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Linda C wonders what TGB readers make of this Volkswagen commercial.

Then there is this one, also currently running, to consider.

I don't mind jokes about old people but I wonder why we must be portrayed as so damned irritating. There are jokes about all kinds of people that don't make their behavior so annoying.


This little slice of social media life was forwarded by TGB reader Sulima Malzin who describes herself as “a non-facebook elder face from King City, Oregon”:

For those of my older generation who do not really comprehend why Facebook exists, presently, I am trying to make friends outside of Facebook while applying the same principles.

Therefore, every day I go down on the street and tell the passers-by what I have eaten, how I feel, what I have done the night before and what I will do tomorrow night. Then I give them pictures of my family, my dog and me gardening and spending time in my pool.

I also listen to their conversations and I tell them I love them. And it works. I already have three persons following me: two police officers and a psychiatrist.


This video has been all over cable news television so you may have seen it. Even so, it's worth it.

Remember the clip from The Daily Show when Jon Stewart thanked all the comedy gods and few others for providing him with Donald Trump? David Letterman obviously feels the same way. He joined Steve Martin and Martin Short on stage in San Antonio last week to read his Trump Top Ten List.


Gangstagrannycover125 David Walliams is a British comedian, actor, activist and, since 2008, a wildly successful children's book author. I can't remember how I came to know about this one of his kids' novels, Gangsta Granny, but I it was so good I read it straight through one evening last week.
The story concerns an 11-year-old boy whose parents leave him with his “boring” granny every Friday while they have a night out. Ben goes into paroxyms of complaint over how boring his granny is until he finds out she is an international jewel thief.

They then have a rollicking good adventure together that involves the crown jewels and Queen Elizabeth herself with a lovely, bittersweet ending.

Here's a short video teaser for the book from when it was first published in 2011.

If I had a grandchild of the appropriate age, I give him or her this book right away. It's a great story, so good that you are hardly aware there are lessons being taught about what old people are like. Here's the David Walliams website.


After its one week holiday hiatus, Last Week Tonight was back on HBO last Sunday. I'm getting kind of tired of telling you how wonderful John Oliver and his crew are but they keep delivering magnificently.

I've been to – count it - exactly one professional ball game in my life. I was dragged to it by a friend who was appalled that I hadn't seen one in person - which tells you exactly how interested I am in sports.

But what Oliver is telling us about billionaire stadium owners using our taxes while keeping all the profits – even I care about this.


On Wednesday, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) announced that it is offering a plan to reimburse physicians for conversations with patients about end-of-life plans. According to The New York Times, the agency's chief medical officer, Patrick Conroy

”...said a final decision on the proposal would be made by Nov. 1. The plan would allow qualified professionals like nurse practitioners and physician assistants, as well as doctors, to be reimbursed for face-to-face meetings with a patient and any relatives or caregivers the patient wants to include. Dr. Conway said the proposal did not limit the number of conversations reimbursed.”

You might recall that when these conversations were first proposed during the debate over the Affordable Care Act several years ago, Sarah Palin labeled them “death panels” which, of course, they are not.

This is excellent news and if all goes well, the initiative will go into effect on 1 January 2016. You can read the full story here.


For me, the television show, America's Funniest Home Videos stopped being funny about two episodes into the first season a zillion years ago. But even they come up with a winner now and then.

This the best, out loud, tears running down my cheeks, belly laugh I've had in ages.

You gotta ask, don't you, why the camera person didn't help...


From asapSCIENCE, here is your nifty, little, internet science lesson for this week.


You may think there are already too many candidates running for president but I don't care how many there are, we need this one.


That's right, according to his 17-year-old owner, Emilee McCubbin, a cat named Limberbutt McCubbin is an official candidate for president.

As Ms. MucCubbin explained to ABC News, back in May a friend asked for her mailing address and a short while later she received an email from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) that Limberbutt is officially registered.

"Personally, I think if you're going to become a leader of the free world you should have to do a bit more of an extensive application process," she said. "You don't even have to put in a social security number, which is a bit worrisome, but you do have to file some papers for tax records and campaign donations. You have to raise $5,000 to get on the ballot.”

Limberbutt now has his own website, Facebook page and Shepard Fairey-style poster:


You can read more about Limberbutt McCubbin at ABCNews.

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Oh what fun, I just spent the last 10 minutes on the David Walliams website. It's a site for the kid that's in all of us. I have to go back on it and figure out how to play the games.

