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INTERESTING STUFF – 28 November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015, Everyone

A SHORT NOTE: Before I get to the holiday part of today's story, let me mention that I will soon be posting the annual gift ideas for elders column. If you have a suggestion or more, please forward them to me via the "Contact" link at the top of the page. I will consider them all but no promises that all will be included.

If you have a personal blog you want me to link to with your suggestion, include the name and URL in your message. Deadline is midnight Pacific time on Saturday 28 November.

* * *

In 2013 I vowed that due to my delight at rediscovering Arlo Guthrie's epic Thanksgiving fable, Alice's Restaurant, after the decade or two it lay somewhere in memory limbo, I would make the song the annual holiday anthem of TimeGoesBy.

As I noted that year, I was equally delighted to discover that with a couple of minor lapses, I still knew the entire monologue by heart. I can't say why but it gives me a great deal of pleasure to sing along for the entire 18 minutes, which I took the time to do (with gusto again this year) before readying this post.

Maybe you want to try that too.

It's a fine ol' song, don't you think.

A couple of weeks ago, Peter Tibbles – he of the Sunday Elder Music column here at TGB – emailed an early version of this now venerable tune, recorded live by Guthrie on some unknown date at Gerde's Folk City in Manhattan. It's obviously a work in progress and quite different from the final version - a rare treat to listen in on the development of a classic:

♫ Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant live at Gerde's Folk City

Just because I can and it's a holiday, I am giving myself a vacation from posting not only tomorrow, Thanksgiving itself, but Friday too. But I'll be back here on Saturday with the latest list of Interesting Stuff.

For everyone who honors me all year long by reading, commenting and/or generally hanging out here,



Thank you, Ronnie. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

I am thankful for friends who continue to inspire me to find and implement my best self. Thanks, Ronni! And Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Very thankful for all 3 of you, Ronni, giving information, insights and laughs. And to commenters one and all - this place in the wide, wild world is more than a place of expression and thoughts, it's fullness of friendship and sharing makes the coldest of days warm.

One day, in 1967, I found myself sitting in the waiting room at the U.S. Army induction Center at Fort Hamilton Brooklyn waiting for my second Selective Service pre-draft physical. We were in the middle of that stupid war in Vietnam and I was prime meat to be drafted. Arlo Guthrie's song played over and over again in my head as I tried to figure out a way to get myself classified 4F.

You deserve the holiday, Ronni. Enjoy!

Gift ideas for elders. Can't wait to send my kids a link, in case they need a suggestion.

Happy Thanksgiving Ronni, Ollie, Crabby Old Lady, and all of the commenters whom I enjoy reading, too.

I am grateful for you, Ronnie, and how much you enrich my life. Happy Thanksgiving to the three of you! :-)

May you and everyone who comes here every week have a happy Thanksgiving holiday. May your turkey be juicy and your dressing be full of sage. And may there be love around your table.

Happy Thanksgiving to you Ronni and to all TGB readers. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

I do honor you & all the effort you put into your posts to keep us informed & positive about our aging. You are on my Thanksgiving gratitude list. Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to all and greetings from Puddy the Cat in Seattle to Ollie the Cat.

@Bruce, Your comment is especially interesting, given a recent news item in the Seattle Times about Arlo Guthrie and Alice's restaurant. Apparently, Arlo's being arrested by the police for dumping resulted in him having a criminal record. Which resulted in him not being eligible to serve in the military although he tied to enlist.

Of the many things I am thankful for, I count you and this site among them. Ronni, THANK YOU for all you fo to make this a friendlier world.
Enjoy your day off!

Gifts for seniors...I have several elderly neighbors who find it difficult to shop etc. They still like to send holiday cards to friends. I receive many cards from various charities I give too. So I take those with new postage stamps as a happy holiday neighbor to neighbor..they are very appreciative.

Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours, especially for helping me stay sane in this mad world........may your life be filled with abundance for all time. Dee :)

Have a joyous Thanksgiving Ronni!

Happy Thanksgiving to you Ronni and to all TGB readers. Like Fritzy Dean, your blog is one of the things for which I am grateful!

Thank you , Ronni, and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Ollie, and all here (Peter Tibbles and Norma, too -- do they observe Thanksgiving in Oz?) May everyone enjoy a day of rest, good food, pleasant companionship (whatever form that may take) and Peace!

Ah, lovely Ronni. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours in Alice's Restaurant.

Hi Ronni..My family has listened to Alices Restaurant since it first cam out! You and I, Ronni, are lucky enough to live in a metro area where one of the radio stations (KINK FM101.9) plays it in full at noon, every Thanksgiving..it's also streamed over your computer..for those who might want to listen but don't have a local station that plays it..just google the call letters KINK.

Good wishes and good food to everyone-and enjoy your time off, Ronni.

Your neighbor, Elle, in Beaverton.

Great old song ... thanks for posting. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Best Thanksgiving EVER - sitting on the back deck, swaddled under blankets, looking at the sky with my husband, my 10 year old and my 8 year old, listening to Arlo sitting on the Group W Bench.

Yes, husb and I sang along, too :)

Happy Thanksgiving! I am so grateful to you for inspiring me to perservere.

Happy Thanksgiving, Ronni
Thank you so much for your blog. I have gone back through all the archives and it's been such inspiration and help to me. I enjoy it more than anything I read on the Internet. Thank you again!

Happy American Thanksgiving, Ronni.

Mom's favourite Christmas gift?

Taxi vouchers.

Great for getting around during winter.

Arlo was on my PBS station last night and I watched him with tears in my eyes - nostalgia for the old days. He did Alice's Restaurant and the audience joined him with enthusiasm. I learned last night that A'sR a type of music called talking blues.

I went to a couple of Woody Guthrie annual Hootenannies in Woody's Oklahoma hometown of Okemah when I lived in Tulsa. Arlo was there both years and with his children one and he always did A'sR, of course. He said in his patter one time that they were studying the song in universities these days. I took my 90 yo republican mother to one of the hootenannies...she was a trooper and didn't wince or lecture about the language later, which I thought she might do.


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