow ----"she's is a fierce political progressive" in Arizona?

Go team Darlene---Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Darlene! Have a wonderful day and year!!

Happy Birthday, Darlene!

May you have whatever it is you want today. And the rest of this year, too!

I always. look forward to your opinions and ideas.

Happy birthday, Darlene! In some posting early on in my addiction to Times Goes By, I read a marvelous comment by you that reflected my own politics and felt even more drawn to Ronni's blog - if you were the kind of reader she attracted.

I wish you well in your 91st year. I wish you good health and great strength to keep going. And as clear a mind--as rich and wonderful a wit --- as you clearly possess. We need you!

cheers, Ruth-Ellen

Happy Birthday Darlene!! You are one beautiful lady!! Best to you this coming year!

Darlene best wishes and you look lovely not a day "over" 39.

Happy Birthday Darlene! Just moved back to Pa after 20 yrs in Tucson... Miss that beautiful desert and those amazing mountains!

Hsppy Birthday, Darlene! And looking mighty good, as well.

IMHO, Ronni needs to put you on the've contributed so much to her blog! :) Looking forward to another year & more of your opinions & Saturday editions.

I want to be just like you when I "grow up!" And that won't be long. Hugs, Dee

Darlene, I sent you a Facebook friend request. If you are unsure of me.. ask Ronni. I am a friendly lady, I promise.

Happy Birthday, Darlene! You're an inspiration to us all.

Happy, happy birthday Darlene. Bravo, and thank you for the many smiles here.

Can't believe I'll be in your shoes in a few months! We're both lucky to have a friend like Ronni! She sure knows how to run a party!

Wishing you the best birthday ever! Enjoy the cake, ice cream, songs and every part of the day.

Here's to a happy and healthy 90'th year!!!

Happy birthday Darlene. You look wonderful!

Happy Birthday, Darlene!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and a 90th year full of health and contentment!!

I, too, have been enjoying your many contributions to TGB, and look forward to many more.

After reading Ronni's blog, I go directly to see if you've commented and am never disappointed in what you have to say.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
Always like your input.
Now there's a pretty picture in my head to go with the wise, helpful words!
Bug hugs

Oh my gosh, I am overwhelmed and humbled by being so honored and by your most kind comments.

I never expected to live this long and am constantly surprised at my good fortune.

Thank you one and all. I deeply appreciate having such good internet friends and you have made my birthday very special.

(I'm waiting for you, Millie.)

This was so wonderful!
We owe Darlene so much for our Saturday smiles.

Happy happy birthday Darlene! Eat cake! (A real one, that is!)

A very happy birthday to you, Darlene, and will add to Ronni's celebration of your Day that whenever I see you've submitted comments and/or videos to TGB that it will definitely be something worthwhile. Best wishes for a very healthy and happy year ahead.

You are a very special person to me and, evidently, to many of the readers of this blog. I enjoy reading your comments and I have enjoyed many of the videos you have shared with us here. You have a great sense of humor and a great deal of sense!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Darlene! May you have many more. We need all the fierce progressives we can get. Go, Girl, Go
Maryellen, another progressive


Thank you for inviting us to Darlene's Birthday Party.

Happy Birthday, Darlene.
This is fun.

Happy Birthday Darlene!!!!

Happy, happy birthday, Darlene. Thank you for all your contributions to this blog--and probably to a lot of other thing as well!

Happy Birthday, Darlene.
You are a beautiful woman.

Happy Birthday, Darlene.
You are a beautiful woman.

Lots of hugs Darlene and many good wishes for a very Happy Birthday! Remember you have to hang in there for another 10 to become a "fine antique"! I'm counting on you since I always look on comments to see what does Darlene have to say?
And at 87.6 I'm right behind you! xxx/ooo

I have been reading this blog for long enough that I used to read your blog too! And I still miss it. You are a source of good advice and sensible comments. Thank you and a very happy birthday.

Happy birthday, Darlene. I also really enjoy all the tidbits you send to Ronnie to share with me. May you have a fabulous year as well as new decade! :-)


Happy blazing Birthday to You!

May 90 Birthday Wishes come true!

I always appreciate your posts and Interesting Stuff contributions. You are so beautiful as I imagined!

Happy Birthday wishes to you
in Tucson...from your number one fan in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Happy Birthday, Darlene. And may the Force be with you.

My first online birthday party! Thanks Darlene for your contributions to this blog. My best wishes for a Happy Birthday today and for many more in the future.

I always look for your comments, Darlene, because I know you will say something thoughtful and interesting.

And your Saturday stuff is amazing. How do you find those things?

Happy birthday!

Hey, Darlene, welcome to the 90s. I've been here for a year now. Be nice to have some company in the 90 neighborhood.

Happy Birthday Darlene! Thank you for all the many hours of enjoyment you provide to so many readers!

Wow! What a party! I have enjoyed reading all the flattering comments. My head has swelled two sizes. I feel like I am queen for a day.

My daughter is giving me another party tomorrow night for a few close friends in Tucson and I wish each and every one of you could join us.

I don't know how I am going to survive all this excitement, but I am living it up.

My digital friends are precious to me and I want to thank all of you. You have made my 90th very special. In fact, I think I will hang around until I am a centenarian so I can have another celebration. ;-)

Happy birthday!

Just WOW! Congratulations and I hope you're having a very lovely day. Not sure I'll make it to 90 (or even that I want to) but you're a role model for this 78+ Y/O and that's a fact!

Belatedly, but sincerely, Auguri di Buon Compleanno, Darlene! Miss your blog but am grateful for your many contributions here.
Thank you, Ronni, for letting us know!

Also belatedly, I add my greetings, best wishes, congratulations and sincere thanks for your awesome contributions. May you be well and prosper, Darlene.

And thanks, Ronni, for the party. Sorry to come so late. Travelling.

Happy birthday, Darlene! I almost feel like I know you, too. Thank you for your valuable and entertaining contributions to TGB. Have a wonderful year ahead.

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