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First Annual Time Goes By Donation Week

I was still working full time when I began developing the idea for Time Goes By. Then, when I unexpectedly withdrew from the workforce in 2004, I simply transferred the energies I had devoted to my (mostly fascinating) jobs over nearly half a century to exploring out loud on this blog, what it's really like to get old.

What I did not know at the start was that TGB would become so much more satisfying than those jobs. Even after all these years, it remains a labor of love that while I wasn't looking, also turned me into an advocate for elders.

Surprising to a woman who had been a paripatetic generalist all her life, this ongoing interest in all things ageing is as enjoyable today as when TGB was new.

That includes not just the work I turn out but the thoughtful, knowledgable and often funny contributions from the community of readers who post their observations in the comments and send suggestions for future posts or Saturday's Interesting Stuff.

All that said, here comes the pitch.

From its debut, Time Goes By has been a free and ad-free zone on the internet. As it will always remain. But now I am asking that if you find value in what is turned out here, you might consider donating to the upkeep of Time Goes By.

It takes at least as many hours per week as a full-time job for me to produce Times Goes By and the costs keep increasing.

The immediate impetus for this new “feature” is that the daily email delivery of the blog has become so cluttered with messy and intrusive advertising that it is nearly impossible to read. That is the free version from the third-party service.

To deliver an ad-free email to the thousands of subscribers costs hundreds of dollars and that is, of course, in addition to the other costs required to maintain TGB.

So today I am instituting an annual donation drive that will take place for one week somewhere near Valentine's Day each year.

The campaign consists of this introductory blog post with a link to the Paypal donation page along with a MUCH shorter version of this invitation at the top of the blog page through next Sunday.

First and foremost: no one is required to donate. Nothing about TGB will change if you do not. This is entirely voluntary.

If you do choose to donate, no amount is too small. Whatever is reasonable and comfortable for you is good.

You do not need a Paypal account to donate. When you click on the link below, the Paypal donation page will open (it's a little slow sometimes) where you will have two choices:

  1. You can donate via credit card or, if you have a Paypal account, by a money transfer both in any amount you want.

  2. You can make a one-time donation or choose a recurring monthly donation.

All this works in the Unites States and internationally.

Let me reiterate. Except for email subscribers who will begin receiving an ad-free version of Time Goes By as soon as donations reach the price of purchasing it, nothing will change.

Here is the Paypal link which you will also find near the top of the right sidebar.

Although the donation button is now a permanent piece of the furniture in the right sidebar, you will need to suffer through this campaign only once a year.

And to not depart from the blog's purpose completely today, here is a lovely little clip from a recent Bruce Springsteen concert proving that no one is ever too old to rock out.

“A woman down in the pit area has a sign asking Bruce to dance with her 88 year old mother, and Bruce happily obliges her.”

Thank you for that clip, Tom Delmore, and thank you all for your interest in Time Goes By.


Ronni, I admire you that you have kept the blog ad free all these years. Especially since zillions of people are writing blogs just to make money. And most of those are not nearly as good as TGB. I pay for a couple of "important to me" blogs. I am happy to donate to TGB.

Happy to to oblige so that I can keep up with you & TGB every day :) Dee


Thank you for the opportunity to help keep this blog "on the air" Ronni. I feel the same way about this as I do helping to support my local public radio station and am happy to do what I can to help.

Happy to help as your blog articles really hit home with me. I'm 73, soon to be 74 and am fairly techy! I'm on Periscope a lot and I think I'm the oldest one scoping so I was really wondering if there are people my age on the internet at all anymore. But I see, through your blog and your commenters that there are. Thank goodness!!

Thanks for incorporating that link to PayPal, Ronni. I've wanted to contribute to the upkeep of this excellent resource for quite a while. Now I'm able to put my money where my eyes are :^)

Happy to! I look forward to your blog and do get so much information from you and I also learn from the comments section as well!

Note to Shirley Corwin.. You and I are same age. I love the Internet, it is my lifeline in numerous ways. I watch Periscope. Have never videoed anything. How might I find you? I am on Twitter as Miss_Dazey.

You may already know, but if you click on the Donate button it takes you to the Paypal home page, not to a TGB donation page. I don't know where for find the correct place to donate if the link doesn't take me there. Looking forward to helping!!

Amending the above: if you click the link from the email one reads in one's InBox it doesn't take you there. It DOES work if you go to the blog itself!

