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Happy Birthday, Millie


This is a day early – it is tomorrow that Millie Garfield will be 90 years old but since I don't post on Tuesdays anymore, we can all celebrate with her for two whole days.

I've known Millie longer than anyone else I've met through blogging. In fact, she started doing this before I did.

Back in October 2003, Millie's wonderful son, Steve, set her up with a blog he called My Mom's Blog. You can see her first month of posts here.

Early on, with Steve as producer, cameraman and editor, Millie did a series of videos for her blog called “I Can't Open It.” Here's a sample episode and it shows one of the most important things to know about Millie – she loves to laugh, she does a lot of it and it's hard not to laugh with her:

She did another video series, a Yiddish class, and since she moved from her condo to Brooksby Village three years ago, she's been holding Yiddish classes in person for some of her fellow residents. Here's the video Steve and Millie made when she first considered the move to Brooksby:

There is a wonderful cookie and cake bakery here in Oregon called Faustine's and whenever there's an occasion – a birthday, for example – I have special cookies sent to friends. In a fabulous surprise for my 2014 birthday, Millie contacted Faustine's and had these special New York City cookies made for me:


Isn't that great? I Love New York teeshirts, high-heeled shoes, big apples and all. Thank you again, Millie. That was fantastic.

And now, Millie's birthday has rolled around again (of course, I sent some tasty Faustine's) and it is a big damned deal being 90 years old.

Such a big deal that as Millie related on her blog a few days ago, Steve started celebrating back in July and part of that included a cake with the inscription, "A freilekhn geburtstog Matel" which is "Happy Birthday Millie" in Yiddish.


There are more celebrations to come this week.

It's hard to have a virtual party online. No Pin the Tail on the Donkey, no party hats, no cake and ice cream, no way to sing Happy Birthday together. I've been wracking my brain for something special everyone can do on Millie's big NINE OH and this is the best I can come up with:

At this blog, we celebrate age. So in honor of Millie's 90th birthday, let's see how many years we add up to, all of us together. Undoubtedly, it will go off the rails as more than one person at a time participates but what the hell – parties should get kind of silly.

Here's how it goes: I'll start with Millie and me. Take her 90 years, add my 74 and we're already up to 164.

Now, the next one of you should add your age to that number and leave it in the comments for the next person to add onto and so on and so forth. Let's see how high we can get that number.

But before we get started, we must have a big bouquet of Millie favorite flower. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MILLIE. I am pleased and privileged to be your friend.


You can leave a birthday greeting at Millie's blog too.


Up to 233 with me (a couple of weeks would have added another 1)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MILLIE! I'm 65, so we're up to 229.

Add my 73 years (+1 come November) now we have 371

Happy Birthday Millie. I'm 63, so now we're up to 434!

Happy Birthday Millie. Add 74 and we're at 508!

OMGoodness! 90 yrs old Happy Birthday, Millie. I'm 78 so we are up to 512!



Many happy returns dear Millie! And may you have many more Happy Birthdays!!
I'm 66 so the total now comes to 652.
[Millie 90+Ronni 74+Peter 69+Marsha 65+ Arleen 73+ Cara 63+Alice 74+ Dee 78 + Me 66 = 652}

Thanks for the sorting out, Judy. Maybe some others during the week will follow on when the inevitable mixups sneak in.

Happy birthday, Millie! Wth my 73, we're up to 725.

Now we have 441 with my 74 (+1 in a couple weeks)

HApPy BirTHDay Millie. Enjoyed the sample of your blog; what a delightful gift to wake up to this morning.

Your animal crackers reminded me of Shirley Temple singing, "Animal Crackers in my soup".

Happy Birthday Millie!! With mine, we're up to 507.

Happy Birthday, Millie - enjoy this year as you have your others! You sure are a bright light in this world.

Add my 72 = 579,

Happy Birthday, Millie. Add my 79 and we are up to 658

Happy Birthday Millie...add another 78 for me...657

I'll be 76 in another week, so let's go with that -- bringing us to 733! Happy Birthday, Millie, and big hugs to you, Ronni.

Yom Huledet Sameach Millie... Add 51 for me..708

I'm 67, so that makes an even 300

Oops, I misread where the comments were going. So add my 67 to the last commenter and we get 775.

Feliz Navidad Millie!!! Add my 84 years....coming up on 8/31...two more weeks!

Elizabeth...in S.E. NM

Happy 90th Millie!

With all the postings, the tabulation seems to have gotten off, so I''m trusting that Ronni will at some point collect all the years posted and come up with what the number should be. Add 65 for me.

Cathy in Northern Illinois

Happy birthday, Millie!!
I'm 66, so that should bring us (since Nancy Wick's post and two following) to 990.

