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ELDER MUSIC: Singing with Willie



A lot of us at this blog are old enough to remember the 1950s in some detail. Reader Nancy Leitz has provided us with a montage of artifacts from that decade from 65 years ago.


There are a couple of Scottish comedians named Iain Connell and Robert Florence. This is the first time I've seen them and in this skit, they are having a fine ol' time making fun of voice recognition. Thank you Darlene Costner.


A friend sent this newspaper clipping from a married couple who describe themselves as Ivy-educated, politically liberal Democrats who, after looking at the candidates, say

”Yes, we could be like the good citizens who voted for a 'tameable' Hitler in 1933 to get things back on track. But the alternatives look worse.”

Read the full letter below to see how they arrived at this position.


I suspect there are more than a few Democrats who feel this way. Scroll down at Buzzfeed to read what else this couple says about their possible choice.


There is a similar glass-floored walk over the Grand Canyon in the U.S. This one is at Jasper National Park in Canada that is 900 feet above terra firma.

I couldn't watch much of the video from the Grand Canyon glass walk that I posted here a while back nor I can't look at all of this one. It is a mystery why I keep posting these.


If Medicare is not the most complex program of the U.S. federal government, it is damned close. I'm pretty sure no one knows all of its details.

Enter Medicare Interactive [MI] from the Medicare Rights Center that answers, they say, two million questions about Medicare:

”Medicare Interactive provides easy-to-understand answers to the questions posed by Americans with Medicare, their families and caregivers, and the professionals serving them,” states the website.

“Drawing on the experience and best practices of Medicare Rights’ expert counselors and attorneys, MI offers a wealth of answers to Medicare questions in a variety of formats, and is available for use anytime...

“MI Pro builds on the 25 years of counseling expertise of the Medicare Rights Center, a national, nonprofit consumer service organization that works to ensure access to affordable health care for older adults and people with disabilities.”

If you're new to Medicare or a long-term beneficiary needing some answers, this is an excellent new website to help you out with Medicare – something to bookmark for when you might need it for yourself or a loved one in the future. Check it out here.


I am really good at parallel parking a car and uncommonly proud of it. I can usually do it in one go even when the space is squeaker small.

But that's as close to nothing as you can get compared to what this FedEx driver does with his 18-wheeler in Manhattan. Wow.


We like to make rueful jokes around this blog about how our memories fail us particularly in small, irritating ways. A reader commented recently that she can't remember what she's looking for in the time it takes to walk across the kitchen.

In a story at Salon.com, reprinted from Scientific American, Julia Shaw reports on research that explains how some people who pay a different kind of attention are better at keeping information in their “working memory” and I think we elders could make use of this information:

”...attention and memory are inextricably linked,” reports Shaw. “By paying attention to an object, you increase its representation in the brain and make it easier to remember.

“But making something easier to remember is only one aspect of attention. Paying attention also means ignoring all of the distracting information in our world.”

There is more to it than I have quoted, but you don't have to be a scientist to know that this makes sense and could be useful to help out with the grocery lists we don't write down.

Read more here.


As I mentioned only yesterday, I have no interest in sports. In fact, I am not just disinterested in all big league sports, I actively dislike them and the amount of space they take up in American society and media.

But this leapt out at me because it is from The New York Times which hardly ever features in such a big way anything about sports. Therefore, I thought I should pay attention and I'm glad I did. Amazing.

(Originally, I posted the video from The New York Times but got a note that it's blacked out for other uses, probably due to the NBA. I found this one, highlights from Curry's 2015 season that is almost as spectacular.)

You can read about Stephen Curry at The Times and see their terrific compilation video too.


You are undoubtedly aware that ducks imprint on people sometimes. Johnny Carson used to have loads of fun on his TV show with ducks who thought their keeper was their mother.

But who knew that sometimes the imprinting goes both ways. Wait until you see this adorable little girl and her duck. I'll bet you watch it twice. Or more. Thank you Alan Goldsmith for sending in the video.

* * *

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I just spent a few minutes "Lost in the Fifies", and allowed myself a few tears over how much time has passed. There is nothing like a picture to bring back memories in vivid color! I was in my teens during the fifties, and I marvel at my long and healthy life, and how much living I have done!

the alternatives are worse than Hitler?
and these people say they are educated?
I know people don't like Hillary but I'd rather have her in office fighting republicans than have Drumpf in office doing whatever he feels like.

