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Elderblogger List Updated for 2015 – At Last

Little by little, this blog is getting a face lift. First, there were some overall design changes, the new banner, a bit of simplification and now this.

Some readers have been nagging me about it for quite awhile and I have now finally got around to updating the Elderblogger List. It has been nearly two years - 21 months to be exact - since the last one.

Last week, I spent some hours each day visiting every blog on the previous list. First, I was surprised at how few have been abandoned. That's the good news. The uncomfortable part is wondering what happened to those who have disappeared or not published in six months, a year and more.

Did they get bored and just stop? Did they pick up their marbles and move to another address without telling readers? Have they fallen too ill to keep up? Have they died?

In almost all cases there is no way to know, adding to the mysteries of life in general and the internet in particular. (I'll discuss this soon in a different post.)

There is one blog that is no longer published but remains on the updated list. Although we never met in person, Mort Reichek and I became internet friends in the earliest days of our blogs.

He was a former journalist, a brilliant thinker and writer who died in 2011, at age 87. I don't want his blog, and I don't want Mort, to disappear. So Octogenarian stays on the list.

In between updates, I keep a running list of elderblogs I discover during web travels along with others that readers have emailed asking me to include. It's been long enough since the last update that even a few of those have disappeared or no longer publish but in the end, there are about the same number of new blogs on this list as ones that have been deleted.

So here is the shiny, new, up-to-date list (for a short while, anyway). You can always find it by clicking the Elderblogger List link under the header, Features, in the right sidebar.

Below are links to the blogs that are being listed for the first time:

The Aging Generalist
Antonia's Senior Moments
Aunt Beulah
Bohemian Coffee Club
Cathy @ Still Waters
Clearing the Space
Here there be musing
Home Town Tales

I've Landed
Jane's Journals
Jane Stillwater's Web Log
Monk's Progress
Musings of a Retiring Person
The Next Chapter
The Slithy Tove
Still the Lucky Few
The Summerhouse Years

Tess Abroad
Things Could Be Worse
Writing to Myself

If you have a blog you want added (your own or someone else's), use the Contact link above the banner at the top of each page and send me the URL. A couple of things to remember:

The blog must be at least three months old
It must be a personal blog, not commercial, retail, etc.
It must be free of advertising
It should publish a new story, poem, photo, etc. at least once a week


I know what you mean about disappearing blogs, especially if they've been fairly active. And if it's one you've visited fairly often, you can't help wondering what happened. I plan to leave concise instructions for my son about how to publish a post about what happened to me ... for when that time comes. I may draft something in advance so he doesn't have to do any writing.

Glad to see I'm still on the list. I do wonder about the missing ones too. I have a list for my kids with passwords and such so if they would be kind enough to let those who wonder know what happened.

Thank-you keeping the blog list going. I know it is the most complete and current list of personal blogs online. I appreciate this very much.

Personal note #1. I enjoy reading personal blogs, been reading different ones on that list for over a year. Ever so often I come across someone who stands out. People whom I like to connect when and become online friends.

Personal note #2.. I have 3 blogs I keep online, don't update. Deleting them seems like saying goodbye to friends.. Hard to do. Anyone else have that problem?

I've been reading your blog for years without commenting. Now after looking over all these other blogs - fascinating and fun as they are - I really appreciate yours!
Thanks so much and keep on blogging!

Thank you for this. I find that as many good blogs have become more and more institutional - more commercial, staff members, more "magazine-like" writing, I have to look around to find authentic and personal blogs that aren't so authentic and personal they're obscure;). And thanks for keeping me on the list.

After my Google account got hacked and I could no longer post on my blog I started another one with Word Press. I ran into editing problems and it became too frustrating for me to deal with. I found I no longer had the patience to read and retain information for solving problems and so I put it aside thinking I would go back to it, but that never happened. I doubt that it ever will now.

I miss the comments on my blog and the friends I made, but I just can't seem to find the inspiration to start a new blog. I am gradually eliminating as much pressure as I can from my life. There are enough unplanned for things to add stress and I do not want to create more.

I am so glad that you are keeping Mort's blog on the list. I've copied a lot of his posts because I think he showed more political wisdom that anybody I have read in a long time. Before he passed away, we e-mailed each other a bit and I was so saddened to see his life cut short by some idiotic automobile malfunction. We need more men like him out there - I know that he's sorely missed.

Darlene.. I can't get a handle on Word Press either. I have tried it 3-4 times. I have friends who are experts, couple even teach Word Press classes, everyone is very helpful. Just not a comfortable platform for me.

I am like you, not worth the frustration.

Yikes!!!!! I am finally back!!!!!! Hopefully, I'll be blogging again soon!!!!! Great to see y'all

Haven't checked to see if I still have a blog!!!! I'm looking to seeing my pa's!!!

I'm excited to have stumbled upon this posting! I work for a senior activity center, and I'm always looking for stories I can share with our participants to keep them informed! Will definitely be sharing this and checking back to these blogs over time!

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