I can't keep up with the count, either, but add in 80 for me. And, may I say, you are an inspiration, Millie.......Happy Birthday!

OK !!! So I add Elizabeth's 84, and we get 859. And I add my 86 and we end up with 945 !!! Please note that i cannot do anything mathematical so......I may have added wrong ! Happy birthday, Millie !

up to 1132 with me and Fritzy before- Happy Birthday!

Well, we sort of got off the rails after Cam so I will have to start with her.. Cam - 725, SC Jones (74) 799,, Donna (66) 865, Simone(72) 939, Leola (79) 1018, Marct (78) 1096, Jean (76) 1094. Kelly (51) 1145, Nanc6 (67) 1112, and Elizabeth (84) 1196 and me (90) 1286.

Whew! I wish I had read this earlier. I hope it's correct, but probably not No computer used.

Happy, Happy Birthday wonderful jitterbuggine Millie.

1286 plus my 70 = 1356

Happy 90 to Millie! Add my 73 (in 6 days) to whatever total is the latest...seems there are about 2-3 going now. I hope you have many more happy healthy years Millie!

My darling husband is 75 today - and with my years, 75, that makes 150 more to add - for a grand total of 1282 years of living all wishing you the best year yet !

I was in too m0uch of a hurry and afraid another age would be posted before I could get my 2 cents in. That's jitterbugging. of course and Millie will know what I am referring to since we both were of the age for that dance. Again, have a super birthday as it's a great milestone. Congratulations on making it.

Zei Gezunt, Millie, and mazel tov.

I love Millie's spirit! Thanks for sharing her with me. Add my 70 years for a total of 1352.

Happy happy birthday. I am 70, so that makes 1,422 !!!

1422 plus my 71 = 1493

Plus 64 for a total of 1486.

68 + 1486 = 1554

What a great, funny idea!

74 more for 1628! Happy Birthday!

+72=1700! Happy birthday.

Enjoy the day. Millie. I'll be 82 in 2 weeks (can't believe it!) Someone else can do the math.

Flo just turned 57 and Nancy is 51, so adding that to Judyin NC's 82 on top of the 1700 = 1890! Happy Birthday Millie!!!!

Happy Birthday, Millie...I am 73 so now the total is 1963 which just happens to be the year I graduated from college and started my career as an educator.

Nancy and Flo's 1890 plus my 73 makes a total of 1963! That was a very good year....I remember it well! Happy Birthday Millie! Wish I felt and looked as good as you do at 90! Helen in Georgia

Happy Birthday, Millie!!!! I am confused by the totals, but you may add 84 for me. Anne in Sonoma

Ok 1963 + 68 is 2031
Happy Birthday Millie...you are amazing!

+ 64 = 2095


2031 plus 84 for Anne and 67 for me and we're at 2183nnI wish you a very happy birthday Millie from Ontario Canada.

+72 = 2167

Happy Birthday, Millie!

2183 so far.

Just rolled in from Montreal, via Angel Wings, to wish Millie a huge splash birthday party.

Millie, keep on rocking in the free world.

2183 plus 72 equals 2255.

So far.

2255 plus 65 is 2,320.

A very Happy Birthday Millie!

We're into higher mathematics here! We got off the rails again at Helen but if my calculations are correct it's 2401 + my 82=2483 Good Wishes and counting!!
Happy Birthday Millie! Wishing you a wonder-full year ahead...with more things that you CAN open!

2320 plus 76 is 2396
Happy Birthday
Lots of flowers in your way!


Millie--first meeting but I love you already! Many happy returns of the day and thanks to your son for his delightful videos of you.
At 2396 add in my 87 equals 2483--way to go!
Love and hugs, Nancy

Happy birthday to Millie! Add my 71 and we now have 2,554!! Eliza

Plus 91 for me - for a total of 2574. Happy B-day, Millie!

Happy Birthday, Millie. Of the little exposure I have had to you, you seem to be a delightful person. Thanks for the introduction, Ronni. 63 for me but the years have gotten all out of whack so I have no idea where we have gotten to.

2574 plus 67 = 2641!

Happy Birthday, Millie!

2641+68= 2709
Happy Birthday Millie

2709 +70 = 2709
Happy Birthday Millie

Sorry should be 2779

Adding 82 for me =2791. And my best wishes for a Very Happy Birthday to you, Millie.

Happy Birthday Millie!! You rock!!
Add my 75 to 2791 = 2866

Cara said she made it 434, She was the last to show up as posted on my screen. So, I can add; I just can't control the who posted last factor.

Good luck on sorting it all out, whomever takes on the task. we should have
just listed the years to add, I guess, and waited until the end of the day to
add it all up.