Ah, the 1950s, the good, the bad and the ugly. But I can tell you this: I once got a job solely because I knew who Hopalong Cassidy was. As for the letter ... I always stop reading as soon as the writer starts insulting their opponents and calling them names.

P. S. Try out my Quiz page: Who Didn't Start the Fire?

Great compilation today!! Loved the 50's and the duck and the elevator - and yes - I would walk on the glass walkway - I just don't want to pay as much as they want for it.

Spotted several items not from the 50s. Stephen Curry's moves remind me of the great Globetrotter Marquis Haynes.

We here in the Bay Area know all about Stephen Curry and just can't wait for the next game. The whole team is so much fun and very exciting. Each team member has great skills and just appear to be having a great time. Not at all typical of big time athletes, Steph doesn't act superior or stuck up. He really is just what you see - a big kid loving what he does and grinning all the time.

I found it amazing that the "educated" liberals, Jon and Elsa Sands, didn't even consider Bernie Sanders. Nowhere in their letter does his name appear. Their reasoning for not voting for the ones they did mention is valid, but incomplete. Do they really want this narcissist bully with his finger on the nuclear button? I'm afraid I would have titled their letter with "A letter from educated fools."

Oh the "fifties". I started that decade with the birth of my son so Nancy's offering brought back many memories.

I would not get on that glass walkway for a billion bucks.

Enjoyed all but am aghast at those who think Trump is the only option. Being elected does not mean you get everything you want done. You may, however, do untold harm by being brash and out of control. I must have penned additional comments here five times already, but suffice it to say I am just aghast!

Good selection today!

The 50s - played it over a couple of times, for the music alone.

The duck - adorable.

Another SF bay area fan of Steph Curry - he should be the sports poster boy.

Once drove an oversize truck, but never into the smaller size garage, on the first try.

Thanks for the good mornin', Ronni.

:) Enough of the positive here to leave me feeling good! Anything about the upcoming election makes me sad and frustrated. I loved the 50's, the duck, and the lift!

You've outdone yourself, Ronni.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who got teary over the '50s video. Those were my teen years, and the music really made it special. The duck and its "mom" were adorable. And the parking! I expected to hear applause and wild cheering at the end. Can't tell you how often I've marveled at the skills of big rig drivers, and it's often only because they've made a really tight turn without hitting anything. Doesn't begin to match what the driver in the video did.

Hi Ronni:
I, too, am not a great sports fan. BUT I do love fantastic players. So when Wayne Gretsky became one of the best hokey players around, I became interested in hokey. When Tiger Woods came on the scene, I became interested in golf. When Tom Brady came on the scene, I became interested in football. and now, it is Steph Curry. Wow! (p.s. I no longer watch hokey or golf and only the playoffs [if Tom Brady is in them] these days. Caught up on Steph Curry's career. Phenomenal. And seems to also have a good heart and modesty to boot.

The 50s were my 20s, and what a time it was. Sometimes fun, sometimes not. Thank you for the reminder of the tokens of the era.
There is a small hotel in Arles with a transparent floor covering a partially excavated section of ancient ruins. Oh, about 10 ft square. I and my knees barely made it across the glass once. I went around coming back.
Now, I don't even much like basketball - But! Yes, I've watched nearly every game this season because of that delightful Stef Curry who is not only an excellent player, he's an inspiration!
The duck? Wonderful, thanks for posting, as also with the Truck parking exhibition.

Can you tell I especially enjoyed your Interesting Stuff today!

I just checked out MEDICARE INTERACTIVE and learned that it doesn't work any better than the MEDICARE.GOV site.
My question was how to change my address, since I will be moving. ZIP was the response.
The government website that does an excellent job is SSA.GOV; perhaps they could communicate to improve service.

Couldn't watch the glass walkway, no way you'd get me up there :-) Absolutely loved the elevator video, all around good Saturday post Ronni.

ann stock...
For others who might be put off by your comment, let me point out that Medicare Interactive is not the website of the government program, Medicare, which is where address changes must be made.

Medicare Interactive was created to explain the program and its many complexities. It is not the government website for Medicare nor is it designed to be a instruction manual on how to use medicare.gov.

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