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Thank You, Time Goes By Readers

When the donation drive began last week, I would have dismissed the idea – if it had occurred to me - that I would be writing about it today. I thought I would email a personal thank you note acknowledging each contribution and get on with publishing Time Goes By.

But you, dear readers, changed that. So many have donated that it would take me weeks to write everyone individually so I have resorted to this public appreciation.

Let me start with this: I know that people all over the internet hold various kinds of fund raisers for many different reasons so no one is unfamiliar with it. Nevertheless, I am dismayed, confounded and abashed (lovely, old-fashioned word that is perfect in this instance) at the generosity of Time Goes By readers.

Some contributors are people I consider friends, others I recognize from comments and email over the years but mostly, amazingly, the majority of donations are from people whose names I have never seen before. I didn't count but I estimate that last group at 75 or 80 percent.

So to those whose names are new to me, hello. I am pleased to “meet” you finally.

Also, it is a load of fun to see how far flung TGB readers are. Again, I didn't count, but I'm pretty sure you cover most if not all 50 U.S. states and quite a few other countries – Australia, Canada, Germany, India, France, Israel and England among them.

A lot of you left the nicest notes with your contributions. They are private so I should not quote them here but there is one from Arnold Sivakoff I hope he will not object to my sharing because it is spot on:

”The donation is worth the upgrade to ad-free email.”

No kidding! Me too. I subscribe to my own email feed to be sure it is delivered properly and on time each day. For many months (years?), it has been a mess of ugly advertising scattered all over the page making it painful to try to read.

No more. The online version of Time Goes By has always been ad-free and as of last Wednesday, thanks to your contributions, the email version is also without advertising. That makes me so happy.

Another note I'm going to take a chance with publishing is from Mary Gerritsen because – well, how could it not make me happy:

”You have helped me in my journey to old age innumerable times,” she wrote.

The feeling is mutual. If not for all of you, I would just be blowing smoke here, writing for myself. Your thoughts and suggestions and jokes and presence and support help educate me too in this late-life journey we all must make. I am grateful for each of you every day.

And now, because of your generosity, I can breathe so much easier when the TGB bills come due during the year. Thank you all.


Just wish I could have been more generous as you have been these past years. If I'm here for the next drive, I do more. Thanks for being here for me/us. :) Dee

The internet was born of community and bringing people with like interests together is the one thing it does really well. And while at times it can get out of hand, it's still the best form of mass two-way communication we've come up with.
This group's views on such topics as "ageism" and prescription drugs and politics and just coping with the everyday "business" of growing old, is just what I was looking for.

What? I am far too busy building my old age foundation these days. I missed this! I'm often absent but I always appreciate TGB when I can drop for all the sound advice and joy it purveys. This helpful resource must be supported. Thanks for the opportunity to do so, Ronni.

Thanks for just being you, Ronni.

Your openness and candor are so refreshing in this age of deception. It has been my pleasure to call you "Friend" these many years.

I want to help support this community as well Ronni, as it becomes more important to me all the time. However, (the great however lol) am currently in the cataract process which ties up all discretionary $s. Is it possible you'd accept a check next month that I could simply mail to you? If not I'll wait for the next round and be more prepared.

Many thanks for all your work!

Just found a quote I thought you might like, Ronni, et al ...

The closing years of life are like the end of a masquerade party, when the masks are dropped.
---Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher (22 Feb 1788-1860)

Please. No one should contribute who cannot afford it with ease and I know all about medical costs: Teeth!

Although the annual campaign is finished and you won't hear about it again until next year, the donate button will remain in the right sidebar. I'll probably move it around later, but it will be there somewhere.

You are welcome, Ronni. Wish we had had the opportunity sooner. You deserve the boost as you have boosted our spirits and knowledge over the years.

I hope donations will still be accepted in March. I was unable to donate this month due to an unexpectedly large house-related expense. However, I'm a regular reader of TGB and definitely want to contribute.

Please see my response above to Susan. The donate button will be somewhere in the right sidebar, permanently functional. You just won't hear about from me again until next year. You can use it, if you are inclined, any time you want.

Ronni, just to let you know--I followed your link, hit "Donate," and was just taken to my account on Paypal, without any hookup with your blog. I couldn't find a place where I could donate to TGB! I finally gave up--sigh. But please, know that I love your blog, follow it faithfully, and am thrilled to have such good company--you and your readers--on this path!

I'll try finding my way to the right place to donate again . . . but I'm wondering if I need to try another browser (I'm on Safari.)

I don't know what to tell you. Over many years, I've never had trouble donating to anyone via Paypal and a large number of people have donated to Time Goes By during this past week without difficulty.

Again, I'm sorry I can't help.

@ Kate...I also use Safari and had the same result..If you enter Ronni's full name her account will be credited. Helps if you set up a paypal account ahead of time..not absolutely necessary but I do use paypal for many online purchases. It's a handy option to banking that those of us who shop online frequently can take advantage of.

@Ronni...I also consider myself a friend and neighbor Ronni. And, like so many others have commented, I value your writing, the occasional emergence of your alternate blogster, Crabby Old Lady, and have appreciated ho much your writing has made me more aware of ageism. Funny how I accepted ageist comments prior to your postings opening my eyes - and also funny how friends and family reacted, at first, when I tried to tactfully explain the similarity between ageist remarks, weight related comments, racial and religious bigotry.

Now my grandkids are much more aware of whats acceptable to the mature citizens of our community and what is not.

I also like that I speak out now, when someone calls me "young lady" "oldster" "Honey, sweetie and other patronizing names" I say "Just call me by my name, Elle, and leave it at that."

Be well, Ronni, and I'm so pleased that together your fans have enabled Time Goes By to continue as long as you wish it to.

Ronni, I am one of those contributors whose name was new to you. I think I've commented online only once and sent you an email once in the past several years.

But I follow the blog consistently. This is a place where I know I can count on gaining new knowledge and insights as well as follow interesting and relevant conversations from those folks who regularly participate.

I often feel like I'm back in my professional life as a public policy analyst, reading and considering a wide range of information, experiences, and points of view from a variety of sources about a major social policy issue of our time.

It was my pleasure to be able to contribute!

Thanks Ronni!

Thank YOU, Ronni. As Mary Gerritsen said, "you have helped me ... innumerable times". It is a privilege to take a small part of the many burdens you carry for us off your mind.

And may I just repeat a previous request, please? That you find a way (or a helper or two) to put certain, always topical, always useful posts in a book that we can buy? I would love to have "Time Goes By" by my bed.

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