Great idea Ronni! I have felt guilty about not paying something for all I have learned from Time Goes By over the years. Thanks for this opportunity!


Whether email links work, work well or not is dependent on each individual's email program settings which everyone chooses themselves so there is no way for me to account for how links, videos, etc. behave in any given person's email messages. Sorry.

Thank you Ronni. Not only for the fantastic blog, but the opportunity to help keep it running smoothly.

No wonder Bruce Springsteen has such a following! Great video! And am pleased to contribute to TGB--the day isn't complete without checking in to see what entertainment and useful knowledge is in store.

I'm pleased to contribute to the upkeep of this wonderful blog.

As an aside, I'm curious as to why anyone would prefer to read it through their email application rather than using a browser. In my one experience with this (a different blog) the print is very small in email and some of the formatting is lost. What am I missing? Thanks.

Count me in, though it may take me 'til tomorrow to accomplish it. I've lost track of all the great variety of "foods for thought" this blog has offered me, along with inspiration posted by fellow followers. It's all been so useful in dealing with this very special time of our lives. Many thanks. Rock on !

Of course! Happy to help. At 57, perhaps I'm on the younger side of some of your readers, but I find your blog to be invaluable. I'm a sporadic reader, but this is one of the few blogs I read regularly and if I haven't check in for a few days or a week, I go back and read all the posts (and comments) I've missed. Can I tell you how I found your blog? I was house-hunting (not really, just as a pastime) online and came across a post you'd written about things elders should consider when purchasing a home or moving. Primary among them was to consider a one-storey house or at least to get a bedroom on the ground floor, because if you didn't have that, sooner or later you might find yourself sleeping in the dining room as illness or age overtook you. (I paraphrase, but that was the gist.). This resonated with me deeply as that exact circumstance happened with my Dad. Anyway, I've been reading ever since. Thank you, Ronni, for the enlightenment you provide.

Of course!

Great idea! It costs more and more to have a blog, and yours is one of the most interesting and varied blogs on the web. I appreciate the opportunity to contribute!

I'll be happy to donate; however, it will need to wait until next month. After due consideration and much hesitation, we finally decided to get our old, moldy, icky shower replaced--only to have the contractor report a short time ago that there are "complications" which will add to the already-significant cost. He showed us where there has been water damage in the past. We need completely new flooring under the shower pan. That wasn't in the budget!

Incidentally, if it's possible to estimate, I'd be interested in knowing the approximate cost of operating a blog such as TGB. I've had trouble with PayPal in the past and never use them so hope I can donate using a credit card.

Done. With gratitude.

Thank you for your blog and thanks to all those who comment. Happy to be part of such an interesting, educational, and fun enterprise.

Having run a blog for 10 years in the early days of the internet I wondered how you managed to pay for everything involved. I dismantled my Low Fat Vegetarian weight loss site when it began to be too expensive..Pre Paypal, pre Bit Coins and all.
It's good to ask ones friends for help,Ronni..and I'll join the others in supporting Time Goes By.


I would bet that many of your readers didn't have a clue as to how much you have spent keeping us informed about the myriad issues involved with aging.

The hard work you do researching and writing this blog is invaluable. We all owe you a debt of gratitude.

Well, that was easy. Thank you, Ronnie, for making this opportunity to give back possible.

Will you let us know, at the end of the week, if you have met the goal you need?

I am so happy to support TGB. I enjoy everything - the insights, crabby’s rants, the amazing videos, and the comments. I worried that with the decrease in letter writing, future generations would not know how it was to be an elder in the 21st century. I am encouraged that this blog will live on in cyberspace as evidence of our lives during this time.

Grateful for all you do. And grateful I can help.

Happily and very gratefully!
Thank you for the opportunity and thank you, and Tom Delmore, for the clip ... loved it as much as I love the more famous "Dancing in the Dark" video!

Happy to donate. In my 83 year old mind, it's no different than the yearly subscription to a favorite print magazine and I get much more enjoyment reading your blog.

Will gladly donate in appreciation of all your good work. Thanks, Ronni.

Happily sent you a donation. Thank you for all your work Ronni.

Happy to have the opportunity to show my appreciation for the time, energy, effort and caring that you put into TGB!


Thank you for your labour. I am Portuguese and live in Portugal. I have a Master's in Gerontology and really enjoy your blog. Please keep up the wonderful work.

Forgot to say: my donation is sent :)

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