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It's always fun to see newspaper front pages from important past events. (Hmmmm. With the internet and cell phones taking over news, will these historical artifacts disappear, I wonder?)

Anyway, I missed posting this on Wednesday when we discussed the 50th anniversary of Medicare, so here now is the front page of The New York Times the day after President Lyndon Johnson signed the Medicare legislation. Lead story with a photo above the fold. It was a big deal then and it's a big deal still. (Note the price: 10 cents)


An image of the full page is here;


This story is probably not new to you but it is still worth spending some time with today. A dentist from Minnesota, Walter J. Palmer, paid more than $50,000 to kill a lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe:

“The first shot, which the authorities say came from Dr. Palmer’s crossbow, was not enough to kill the lion. Cecil was tracked for nearly two days before Dr. Palmer killed him with a gun,” reports The New York Times.

Two days with an arrow stuck in his hide. Imagine if it were you. Here's the story:

Palmer, who has many "trophies" of big wild animals, is now notorious worldwide. He has shut his dental office and gone into hiding. According to various news reports, Palmer may have broken laws in both the United States and Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is seeking his extradition.

In the way of lion culture, it is now likely that male lions in the area will vie to take over Cecil's pride and the winner will kill Cecil's cubs. Here is some video of Cecil before this terrible crime was committed.


It's a question many of us ask every time we read of a new hack at a bank, credit card company, financial institution or any other large corporation.

The New York Times has published a quiz that will give you an estimate of what personal information of yours may have been exposed and how many times.

In my case, the quiz tells me my address and credit cards have been exposed twice, my email address four times, passwords two times and Social Security number once.

You can try it for yourself here. The story includes some information on what you can do help prevent this kind of theft.


Yep, just four Daily Shows with Jon Stewart remain until he signs off for the last time. He and the show have been a daily fixture in my life since I discovered them in the second year of the program's run. I never could stay up late enough to see it live and I'm grateful for the internet where it has been one of the first things I check in the morning.

Undoubtedly there will be something from next week's shows that I will want to include here next week but today I'm going to do something else - a Daily Show video without Jon Stewart because it's so funny and it concerns a man that Stewart so gleefully likes to skewer.

It is from one of the show's regular contributors (who will remain with the program when Noah Trevor (or is it Trevor Noah?) takes over - Lewis Black's “Back in Black” look at Donald Trump, as relevant today as when it was when first broadcast in 2012. And hilarious.


In the one-and-a-half seasons of HBO's Last Week Tonight show this, from last Sunday, is certainly one of the most powerful pieces John Oliver and his crew have produced.


There is a lot of information floating around these days about how the middle class is shrinking if not disappearing. But what is the middle class? How is it defined? Am I middle class? Are you?

Pew research has created a simple, five-question calculator to tell us, compared to others worldwide and within your own country what financial class you fall into as of 2011. Here is the quiz:

You can also try it online here where you can read more. The full study is here.


Have you ever Photoshopped an image to make yourself look better or maybe removed someone in the background? When you and I do that with our private photographs, no big deal. But when photojournalists do it, it can and almost always is seriously misleading. And it is usually done deliberately.

There is a transcript of the video here. An interview with Michael Kamber is here. And if you are in the area, Kamber's exhibit will be up at the Bronx Documentary Center through tomorrow, Sunday.


Forbes magazine has just published a classic blame-the-victim story and this time we are being told there is no such thing as age discrimination, that if you're 50 or older and can't find a job, it's your fault.

"...job hunters and workers in their 50s and 60s [are] holding themselves back because of their own limiting belief story about their prospects due to their age. (Limiting beliefs refer to thoughts or stories you tell yourself that don’t support you and impact your choices and behavior.)

"...It’s easier to assign blame than to take personal responsibility. As a life coach, I see this all of the time. Generally, people are completely unprepared to take a look at themselves, but have a ton of experience pointing the finger at someone else.”

Certainly I will get blowback on this, but all I need to know to dismiss this bogus psychology is that the writer is a self-identified “life coach.” Anyone can call him- or herself a life coach, even me. (Trust me, you don't want life advice from me). There are no regulations, no education, training or certification required. Just put out your shingle and start charging money.

Forbes is generally a respectable and respected magazine and some less-than-careful readers might believe this claptrap even though it is uncoupled from any known fact. The whole sorry article is here.


Did you hear this week about the amazing eight-year-old, Zion Harvey who got a dual hand transplant? Jim Stone sent me the video with the backstory. (Not counting John Oliver's weekly essays, this is a longer video than I usually post but I doubt you'll click out early.)