Thanks Ronni for mentioning the VW ads. Although I do like one of the blouses the ladies are wearing, I find the commercials ridicule. If they really want to get older people to buy VWs they should show older people remembering their VW Bugs. Hubby Mr. Bruce had 2 back in the day. He wishes he still had them.

Not only are the VW commercials irritating why must they dress the women in such gaudy ugly print clothing so they look like they're wearing slip covers for a couch? And the hairstyles!! Really!
I live for the day when Seniors are protrayed as viable interesting attractive human beings - men and women because that fast food commercial with the Senior men eating something are shown as dumb as well; that you might want to identify with rather than cringe.
It's so annoying.

Hate hate hate the obnoxious stupid old lady car commercials. Embarrassing and belittling. I am an actor of a certain age and find it hard enough to get work. When I see my "age range" displayed this way I am disgusted.

I like the VW ads --so New York-y. I know a few women like this well and for a really long time. They spoke and behaved the same way back when we were young. I loved 'em then and still do. Actually, when we're together, I'm pretty sure I'm one of them.

Hate those commercials! They're insulting, degrading, and irritating beyond words.

As for Limberbutt, he looks no better or worse than any of the other current candidates, and preferable to a lot of them.

Re the VW commercials: As a Midwesterner, I paid more attention to the accents of the women than their ages. In both commercials, they weren't so much 'old women' as 'women talking funny.' So as far as irritants are concerned, it looks like a "3-fer:" ageism, sexism and regionalism.

Don't care for the VW commercials. But I think those ladies are known for a vlog they have perhaps on You-Tube?

Anyway, that doesn't irritate me as much as the commercials for Alzheimer patient's medication. They lead you to believe that caregiving for people with dementia is a walk in the park which it is soooooo not. It's infuriating to those of us touched by this terrible disease.......Commercials on TV (too many & badly done except for animals & babies)are so dreadful.......I mute them out.

Otherwise, another good way to start the w/end. Thanks, Ronni.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - there are annoying, dumb, obnoxious people of every age. And they're more interesting to watch in a 30 second ad than someone behaving graciously.

Thoughtful people don't assume any one age group is all the same.

If you find yourself dealing with someone who assumes you're demented, hard of hearing or living in the past, you're not going to change that person, so avoid them!

I think the ad is dumb, but it's an attention grabber and that's what advertising is all about.

.....and BTW, why does every elder look soooooo good in commercials. What a laugh! Surely I'm not the only one who looks like what I am.........an old lady & on some days I looker older than old! LOL. Dee

The bottom VW commercial is funny on first viewing. Stadiums? The obnoxiously names Petco Park has totally revitalized our downtown area. Even when there is a game on, we can see wall to wall folks using the renamed Gaslamp District.

Chargers? Enough is enough. Put the money into expanding the Convention Center and let the Chargers go to LA. That's the opinion of many here.

I was not so offended by the older women ads. They were shown to understand the technology of modern cars in the first and in the second, they were parodying those ads that have men doing that to young women. Their smiles at the end, though, looked more hopeful than cougar-like, which pulled away from their desirability. And yes, that guy rocked! (-:
Have never liked America's funniest home videos because they mostly seem to be at somebody else's expense.
and as usual, Enjoyed everything else you posted, Ronni. thanks!

I am never tired of you raving about John Oliver because he is phenomenal. Thanks for posting him every week. Wish we could move out of the lethargy we seem to have moved into as a country and start really fighting the manipulation and exploitations of taxes and public monies by conglo- merates and million- aires/billionaires!

Wait a minute. DOCTORS WANT TO GET PAID FOR END OF LIFE COUNSELING?. What happened to compassion and just good common sense. Maybe the government would like them to read from a prepared script...."I'm sorry to have to tell you that your (mom...dad...aunt (check one)..is dying. You can (1) lave them on life support..(2) pull the plug.

I think you misunderstand, Bruce Cooper. The counseling is for you or me - the old person who is thinking about dying - not survivors.

These days there is a lot more to consider with varieties of documents some of which, if not properly executed, will not be honored by doctors and other medical professionals.

The counseling sessions can be an hour long or more. Doctors should be paid for their time like anyone else offering professional information.

Not to mention that it is wise for patients to be sure their physicians know what end-of-life interventions they do or do not want.

This is a good thing, the counseling.

