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Some TimeGoesBy Blog Housekeeping

Today's is not wildly inspiring post but it is about what we do here – you and me together – and some changes.

They come about as a result of your generosity during the first ever TimeGoesBy donation campaign last month for which I am deeply grateful.

The biggest change so far is the upgrade of the TGB email version thousands of subscribers receive. The advertising that previously muddied it up is gone now and as of Wednesday, the html version of the mailing actually looks like the web page:


A big thank you to Heather at my email delivery service, Feedblitz, for undertaking that improvement for me. It hadn't occurred to me when I upgraded to the paid version that I could recreate the look and feel of the website so it's a nice surprise to me and I hope for you too.

There is another improvement for email subscribers but first, some background about it.

Almost every day for as long as this blog has been going, I receive about half a dozen (and often more) emails with comments about the day's blog post which are obviously meant to be shared with all readers.

Although I don't always have time, I try to answer most of them to explain:

  1. When you hit “reply,” only I receive your comment via return email

  2. To comment so that others can read what you have taken time to write:

  3. Click the story title. It will then open in your browser

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the story and click the word “Comments”

  5. The page will reload with a form at the bottom for your comment

  6. Fill in your name (any name you want) and email address (required and it must be real but will not posted)

  7. Write your comment and click “Post”

Believe it or not, your not-so-bright blogger here never, over a decade, saved that list so she could copy it into an email reply. I type it out every damned time and I cannot tell you how tedious and time-consuming that is.

More important, however, is that many of these email-only comments are good, informative, fascinating or funny and worth the light of day.

So now, at the bottom of the new and improved email newsletter is a link that says, “Comment at Time Goes By.”


All you need to do is click those words – Comment at Time Goes By - and the story will open in your browser already positioned at the bottom of the list of comments left by other readers, ready for your pithy contribution. Please use this.

Because TimeGoesBy has such a high level of smart, thoughtful readers, there are few if any of the troll problems that have caused many commercial news websites to close their comment sections in recent years.

There are, however, two reminders worth making: All off-topic comments and all comments with outbound links are deleted.

For a long time I allowed links within comments to other websites if they were related to the day's topic. But in recent years there are so many fake comments that exist only to link to commercial and retail websites that I just delete any comment with a link. It's too time consuming to check them all.

However, you are allowed to link to a personal blog in your comment signature. There is a space in the form to fill in the URL of your blog which automatically turns your name into a link when the comment is published.

One last comment item: It goes without saying, I hope, to not use all caps in your comments and to leave an empty line space between paragraphs. It's hard enough to read on a screen, let's all make it as easy as possible for everyone.

A few hundred readers subscribe to TGB via Twitter. The link takes them to this page you are now reading.

And some others subscribe via Facebook where there is a short excerpt from the day's blog post and a link to the blog page. A few people leave comments at Facebook (and on very rare occasions at Twitter) which are, of course, never seen by the majority of people who read TGB at the website.

Mostly, I use Twitter and Facebook as secondary distribution channels for people who spend their time on those services - which I generally don't.

I have gone to great lengths over many years to consolidate all my subscriptions, RSS feeds, Google Alerts, etc. in one place - my email/calendar program - so I don't often check those two social media sites.

I have so many subscriptions that they are about all the electronic input I can handle without losing my mind having to check Facebook and Twitter in addition to my email feed.

This may change soon, if only slightly. The wonderful Erin Read who is director of strategic planning at Creating Results and also a friend, spent more than an hour on Go To Meeting with me a couple of weeks ago.

She showed me how I can expand the usefulness of those two social networks for readers of Time Goes By without taking too much more time from my life than I can tolerate.

She also made it easy to understand for someone who has assiduously refused to learn anything about Facebook and Twitter beyond the automatic distribution.

So don't hold your breath but it shouldn't be too long before there are a few social media changes related to Time Goes By. And thank you again, Erin, for the generosity of your time and amazing expertise.

If you have been tolerant enough to read this far through today's housekeeping post, you deserve a reward – or at least a giggle. So for your patience, here is a bit of internet animal silliness: Cats stealing dogs' beds.


Your dedication to, and the level of sophistication of your blog pays off in the number of quality readers you have. In a world where there are so many blogs written only for the purpose of self-aggrandizement, yours is a breath of fresh air.

First... When I saw the title of this post I thought, "Information about dusting and "a clean home is a happy home." 😉🌼. I am a very happy writing my name in dust and/or stepping over baskets of laundry that needs folded. But of course, popped over to read today's column.

Great post Ronni! I appreciate all that you do to keep TGB going and up to date. Technology seems to change faster every day. Kudos!