The surgery took place at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and here is a short followup from the Today show.

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

You are all encouraged to submit items for inclusion. Just click “Contact” in the upper left corner of any Time Goes By page to send them. I'm sorry that I won't have time to acknowledge receipt and there is no guarantee of publication. But when I do include them, you will be credited and I will link to your blog IF you include the name of the blog and its URL.


Morning Ronni.........the "I could carry on about how repugnant I find him but let's let Jon Stewart of The Daily Show do his wonderful, comedian-style Trump schtick – this one from Monday night. - See more at: http://www.timegoesby.net/#sthash.Ojr8IkV9.dpuf" doesn't shut off. July 22, and the sound keeps on giving no matter which entry I watch of yours. Sorry.

I think it only right and proper that Walter Palmer be extradited to Zimbabwe as that country has requested. We are a nation of laws and should behave as such. No American should be above the law in this or any other country. And while we're at it, we should ban all trophy hunting and the buying and selling of any product derived from trophy hunting.

Much good news/bad news today! The video of the dentist/lion hunter I couldn't watch when it first appeared on the news and didn't today. I have too many thoughts to comment on him other than I believe in Karma.

The video of Zion and the surgery team at Childrens Hospital in Philadelphia was like watching a miracle being performed! Amazing young boy...may he and the Doctors continue to do well.

Thank you Ronni for another Saturday filled with "Interesting Stuff'.

It.s hard to believe that Trump is for real! Maybe he's preparing for a new, so=called reality show. At least he'll make the so-called debates fun to watch.

All of these are very interesting. The story of Cecil the lion is both heartbreaking and disgusting. Temple Grandin did an excellent job of commenting on this in NPR's Here and Now yesterday.

Zion is an amazing child and his mother must be an amazing woman, He speaks as someone much older than eight, in fact more thoughtful and articulate than many adults.. What an inspiration for the rest of us,

The photoshopping piece clearly demonstrates how easy and common manipulation through the media can be.m and what is shown here is only a tiny fraction of what's put out there. Frightening to think of how little control any of us may really have over how we think about events.

And I wish my household income were really as strong locally and nationally as it is suggested to be globally. My husband and are living on Social Security retirement income of a modest amount, even for that source. Upper-middle income my eye! I wish it went as far in northern Illinois as it would in a third world country.

And the claim that older workers who have a hard time finding work have only themselves to blame is a bunch of hooey. ""...It’s easier to assign blame than to take personal responsibility. As a life coach, I see this all of the time. Generally, people are completely unprepared to take a look at themselves, but have a ton of experience pointing the finger at someone else.” - Now there's a compassionate and empathetic 'life coach' (I prefer to call them paid friends) for you. I am so tired of these -- "you can have or be anything you want as long as you believe you can" stories, especially from people who are trying to provide themselves very comfortable lifestyles by selling the life coach snake oil to others, regardless of whether or not the person on the receiving end can even afford the exorbitant charges. It seems that life is just becoming one big pay to play scenario,

The remarkable and lovable Zion Harvey, his courageous and giving mom, the brilliant health care team, and the bereaved family who gifted their child's hands. Fantastic people, welcome news.

Zion video was wonderful. He will go far.

It is beyond revolting to imagine Palmer tracking, stalking and killing this beautiful lion.
How easy it is to use a weapon against nature. May the fleas of a thousand camels invade his nether regions.


Zion Harvey. What a happy boy. Great story.

So, fifty-something and over job seekers are their own worst enemies, huh?

Check this out.

A woman in my zumba class stopped me in the parking lot.

Before even introducing herself, she began a long, fast rant about her life. It goes something like this:

Her mom has the beginnings of alzheimer, lives alone in a big house, has a leaking basement, calls the ranter ten times a day, has itchy armpits, lonely days, refuses to downsize, does not want to live "with all those old people," does not trust anyone but her daughter to look after her house, the contents, hates going to the doctor, has Niagara Falled her daughter on a daily, nightly basis until the daughter (Zumba woman) is close to breaking down.

Zumba woman has a job, an apartment, is a single mom, is walking a thin line between helping her mom and living her own life.

My response was to nod, nod, nod. I couldn't get a word in, even if I wanted to. Finally Zumba woman stopped to take a breath and I said "it must be very hard to cope with all that right now."

And she said "yes, I'm a LIFE COACH, and my own life is falling apart."


What if DT woke up one morning to find himself completely bald?

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