ELDER MUSIC: Toes Up for the Second Half of 2015
New Year's Eve Eve 2015

A Holiday Pet Feast

You might have noticed that I am mostly taking off these two holiday weeks from anything serious. A kind of vacation to get rested for the new year.

Today's silliness dropped into my inbox at the last minute. You've probably seen it before, dogs at a table having a meal with human hands. But there have never been so many animals at once as this latest episode: 13 dogs and one cat. From Freshpet and the Humane Society of Utah. One last Christmas treat of the season.

That's cute enough for a Christmas animal video but it gets better. The producers and Freshpet have given us a behind-the-scenes, making-of video that is two-and-a-half times as long as the finished product.

What a circus. Take a look.


That is totally priceless! Thank you for posting it.
Made me want to go down to the SPCA and adopt a kitty.

Delightful. I'd not seen this before. Wish I had the means to adopt more.

Thanks for this. It reminded me of my own family pet (Sandy, a dog of mixed parentage), who we were fortunate to have with us for 18 years. He ate essentially what the rest of the family ate with some dog food supplements. His table manners however, were not as good as the dogs in the video.

Great fun! Have loved the final product several times this season, but nice to see the "How it was made" version. Dogs and cats easily steal the show in any media presentation.

Happy New Year, Ronni! Wish you all the best!

The cat's at the head of the table, of course! I volunteer for a cat rescue organization in the Seattle area and we are always hoping for great adopters. Our shelter and many others have wonderful kitties--including many "senior" cats--who need forever homes. My husband and I have two--14 and 10 Y/O all-black cats (the color last to be adopted, unfortunately). They're great cats, although we're still working on harmonious living. The 10 Y/O (adopted in October) had never lived with another cat so it's a major transition for her.

I had seen the finished video before but that 'behind the scenes' video was just absolutely great! Those young folks did such a great job working on the filming and with the animals. I had no idea these were all rescue animals so that just added to the magic of the video.

What fun to watch...both videos. That fact that they were rescue dogs makes it all the more mind blowing.


I LOVE this!

Great videos! I think we are ALL taking the holidays to stop thinking and just enjoy. Thanks.

Love it.

There is a cat out there for me, someday.

Just a matter of time, and less travelling.

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