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INTERESTING STUFF – 5 December 2015

Happy Hannukah 5776

This year Hanukkah begins at about 4:30PM my time on Sunday but because Sunday is always Elder Music with Peter Tibbles day at this blog, I'm celebrating online today.

I will, however, be lighting the first-night candle at the proper time on Sunday. It's not that I do much about being Jewish but I like the Hanukkah candles each evening for eight nights. And I like the story.

My Israeli friend, Yaakov Kirschen, has been writing and drawing his Dry Bones cartoon for more than 40 years. (You can follow him at The Dry Bones Blog.) This is his entry for Hannukah this year.



I'll see you back here tomorrow for Saturday's regular Interesting Stuff post.


There's something about these rituals, mostly remembered from our childhood, like the advent wreath, that bring some measure of comfort in this mad world of adults who keep screwing things up. In any event, the best to you & Ollie on this blessed Jewish holiday season. Dee :)

Chag Sameach!

There is probably more to this ritual than I know, and I like this one, though I've never done it .

I read decades ago of the Hindu ritual, I believe it's the beginning of November, where each home, business, etc. has a candle or light in the window or outside for a day and night. The purpose to cast light on ignorance and keep it out of our living. I'm sure there's a more eloquent expression of this - it's been a long time and I'm too groggy this morning to look it up.

Happy Hannukah.

I used to read Yaakov Kirschen's 'Dry Bones' faithfully, in the 'Jerusalem Post', when I lived in Israel. I'm happy to learn that he has a blog, and I like knowing that you count him as a friend. I wish to us all a happy and peaceful holiday season, whatever holiday we may celebrate. For me, I think I'll stick with the Solstice! :-)

Happy Hannukah everyone and a special greeting to my Jewish friends.

Thanks a beautiful Menorah, Ronni.

The Jewish Council at Brooksby Village is having an evening with entertainment and potato pancakes! They make them and clean up afterwards. I never minded making them but the clean up, I could do without!

Whether you make them or buy them - Enjoy Hannukah !

It's a wonderful story and ritual. Best holiday wishes to you and all your readers.

Like the Fiddler said "Tradition!". When the world is so troubled as it is today, it is nice to have some beautiful traditions to lend comfort and joy to our lives.

A beautiful tradition.

Happy Hannukah, Ronni, Ollie and Crabby Lady.

Happy Hannukah, Ronni.

Bernadette: You put into words just how I feel.


I want to wish you a happy holiday filled with the good things keeping a spiritual ritual can bring. Be well and happy.

Thanks dearest Ronni. Just happened to notice this. Miss you and both of us wish you a very happy holiday!!!

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