Ii have added my age of 68 to 2866 to get a total of 2934.

Happy Birthday Millie!

Plus 67 English years =3001

Happy Birthday!

Plus my 65 years here in Indiana = 3066

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Millie!

Happy Birthday to Happy Birthday to Happy Birthday dear Millie Happy Birthday to and many more...3068

This is so exciting !!!!! Imagine how all these flashing, colorful , powerful years have had such an impact on everyone we have touched and known in our world. AND WE DID IT !!!!

Happy Birthday, Millie. Add my 82 years.

Oops! I guess I was supposed to add my 82 years to the total, making it 3150. I am bad at math at this age!!

3150 + 62 = 3212

have a most happy Birthday Millie!

Happy Birthday Millie and I wish you many , many more!

3212 +70 = 3282!!!!!

3282 + my 86 brings the total to 3368.
..........and many more happy ones, Millie I love your energy. Arn't sons wonderful? Thanks to Ronni for sharing you. Nancy Lindgren from the Sierra, CA foothills.

Happy birthday, Millie. My +74 brings the total to 3442!

Happy Birthday Millie. Go for 100. My =79 brings the total to 3521!

Another happy birthday wish from me - 72. That plus 3521 = 3593. WooHoo!

Happy Birthday Millie!

Happiest of birthdays to you, Millie! 65+3585+ 3,650

Just knocked off an hour watching your I can''t open it" videos. What fun! Thanks for the heads up, Ronni.

Millie! Happy Birthday. 3,650=my 77 = 3727.

Let's keep it up, she has.

With my 81, Millie's up to 3808
Happy birthday, Millie.

Before the day is over I bet I'll hit 4,000 good wishes. As long as it's not pounds, I am thrilled and delighted to receive and handle so much cheer.
Thanks to you Ronni and all my fellow bloggers for making this day the BEST!!!!!


Whomever wants to take this on - I think Debi is 67 and I didn't see any age with Margaret K. to accompany her uplifting note! Then again, my eyes might be a tad weary....

It is well into Monday evening here in central Iowa. First I want to wish a very happy 90th birthday to Millie and then I want to add my 79 1/2 at least years onto the total. It's a little confusing at this point because the last two comments I read don't have numbers on them so I'm guessIng that I may just put the number over the top of 4000 years. I certainly hope so!

Happy Birthday Millie! I am please to meet you via TGB.

Now, then ... I am late to the party, not sure which number to add my 73 to. I know it's over 4000 so let's say a least 4,073. I did see 3808 in one post. Using that... taking off my shoes and Mr. Bruce's too... we tried counting... But only got to 40.. So I got my calculator and came up 3881.

The count I get is 3960...plus my 67 makes it 4027.
Happy Birthday Millie!

Add my 48 onto 4027 = 4075. Happy birthday Millie.

Add another 71. Always loved your videos Millie.
We're up to 4146.

Oh, Millie, 90 years! You looked GOOD in 2012, so I guess being nice is a good beauty treatment as is having a wonderful son. Add my 80 years to 4146, which is the last number I saw, and we're at 4226 total person-years on the planet. Happy, happy birthday!

Ack, I'm late to the party! Add my 57 to 4226 to total 4283. Happy Birthday, Millie!!

Happy B'day, Millie. I'm late, too, but add my 78 to 4283 and we're at 4361.

Happy 90th, Millie! Add my 61................4422!!!

Happy Birthday Millie! Hope you have the wonderful birthday you so deserve.

Add my 69...........4491!

A most happy 90th, Millie! And that so many more might come your way. Our world surely needs people such as you. OK, add my 80, subtotalling 4,571, and counting - -

As a bit of an obsessive (a bit, hah!) and a mathematician by training (although this is just arithmetic, no higher maths needed) I decided to perform the add ups (as we say in the maths game).
The running total was underestimated, the actual total to this point is 5910 and a half (plus several others who didn't leave ages).

Hooray! Today is the day! Happy 90th!
Happiest Birthday Wishes, Millie!

Add my 63 = 5,973+
All birthday wishes to come true!

Happy Birthday, Millie! Happy 90th!!!

With my 66 years, we have crossed to 6,039 years. Wow.

I hope you have many, many more birthday parties....both real and virtual!

Better late than never---Happy birthday Millie--

Add my 70 to 6,039 = 6,109

Happy birthday, Millie, Add my 80 and we'll have 6189.

What a fun way to celebrate a special birthday. Happy Birthday Millie.....add my 74 and get 6263.

Hi Millie, Happy Birthday. .Add my 86 years and we have 6349....

Europe calling, I'm a little delayed.
Gliklekh geboyn und Masseltov, Barbara.


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