My prefer social media is Twitter, but I completely understand with so many, probably too many, choices these days it isn't for everyone. (PS: I don't get snapchat at all.)

Than you, Ronni, for all the care you take with this blog, and being so considerate of your readers and our experience here. Yours is some of the best customer service around!

Thanks for the helpful information, Ronni! I also find you on Facebook, and frequently comment there. I don't know if you have the time to check up on those! Short and succinct—which is why many readers love to comment using FB!

Still the Lucky Few and others...
If it is important to you that either I or other readers see your comments, Facebook and Twitter are probably not the places for them. Thousands more people do their reading the old-fashioned way, at this website.

But there's nothing wrong with each choosing his or her own way - just understand the differences which I've tried to explain today.

I agree, but I am finding more and more mature readers on FB. I'm just learning Twitter now, so can't make a comment about that, although I think Boomers are using it copiously!

Thank you for the explanations. I don't twitter or tweet and rarely look at Face Book. I dropped FB years ago when I got hacked through that site and lost my blog as a result. However, I did re-join recently because my granddaughters and daughter are active there and it's another way to keep up to date on what's happening with them.

I have not taken the time necessary to understand FB and should either do so or close my account because I get requests for "friend" from people I never heard of. What does one do with that?

It's always interesting to learn how a blog works and the various housekeeping details that keep it viable. Thank you for this information.

And another thank you for the giggle at the end. This delightful compilation of turf sharing /not sharing, made for a bright way to start my day.

Ronni, I am so tech challenged I only partly understood your post. However, I am grateful for this corner of the internet and all the great information you give us, your readers. I am also grateful for anything that may make it easier for you...even a little bit easier.

Thanks for the post about the LOUD sound in movie theaters.
Many many people and younger people are so used to music piped up very loud on their headphones or ear buds that they don't hear very well. That is why the movies have to be cranked up so high. OUR hearing, O elders, is a lot more sensitive. Here's how I adjust to
the muted hearing of younger people. In movie theaters, I bring
ear plugs. Just put them in and the sound is just fine. When I go
to live concerts which I love more than recorded music, I put in ear plugs when people clap- usually the clapping is an awful sound after beautiful music- so I preserve my hearing with ear plugs.
I am around silence as much as possible- that means quiet appliances, no music playing or TV on at home, trying to make it so quiet that I can hear birds often.
Thanks again for the post about noise pollution (from the young).

@ unknown FB 'friends'..just ignore them. A safe rule is to only 'friend' people you know or people who are interesting to you. There are many things you can do to secure tour FB safety but it takes someone who knows the ins and outs to understand them..ask a daughter or grand child. Or if you feel experimental, just go into the Privacy area and deselect anything FB has pre selected for you. I've been on FB for years but just to keep up with grandkids, brother and sister, nieces and nephews etc. I occasionally respond to posts that interest me but seldom post myself.

I tweet (One tweets on twitter, just as one posts on email) occasionally-mainly use that for political information and get tweets from the President, Bernie Sanders etc (ha ha) usually these lead me to links that have political things I might or might not be interested in. Twitter is good for people with a limited attention ability, like my eldest son, who can't read my too long emails. Tweets have a limited text allowance..something like 120 letters --thats a guess. I Instagram, again for family pictures, too.

Ronni-I greatly enjoy your blog and look forward to it as well as to the Sunday music that is always a walk down memory lane. Keep up the great work!

I am in awe of all that you do to keep your blog timely and informative plus all that's involved to keeping it up to date and making it a pleasant reading experience for us.

I'll keep reading the old-fashioned way...tweeting and liking-or whatever FB wants, is more than I care to get involved with.

Thanks also for the giggles I got from the bed takeover by the cats.

I've been somewhat puzzled ever since you brought up the need to get rid of ads cluttering your blog post. The blog I received in the mail never had any ads (unless my stylus inadvertently strayed to the Feedblitz banner) and clicking on the post title always took me to the browser version. I always got to Comments by clicking on comments. I have seen no differences since all the changes you have talked about except that now the front page of the email post does indeed resemble the browser version---but I still click to go to the REAL browser version because (1) it looks better and (2) I can't get to the comments by clicking "take me to the comments" or whatever the revised version says on the email page. In other words, the blog was just fine before any changes, it is exactly the same now , and it's still just fine.

I'll have to find you on Facebook. I have a Twitter account but I have trouble with the limited characters allowed so it doesn't get used much.

I love that video of the cats taking over the dogs' beds. The ending was sweet, too, showing some of the cat/dog combos being friends.

Thank you again and again Ronni - your efforts are greatly appreciated! ❤️

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