In reference to the end-of-life counseling, It is a good thing,however, after working in two long term care facilities doing risk management for 8 years, I can tell you that usually the counseling is given more for the benefit of the next-of-kin than the person who is dying and medicated. I do wonder about the efficacy of some of the doctors I have known giving that talk......
In reference to the sports stadiums, there is a one billion dollar stadium going up in Minneapolis that is dwarfing the skyline of the city. It is just a huge comment on what our priorities are. If that money was going into education think how much better off we would be.. I checked and sure enough, bonds are being used for funding. The name on the stadium you ask? U.S. Bank stadium..... Enough said!!

Meow Is the Time--I enjoyed Limberbutt's facebook page and website. I am impressed by the playful nature of his followers. Quite engaging. He has a same-species rival now, also.

John Oliver's latest about public money funding the billionaire business of sports with no return beyond the game-related crowds affording the billionaires more power over the people we elect to serve us, has long been a rant of mine--obviously to no avail.

I welcome the possibility of end-of-life counseling. My guess is that it will be a difficult discussion for Drs. to initiate and accomplish.

What might work, and was an idea I had in 1988, but had not the oomph to get it beyond a small group of retired social workers.

Drs. groups could hire (maybe contract on an as-needed basis) Social Workers who (in the hospice movement, especially) have some training
regarding all the end-of-life stuff that needs to be in place.

The process needs to be done by knowledgeable,
sensitive people who have training in the psychological area and know how to listen, while knowing how to tap resources for documents, legal, public and personal.

My thought there is that Drs. are trained to treat and heal, and the issue of death is as much an enigma to them as to all of us.

Re: ads, for the most part, I mute the 4-5 minute intervals.

I don't buy anything based on ads and I am even more prone to never listen since we were
hoodwinked into going cable with the "No commercial" drivel. HA---yeah, we now have not 1 but umpteen commercials in every break from regular programming.

I don't have a nose ring, if you get my drift.

Thanks for the asapSCIENCE.com !! Fascinating!

A really fun blog today.

Wow, John Oliver was magnificient: passionate, reasonable, and hilarious at the same time. Where are the public officials willing to stand up to the outrageous demands of the billionaires building these stadiums?

I enjoyed the VW commercials. I think sometimes we take such things too seriously. Also, I know women who dress colorfully and in such styles, even now. Fun.

As for end-of-life counseling, I have attended trainings for preparing some of the paperwork like a living will or POA for health care, but I couldn't answer the medical questions. That, I believe,is what the doctor or PA or NP counseling would consist of--what certain end-of-life decisions would mean physically to the patient, things like a DNR or opting to have tube feeding, etc. I think that's a very good thing, especially if it's paid for separately so it's not crammed into a different discussion.

I am sort of neutral on the old ladies in the VW commercial. But how is that kissy face invitation to the young man not sexual harassment?

As to how they dress--they look right for places other than the PNW. if you dropped them in Vegas or Atlantic City, I imagine they'd fit right in.

The commercial is telling a story. Perfectly gracious, conservatively dressed old women would not be as interesting in this story about flashy old women buying VWs. We gripe about not enough marketing to seniors, then gripe when something is marketed to seniors.

Is Limberbutt old enough to be President? You have to be 35, or wasn't that one of the questions asked on the form?

Peter, he is old enough, 38, in cat years.

Do you have a song to suggest for his campaign?

"Cat Get You Out of My Mind" came to me as a possibility.

or In the Heat of the Night's (1967) - Foul owl on the prowl. Both would have to be doctored to fit our
favorite candidate, though.

Like Wendy and Nan - I laughed at the VW commercials - let's not take ourselves too seriously - people like that
exist - at all ages - and it's not a bad idea to point out that we can admire gorgeous bodies at any age!

asapSCIENCE.com was GREAT.
VW adds were so so.
I'll vote for Limberbutt!!

I enjoyed the VW commercials - I think they portray women of a certain age having a good time. Nothing wrong with that!

Thanks for asapSCIENCE. Great site and totally new to me.

I watch the "3 Golden Sisters" on YouTube once in a while, and they've really made something of themselves, flaunting their old age with in-your-face attitudes. I'm glad they're making the big bucks now with an advertiser the size of VW. Lastly, if a person looks hard enough (sexual harassment? please) there's plenty (from substantial to superficial) about daily life to piss us off. A little humor and a high-five to the Sisters is my reaction. And as to Facebook, if a person thinks it's only about waking up of a morning and announcing to the world that you took a dump, they're missing the boat. But this comment is already too long so I'll save that speech for another time.

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