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Monday will be TV producer Norman Lear's 93rd birthday. Here is what he told Huffington Post on Friday:

"The top of my bucket list always included a desire to sing. My friend, actor, singer-guitarist and composer, Paul Hipp, wrote the happy birthday song when he turned fifty. I loved it and asked if I could lip-synch it as I turn ninety-three. This was the result and I don't care what you say, I love it."

I love it too. See if you do and thank Esther Harriot for sending it to us:


”Patients taking NSAIDs should seek medical attention immediately if they experience symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath or trouble breathing, weakness in one part or side of their body, or slurred speech.

That is from the U.S. Federal Drug Administration's (FDA) new warning about NSAIDs. They are such drugs as Advil, Motrin, Aleve, Celebrex and many others. As Harvard Health Publications explains:

• Heart attack and stroke risk increase even with short-term use, and the risk may begin within a few weeks of starting to take an NSAID.

• The risk increases with higher doses of NSAIDs taken for longer periods of time.

• The risk is greatest for people who already have heart disease, though even people without heart disease may be at risk.

Here is a good news report explaining the new warning further:

Read more at the FDA and the Harvard Health Publication.


Every image in this video is an item, product or place that most of us who read this blog are familiar with, things that used to be commonplace in our lives but have mostly disappeared.


There are a lot more agencies of the U.S. Federal governments related to aging than just Social Security and Medicare. Until now, they have been scattered all over the internet but recently the Department of Healthy and Human Service (HHS) has rounded them up into a one-stop shop. Here's a screenshot of the home page:


Bookmark and you'll have just one place to go whenever you need to check on something related to ageing that the federal government handles.


There's SharkWeek and Sharknado and almost every summer day a new shark attack on swimmers or surfers. My friend Jim Stone sent this video that shows sharks are the least of human problems from animals.


Hardly a fascinating title, Food Waste, but on his Last Week Tonight show on HBO, John Oliver makes it so – also shocking and funny too.


Darlene Costner sent this little joke. Gave me a good laught when I needed it this week:

I was visiting my daughter last night when I asked if I could borrow a newspaper.

"This is the 21st century," she said. "We don't waste money on newspapers. Here, use my iPad.”

I can tell you this - that fly never knew what hit him.


According to Huffington Post, a new terminal will open at JFK Airport in New York next year. The Ark's “178,000 square feet of posh amenities"

”...will include everything from a resort with suites that have large flat-screen TVs, to climate-controlled stalls, showers, massages, a private space especially set aside for penguin mating, a paw-shaped dog swimming pool, a jungle for cats made of live trees that will give them a tantalizing view of the aquarium, and stables full of the finest hay a horse could hope for.”

Here are an artist's rendering of the dog area and the export stalls for quarantined horses.

The Ark dogs

The Ark horses

The Ark will be a first-of-its kind terminal at any airport with a price tag of $48 million. You can read more here.


Reader Alan Goldsmith sent this charmer of a video that needs no introduction.


The dancer is named Ksenia Parkhatskaya and the video is from the 2012 Stockholm Tap Festival. Isn't she the cutest thing.


After you see this news report about from Seattle about a seagull who won't let anyone park near her nest, I'm sure you'll agree with me that she should probably be added to that most dangerous animals video above.

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I love your Saturday 'Interesting Stuff' posts! They're always so INTERESTING! Thanks.

This week is outstanding! Laughed my way into the w/end. Thank you & thanks again. Dee:)

Thanks, great selection! I reposted the NSAID piece on fb. I have too many friends who gulp the stuff. John Oliver was disturbing and funny as always. Thought provoking way to start the morning.

I have SO much to do this morning. I didn't do it. Just sat here giggling and watching videos. Loved it!

I love the Norman Lear video. In fact, I love Norman Lear. Is he single?
John Oliver just keeps hitting it out of the ballpark. Being a depression kid I hate to see food wasted. That my be why all my fat has settled around my waist. ;-)

I am throwing my ALEVE container away after adding oil to the tablets so they can't be taken by someone scavenging the dump. Good to know.

Good for you, Darlene. Many clinics, hospitals, etc. have a depository for unused pills of all kinds - throwing them into garbage is problematic. (Maybe J.Oliver covered this - haven't watched his bit yet.)
While I appreciate Norman Lear, I remember well the magazine "Lear" that his ex-wife put onto the newsstands. Often contained information for elders and straight-up talk and interviews in the columns.

Seagull standoff - watch out! Moms are naturally fierce, when need be. Rather nice to see nature take over a man-made area that probably eliminated their former home...

Interesting and wonderful Stuff. The deadliest animal video was so well done and a real eye-opener in terms of various parasites and insects that we don't generally think about as dangerous. I subscribed to the Good Magazine website and look forward to seeing more of their work.

The Swedish dancer doing the Charleston was outstanding and absolutely gorgeous. I had my husband watch it, and he was dazzled by the young dancer,

John Oliver did a marvelous job of describing the terrible waste of food in a country which produces so much of it. It's hard to say what individual people can do about this matter because most of the food which is discarded never makes it into the supermarket (and possibly not into stalls at farmers' markets-although its hard to say about the latter).

Saturday’s blogs are always fun. I recognized everything in the nostalgia clip and Norman Lear’s Birthday song was perfect. The new format makes the video clips easier to see.

Thanks Ronni, today's items were all great choices. The deadliest animals video helps to keep things in perspective. I especially liked the Charleston dancer and flowergirl videos, And that was one protective mama seagull.

I just loved the Lear video. I'm a big fan.
LOVED the flower girl. He's a good dad.
You go moma seagull.

Another piece of Americana that will soon disappear is the A&P which announced that it has filed for bankruptcy this week. Along with the A&P brand, three other well known NYC supermarket brands, (Waldbaum's, Pathmark and Food Emporium, will go with it.
When asked why somebody just didn't buy the name Waldbaum's, a spokesperson said the store name is associated with a place "where your grandmother shopped" and not a modern supermarket.

Good stuff as usual.

Clearwater Beach Florida is guarded by a posse of hungry seagulls, who wait for unsuspecting snowbirds to unpack their picnic lunches and spread out some tasty food on a blanket. The seagulls zero in like WW2 bomber planes and snatch the sandwich neigh out of your hand.

It's entertainingly scary to watch someone tearing down the beach, sandwich in hand, birds hot in pursuit.

Someone shouts "drop the sandwich."

Some of those birds are huge beady-eyed beach gangsters with white suits and pointy beaks.

They walk straight up and shoot you that Robert de Niro "I'm looking at you," stare.

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